Reasonable Masturbation Principles

Debating issues regarding sexuality

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Reasonable Masturbation Principles

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Some of us cannot help indulging our sexuality even after coming to the standard of spiritual life. I am one of them to be frank. I have not come to this compromise lightly - by no means. But I could no longer stay at war with myself. And so I have outlined these 12 principles for sexual masturbation in the context of being a spiritual aspirant.

What do you think? Are these principles in your eyes bona fide? I think they make sense and are illuminating, but I will allow others to come to their own conclusion.

I call them, somewhat humorously, "The Twelve Principles of Moonfleet."

1. Keep ego out of it. Let it simply wash over your shore like Water. When it recedes, let it go without attachment, back into the Ocean whence it came....

2. Do it at the end of the day.

3. Experience and enjoy it fully for what it is. Be honest with it. Else, you will hanker again for the opportunity you lost, and will always try to "make it right this time."

4. Pray for greater inner flow, - that peace may supersede the Need more and more.

5. Be mindful - and skip by all means. Regulate according to your body's state. Know thyself.

6. Be loving and honor all energies, - no matter how gross.

7. Keep refining your prayer life all the while. You are still soldiering in the war against Maya, - but in a different way. This is only a temporary concession, - not for sin, but for your weakness. Keep this fact in focus.

8. Prefer imagination to pornography. This is more natural and less violent and vulgar, - you control the fantasy, no one else. It is more interior, less exterior. Thus it is more intimate and true to your actual self.

9. Make a point not to bring it up or brag about it in any way, - even to yourself. Leave it aside and in its proper and respectful place.

10. Keep moving forward and evolving spiritually - do not dwell on these things more than necessary. Remember that the ultimate goal is peace.

11. Do it only when you are strongly agitated or if you are very restless at night and it might interfere with your duties in the day. Otherwise, do not arouse yourself.

12. Remember to thank the Lord who is so Merciful that he allows such a system for the time being for those of us whose natures are so bruised that we cannot find any other way feasible to us.


You CAN fight the War against Maya... But first you need the Heart of a Warrior.....

Focus on finding that Heart, that Love, that Grace of Brother Wind.

Then you can handle the Fire of Life and not be wearied down by it.
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." - Albert Einstein

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