To Creationists: What is evolution?

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To Creationists: What is evolution?

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Post by Neatras »

Title says it all. Please, describe to me the theory of evolution. Please include some technical language, and do not use warped analogies. Additionally, do not make claims about it that the theory does not make, and do not put words in scientists' mouths.

I want you to describe it to me as if I did not know what the theory already was; feel free to describe it, however, as if I understood biology, genetics, and chemistry, so you don't have to avoid topics on my account.

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Post by Pipiripi »

Evolution is a history who don't have a begining and neither an End.

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Re: To Creationists: What is evolution?

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Post by Wootah »

[Replying to post 1 by Neatras]

The process of random mutation being worked on by natural selection over time to create new species.
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