Under the banner of heaven

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Under the banner of heaven

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Does anybody know this book written by John Krakauer? Into this he describes terrible actions which were committed by fundamentalist Mormons or by members of the LDS. And everything in the name of God. I was totally shocked to read about the Mountain Meadows Massacre. I knew nothing about this, apart from what the LDS had written.
Mormons have murdered 120 settlers together with Indians. Only 17 children less than 8 years survived. They were accommodated in LDS families. Hidden from the public. And against a ransom later that Mormons described as an "expense allowance"; sold to family members of their parents. It is not cleared, whether Brigham Young, the prophet then, the LDS has ordere this crime. However, sure is that he protected the guilty persons after the murder of the settlers.
This book which I found in my town library has helped me; solving me from the LDS.

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