Are carbs the enemy?

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Are carbs the enemy?

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Post by Goose »

So I eat carbs at almost every meal. Mostly fruit (and veg), whole wheat breads, whole wheat pastas, whole wheat cereals, brown rice, and such. I find I tend to "bonk" when I workout intensely if I don't take in sufficient carbs.

Does anyone else experience this?

What are your views on carbs?

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Re: Are carbs the enemy?

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Post by Zzyzx »

[Replying to post 1 by Goose]
It doesn't seem to have ever made much difference what I ate or even whether I ate before workouts so I don't pay much attention. My food intake has varied considerably over the years -- both in quality and quantity -- without any apparent effect.

Perhaps it is a high metabolism (or inefficient digestive system) that allows me to eat plenty of all food categories without problems and without increase in body fat.

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Re: Are carbs the enemy?

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Post by fncbear »

People just want to eat whatever junk they want and still look amazing.

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