Does Religion Help You Live Longer?

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Does Religion Help You Live Longer?

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In an article in Psychology Today, the question, Do Religious People Really Live Longer? was answered: ... ive-longer

The conclusion was that if the percentage of religious people in a developed country is higher, they live longer; if the percentage of secular citizens is higher, atheist and non-theists live longer. However, in secular countries like Japan (82 years) and Sweden (81 years,) people live even longer than the religious people in the US (78.5 years.)

Debate question:

What is it about life and attitudes that makes the MAJORITY group live longer than the minority?

The percentage of Atheists is increasing but they are having less children, if religious people maintain the majority, how can Atheists prolog their lives?

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From what I've heard, the effect is due to the community that religion provides, and not the religious belief itself. This recent study by Idler (2014) discusses this: ... 15680.html
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Re: Does Religion Help You Live Longer?

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[Replying to post 1 by BwhoUR]

It is just a conjecture. Many factors determine as to how long a person or people will live.


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