"5 Factors That Are Slowly Killing The JW"

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"5 Factors That Are Slowly Killing The JW"

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Post by Miles »

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I came across the following while skimming through YouYube and wondered how JW's felt about ex-Jehovah's Witness Lloyd Evans's assessment here. I would also like input from others who might be familiar with the five and how they appear to be impinging on the religion.

"In 2020, Jehovah's Witnesses recorded their first year-on-year drop in members in 42 years. I list 5 factors that are hastening the decline of a proud religious organization with global expansionist aspirations."

The Five Factors That Are Slowly Killing The JW

1 Child sexual abuse mishandling (00:59)
2 Shunning (06:41)
3 JW broadcasting (11:15)
4 Increased internet access (23:03)
5 Downsizing (26:39)


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Re: "5 Factors That Are Slowly Killing The JW Cult"

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Post by Wootah »

[Replying to Miles in post #1]

related to Internet

I think also the members as they get online and realise that no scholars interpret the text the way do will help.

Similar to Islam - the historical evidence against Islam is too strong.

But we also know how easily censored the Internet is and how easily we all self-censor and avoid other people's ideas.
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Re: "5 Factors That Are Slowly Killing The JW"

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Post by Purple Knight »

Miles wrote: Thu May 06, 2021 7:50 pm1 Child sexual abuse mishandling (00:59)
This is, to me, the only legitimate point. I'm not saying people don't leave because of the other points, but perhaps they oughtn't.

We all shun people who we believe violate the behavioural constraints we believe are legitimate and right. Prison is nothing but a cluster of people who have been shunned. And as far as people having more access to information... I actually find it a little sad that "most people think this, almost nobody thinks that" is enough to change peoples' dearest beliefs.

But as far as the first factor, it seems religion has a terrible problem with sexual abuse, particularly of children. I'll be fair and this might simply be an issue that happens wherever there is power, only magnified by this religious demand of trust and faith... but it doesn't really matter. Every time a child is abused and the perpetrator protected, religion dies a little. And if religion is a magnet for this sort of behaviour, I want it to die.

You religious people... You need to stop picking alphas as leaders. Anyone who seems like a good leader is just an amoral bully. There may be a place for these people but only as subordinate enforcers; they should not be at the top, unchecked. You need to start picking followers as leaders. Sheep, to lead. Jesus would almost certainly want it that way... if he wanted any churches at all.

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