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My weight is holding steady at 185 +/- 2, though I prefer 180 or a little less (until friends start commenting that I look gaunt or sick).

I have made progress with "situp test" -- number in one minute. It wasn't even a challenge to make excellent in the old fart category (65+), so I started down the list 56-65, 46-55, 36-45 (excellent in each with a little training) and recently accomplished the same for 26-35. Just a little faster / few more to knock down the 18-25.

Perhaps the keys to longevity are: eat to live not live to eat (i.e., healthy food and avoid gluttony), stay very active physically (avoid sloth, don't be afraid to push), stay mentally involved / challenged / active, and (for me) avoid having a live-in partner (too distracting and time consuming -- and often a bad influence on at least one of the preceding).

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