why is public nudity still seen as a negative behavior??

Debating issues regarding sexuality

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very good point and good question.

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clothing should be used to protect the body from sun and cold and anything else that would damage or arm what God has created for us to live in while on earth. I also have no issue with people being more comfortable in clothing but I would see using clothing to hide the body as being a sin. I would also see those who treat nudist differently as clothed people, they too, are also sinning.

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Re: why is public nudity still seen as a negative behavior??

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wetwo wrote: My husband and myself have been born again Christians since our teens and we were both raised in nudist families and we have raised our two kids in the lifestyle as well. We can't understand why in the year 2020 that the Christian Church is not more open to nudist lifestyle and is not more acceptable to public nudity.
when our Pastor heard that we were nudist, he asked us to give a two session representation to anyone in our church that was interesting in hearing the pros and cons of being nudist. The first session we did fully clothed and the second we were did completely naked and oddly enough it was accepted pretty well.
We welcome your thoughts and comments on the subject and maybe we can get an interesting discussion going.[/img]

Were there any children in the audience? (Not a rhetorical question)

Clothes serve not only to protect us from cold and heat but to protect public descency. Your right not to wear clothes should not impede on my right not to see that which I deem as indecent. As long as we wish to coexist we will have to adapt to what is held to be acceptable behaviour by the majority. And for most societies this means covering at least ones genitalia when in public.

Christians are instructed to be modest in dress so I have difficulty believing there was a church group that accepted a naked couple to discourse on their premises but that may well be what modern religions have come to. As one of Jehovahs Witnesses I am more than confident such a thing would never happen with us.


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Re: why is public nudity still seen as a negative behavior??

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It's a cultural thing. Adam and Eve were created naked and there was nothing wrong with that until they chose to decide for themselves what is good and what is bad. Only then did they feel ashamed. People in the U.S. are, for some strange reason, more perverted in their thinking when it comes to nudity, equating it with sexuality, due, I suppose, to their own insecurities. Often horrified that their children should see the human form unclothed. Of course, young children themselves will often run around naked without any shame at all. Christians, I think, often present themselves in light of a sort of facade of morality. Not unlike Adam they make up their own minds what is good and what is bad. In Europe and in primitive peoples it is only natural. In primitive people rape and sexual crimes are only introduced into their society after the missionaries get hold of them and introduce them to clothes and shame.

Des Moines, huh? In the winters?! Iowa. The Land of Intrigue, as native Berkeley Breathed called it. Lived briefly in Burlington myself, until the flood of the Mississippi in '93.

Anyway, back to religion and sexuality in 2020 . . . the apostle Paul ate food that was devoted to idols. He knew that there wasn't anything wrong with this, but he abstained from it in order not to confuse and stumble newly interested people in the faith. (1 Corinthians 8 - a short chapter on the subject) That's sort of the attitude I would take, on public nudity, I suppose. Now in my younger unbelieving days it was quite a different story. But I was, it was often pointed out to me, almost stunningly attractive. Now, I suppose, vanity would prevent this fat, ugly old sack of turd to even sport a speedo. I know. The primitive people weren't concerned with such nonsense but I guess I was. So, I cancel my subscription to National Geographic and sport a T-shirt that fits like a Moo Moo to preserve what's left of my own imagined sense of dignity.

But to each his own. I'm not offended my it.

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