Postmillennial View of War, Resistence, Fighting

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Postmillennial View of War, Resistence, Fighting

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The postmillennial view (as I understand it) is that the spreading of the gospel around the world will eventually bring about a theonomy and usher in the return of Christ. They say we are currently in the millennium and that Christ will come after the world has been christianized. I have a few questions about this and a hypothetical scenario:

1. Would a postmillennialist support war efforts to fight perceived evil (i.e. WWI/WWII)? Or would they historically be pacifists?

2. Would they support violence, physical fighting to bring about the kingdom (much like the Zealots did during the first century against Rome)? i.e. do they view the christianization of the world through spreading the gospel alone or would they resort to force to fight against perceived bad actors?

3. Would a postmillennialist join a counter-revolution against a government that was persecuting believers? Hypothetical: US sinks into civil war with the government persecuting christians and conservative states rising up to form militias to defend themselves and the union. Would a postmillennialist join in the fight or would they abstain?

I'm not wanting to necessarily debate this or argue about it. This is a question that came up during a discussion and I'm curious of the postmillennial view on the subject of warfare, since they would view Christ ruling through the church over the world.

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