We the North

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We the North

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Post by Goose »

Toronto Raptors NBA champs.

To my American friends. You take our Stanley Cup, we take your Larry O'Brien. Or is it O'Brian. Who cares. :P
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Post by Overcomer »

As the Raptors remarked, they have an entire country behind them, not just a city or a region which is pretty cool.

Basketball has never been really big in Canada in spite of Steve Nash's success at the sport and in spite of the fact that it's a Canadian invention. It will be interesting to see if it spreads in my native land because of the Raptors' victory, but I have a feeling it will never replace hockey.

I, personally, am a baseball fan and follow the Toronto Blue Jays -- our only MLB team here in Canada. The team is in a re-building phase and a long way from winning the World Series however.

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Re: We the North

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Post by Heavilyass »

I believe in God, God watches over all of us and helps us by giving us signs.

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