Must read list for newbies

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Must read list for newbies

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Per user request, this thread is to compile in one place threads that a newbie should read.

Rules and principles:
Debate Forum Intro and Rules
Respect - The overriding principle of this forum
Tips on how to remain civil while debating
Guidelines for the C&A subforum
Debating for beginners (and others)
A Style Guide

Tips on starting a debate topic
Quick BBCode Tutorial - How do you quote, link, image, bold?
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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2013 Best Debate Topic - Scientific Justification for Free Will?
2012 Best Debate Topic - What is evolution and how do we know it's right?
2011 Best Debate Topic - Which Worldview is Supported by Evidence?
2010 Best Debate Topic - Did humans descend from other primates?
2009 Best Debate Topic - A Deluge of Evidence for the Flood?
2008 Best Debate Topic - Is belief in God Logical?
2007 Best Debate Topic - Omnipotent God + Eternal Damnation = Evil God
2006 Best Debate Topic - Is the Concept of Original Sin Fair?
2005 Best Debate Topic - Plate Techtonics!
2004 Best Debate Topic - Santa, do Christians believe in him? If not, why not
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