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Purpose of this subforum

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This subforum is a restricted area in which only members of the "Head-to-head participant" usergroup is allowed to post. The intention is that only two people may debate on a single topic, but anyone is still allowed to read the debate.

If you wish to participate in a one-on-one debate, contact your opponent by PM and agree beforehand all the details for the debate.
- The question(s) for debate
- What each side claims
- The debate format
- Any time/post limit
- Any specific moderators that will be involved (you'll need to get a moderator to agree before the thread gets started)

After you agree on these, post here with the name of the participants. After the participants are added to the H2H group, either may then create the thread.

If a thread is created before all the details have been agreed upon, either of the participants can request that the thread be closed and/or deleted.

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