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About three weeks ago I decided to stop smoking my pipe. This is not the first time I've done that -- once for 25 years, another time for 5 years and another for 1 or 2 years. Note: I started smoking the pipe when I was about fifteen -- sixty years ago -- so about half my life I have puffed contentedly (very professorial, you know).

The reasons I stopped are 1) the ladies at the VA hound me a bit, and 2) it started making me cough (mostly the latter).

As a side-effect, my weight went up -- from 180 to 185. So, now I have to get rid of the excess (which is generally no problem for me -- just cut down on food intake). I don't eat junk food anyway so that is not an issue, but even too much healthy food will cause one to "wear it."

I'll post when I get back to 180 (which provides a bit of incentive).


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It's also important for those who have decided to quit to prepare themselves for how difficult it will be,

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