All gods are man made. What is the formal term for this view

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All gods are man made. What is the formal term for this view

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Post by ndf8th »

Atheists seems very much into formal philosophy.
Using wenn diagrams and lists of belief this and belief that
and lack of belief.

I believe that all gods are man made. What is the term for that view?

Nothing in the atheist definition refer to this view. Atheists lack belief
while I have a positive belief. That all gods are man made.

So it should have some formal name already or
if it has not then we could suggest a good term for it.

I have access to two of most known atheist books and I did an electronic?
search through both of them and this view seems to not be mentioned in any of these two. George Smith book from 1973 and Michael Martin from 1979.
I used many different key search word and nowhere do they mention this view.

If my view where included in formal atheism then these two would ahve mention it.

Richard Dawkins maybe took it up in his "The Selfish Gene" book 1976
and he suggested that it could be named Memes or Meme complex

Daniel Dennett seems to be the sole philosopher supporting that view.
But it has not caught on and I don't believe in it either.

Realizing how logically determined many atheists are I maybe have to be
more detailed in my claim?

Q from atheist. "Do you believe that these man made gods exists
and are alive and real and supernatural and creators of the world?

A from "All gods are man made" believer.
I believe that gods are man made to be
existing to be alive and to be real and
to be supernatural and to be creator of the world?

That is how the gods are man made to be. I believe that to be true.
That is how the man made gods are made to be by us humans.
All these features and attributes and claims are built into the gods we make.
It is part of their design to be that way. We made them to ahve these features.

Robert Baird
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Post by Robert Baird »

I think Anthropomorphing is what people who need 'easy answers' do. They put their ego and persona on that which they call gods in order to feel less afraid or more peaceful but then they go around beating others over the head (stabbing in the back, raping and acting like g-d). Planned de-pop has been done and might soon happen some more (Not just Fort Pitt - the whole invasion of the Americas preceded by the use of the Plague.).

The proselytes, ecclesiasts and pulpit pounding priests are more aware of the game - and take advantage of the sheople. The Divine Kings create more massive campaigns against people - all supported by g-d - crusades against women and children (the Cathars) - Manifest Destiny rip offs and the use of cannon fodder while paying the troops in rape rights and pillaging opportunities. (Black market MIC, etc.)

All in all a great business. Read The Treaty of Westphalia, Rerum Novarum and the Secret Treaty of Verona for more on coming attractions.

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Post by Excubis »

All are correct although term in anthropology is anthropomorphic beliefs that the majority of if not all gods fall into. heres a good free read on subject ... &q&f=false

a paper I like ... _fixed.pdf
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