Is Saint Mary the best creations?

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Is Saint Mary the best creations?

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Some Christians believe in that, but do they mean she is even superior to the angels who are near to God? Is their reasons enough to claim this?

They argue that she is best creations because God has chosen her to conceive Jesus in her womb. It should be noted that they claim according to “Jesus Christ, not being creature� so they don’t hesitate to exalt Jesus to his mother.

They should be asked, because of this reason, has Mary revered position than of all the prophets, such as Abraham and Noah? Even though they were not a woman. Using such reasoning, is it possible to prove that Mary is superior to all human? At most this argument can be proved to the women of her time. Primarily in Tarsus Christianity, prophets did not consider too much glorious and this is obvious mistake.
Rather than the hasty judgments it’s better to try to simulate them in moral and social life, and to serve God.

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Yeah that belief is apostasy. The ''blessed are you among women'' wasn't meant to indicate that, Mary was above all creation, because Mary is not above all creation. By that belief, Sarai, Abraham's wife is also greater than all creation. In fact where in the Bible is that even portrayed?

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[Replying to post 2 by A17]

The word 'saint' means set apart, not a title put upon some person deemed to be perfect. All who believe in Jusus death on the cross, and that He was the Son of God are saints.

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