Fake Insurrection

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Fake Insurrection

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"Athaliah rent her clothes, and cried: Treason! Treason!"

That complaint is from the eleventh chapter of the second book of Kings.

In a nutshell; when king Ahaziah passed away, his mom murdered her own male grandchildren so that the throne would pass to her by default.

In other words; Athaliah was as Machiavellian as any women can possibly get and still have the nerve to pass themselves off as a human being. She didn't care how she came to power-- honestly or dishonestly made no difference --just so long as she got it.

Well; had Atheliah counted noses when the killings took place, she would've noticed that one of her grandsons was missing. In time, Joash was brought out and crowned king; thus Atheliah's reign came to an ignoble end.

Atheliah obtained her power illegally; yet was so strongly confident she had a right to it that she accused her opponents of insurrection. You've gotta wonder how people like Atheliah can be so lacking in honor and integrity that they would even walk over the bones of children to get what they want; and then become indignant when the proper authorities wrest their ill-gotten achievements away from them.

FAQ: What are you suggesting?

A: Pray for former US President Donald Trump's safety. I'm serious. Don't just wish for his safety; speak up with God and voice your concerns. Mr. Trump is the Joash of the hour; the only man capable of stopping the cancel culture, and the madness of the new administration, that's aggressively pushing the USA towards a totalitarian society.

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