Barzakh / Purgatory

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Barzakh / Purgatory

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First of all introduction about Barzakh[Purgatory] in Shi'a/Islam viewpoint:

The idea of Barzakh in Shia is significant though in a perspective and manner different from Sufism. The Prophet and Shia Imams, particularly the 6th Imam - Imam Jafar As-Sadiq, have explained through various hadiths the treatment, condition, processes, and other intricate details regarding the passage of Barzakh.[19] In Shia theology, there are 7 checkpoints in Barzakh.[20] The first being kindness/trust/wilayah. Second is salaat. Third is zakaat/khums. Fourth is fasting. Fifth is hajj. Sixth is cleanliness. Seventh is rights. It is believed that the terms and conditions to understand Barzakh are limited in scope and full comprehension because it is Shia's belief that it is incomprehensible, to a certain degree, until one actually reaches the realm beyond our physical world. A common analogy used is that of a baby in the womb. Just as the baby cannot possibly begin to understand the vast outside world until they experience it for themselves, we cannot hope to understand what Barzakh entails until we transition there ourselves. Though despite this obstacle, the Shia Imams, as cited through various sayings, have explained Barzakh to a significant degree as compared to other sects within[21] Islam.

We wanna discuss about this belief among all religions

And the thing just made me to send this post here instead of the "Question About A Belief" was these 2 scientific concepts:
  • 1. Shi'a Hadiths about timeline of Barzakh that the time is stopped for them and the 12 Shi'a Imams( say: the time is sink for that,
    • Exact the answer for one who asks what will be difference between one who 3000years ago has died and one who a minute before Yum-ul-Qiyamah[Day-The-Resurrection] will be died
    Also another similarity to the concept "Relativity" of the scientist Albert Einstein(r.a) as follow this:
    Also connection to the post: ref:Albert Einstein converted to Shi'a

    2. They say that there are 2 Paradise and Hell except for those in the Barzakh,
    • * The Paradise in Vady-as-Salaam in Iraq,
      * The Hell, in Hadhramut/Barahut in Yemen
      • that shows it is the same Slag/Lava within earth through the Well of Barahut
Another similarity/connection to the event Prophet Solomon(pbuh) commanded the great Jinn to bring the throne of Balqays quickly and the Jinn said i will bring till you stand up, but his successor Asif ibn Barkhiya(pbuh) brought as a flash of eye[mentions in the above link]
One asked one of the 12 Imams about quality of this science, the Imam(pbuh) answered: ..the earth was been sinking/holed/deepen between Israel and Saba.. and Asif kneq just a bit of secrets of Torah, but we 12 Imams know whole HolyBooks!!

Shia Doctrines says:
Since the death been put within the grave, and his people went/live him, then al-Alam-al-Barzakh will be started for him and it is 2 forms:
  • 1. Good, like Paradise and green for good people
    2. Dark and mysterious for bad people
And they stay on that world while the resurrection day will be started
And pur faithfuls maybe a short time in the Barahut be punished and cleared for the main infinity Paradise or counter

One asked: if he was been "Amer-Ma'ruf & Nahi-min-Munkar", what about him!?
Answered: good and green landscapes..

Amer and Nahi means:
Invitation people to God/Goodness... and Stop people of Sin/Bad/Wrong way else..
Exact equals myself that just think about guide people and patience for God, also the same Jehovah Witnesses that make their lifes for Prophet Jesus Christ(pbuh)[as i researched]
Means our minds is mostly busying to God and faults/astray of ourselves and people..

Question for debate:
What are your viewpoints about the time between this life and the life in the next world!?
I assume your beliefs are the better! Well, be soldier of God and convert me. By your own reasonings also tell me my wrong beliefs and why..>> :study:

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