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1 Rep Max

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Post by Goose »

Did some 1 rep max testing this week.

Deadlift 425lb
Bench press 325lb
Back squat 345lb
Front squat 295lb
Snatch 165lb
Clean and jerk 225lb

My Olympic lifts need some work. And my back squat is low relative to my other lifts I think.

Does anyone else here powerlift, Olympic lift, do CrossFit, do Strongman, or lift weights in general?

What are your 1 rep max totals on your key lifts?
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Re: 1 Rep Max

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Post by fncbear »

I've always started with just the bar on everything. For bench, I do 5w 5r and 5c and then I go to 95 same things but 3 each.

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