How Israelis treat Christians should be known

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How Israelis treat Christians should be known

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Israel's Interior Minister: 'Stop Spitting on Christians'
Avraham Poraz, Israel's interior minister, today [2004-10-13] issued a half-hearted statement condemning an increase in attacks on Christian clergy. Poraz urged Jews to "stop the repeated attacks on the religious minority."
It seems that the tradition of spitting on the cross is getting media attention outside of Israel, and fears are that it might damage the ethno-state's image.
The latest incident was last Sunday, when a Jew spit on a cross carried by Armenian archbishop Nourhan Manougian. The attack led to a scuffle in which the archbishop's medallion, worn by Armenian archbishops since the 17th century, was broken
Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them
by Amiram Barkat
A few weeks ago, a senior Greek Orthodox clergyman in Israel attended a meeting at a government office in Jerusalem's Givat Shaul quarter. When he returned to his car, an elderly man wearing a skullcap came and knocked on the window. When the clergyman let the window down, the passerby spat in his face.
The clergyman prefered not to lodge a complaint with the police and told an acquaintance that he was used to being spat at by Jews. Many Jerusalem clergy have been subjected to abuse of this kind. For the most part, they ignore it but sometimes they cannot.
A very embarrassing and persistent problem has arisen in some of the sacred sites in Jerusalem where Christians and Jews cross each other’s paths. Teenagers from a small sector of the city’s many Ultra-Orthodox (“Haredi”) Ashkenazi Jewish communities have taken to spitting at clerics wearing prominent crosses and dressed in traditional garb.
It's "Normal" for Jews to Spit on Christians in Jerusalem, says Top Catholic

Google “spitting on Christians”
Does this upset you and if not; why not-?

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