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Not an exclusive club

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Concern for health and fitness can apply to anyone -- from the "hard core" to the "not yet doing much."

This user-group and sub-forum started when two of us (Goose and Zzyzx) who have been debate adversaries for years discovered common ground in enthusiasm (some might say obsession) for physical fitness. Though we may be (a little) extreme, that level is not required of others.

Those who would like to start moving in positive directions might find encouragement and motivation here -- along with an occasional good idea to adopt / apply.

We are a discussion group, not a debate group -- so let's keep it friendly and supportive. If anyone has questions they should not hesitate to post them. If we achieve a significant goal that also is worthy of mention.

One of my objectives is to score excellent on a one minute situp test for age group 36 to 45 -- though I will turn seventy-five this year. The 28 required for "old farts" (65+) is no challenge. ... -situp.htm

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