Prayers for my child

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Re: Prayers for my child

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Prayers are not going to help your child. Educate him about the world. I think that is your solution. I know you mentioned a living in a distant area but is that area clean?

Take a look at this article. I find it pertaining to your situation. Let me know your thoughts. Hopefully, it helps. O:) ... edisposal/

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By all means, teach your child about bats. But teach him about Jesus, too.

Why not pray at bedtime with him? Here's the prayer my mother taught me as a child:

Jesus, tender shepherd, hear me,
bless this little lamb tonight.
In the darkness, keep me near thee.
Guard me 'til the morning light.

And find a children's Bible and read over Psalm 23 with him. I memorized that as a child and it still gives me comfort.

Also, read him stories about Jesus and how he calmed the disciples' fear when they were out on the water and a storm came up.

I would also suggest taking a look at the passage in Philippians where Paul encourages people to think on the good things, thereby changing their thought patterns to whatever is noble, whatever is good, etc.

There's a good reason why Jesus said, "Be not afraid." He knew there would be things that scared us at any age. But he promised that, with him, we wouldn't have to live in fear.

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Re: Prayers for my child

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Saying bedtime prayers every night can help a child develop a habit of praying regularly and to self-reflect on his/her thoughts, behaviour, and actions of the day.

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