Musing On The Mother - ACT III

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Manu Iti: How are you Wiremu. What is the news?

Wiremu: The planet is being locked down. People are being told to stay in their homes and remain there.

Mani Iti ponders on the implications...and keeps the intercom open so that the rest of the company can hear the conversation.

Manu Iti: That is very interesting Wiremu. Why is this happening?

Wiremu: A Virus has entered into the main program. People are getting sick and dying. The virus is being called 'new' and as such, no one knows exactly what they are dealing with and some realms were complacent and are now counting the cost as the death rate gets higher.

Manu Iti: They will be pouring into the rest of the Holographic Universes...

Manu Iti pulls up an image on The Screen which shows the increased flow of those individuals transferring from The Physical Universe and into the Tabula Rasa.

Manu Iti: Yes - so I see...the faucet has opened up considerably.

]Wiremu: These are challenging times for everyone on this Prison Planet.

Mani Iti opens The Message Generator.

Manu Iti: It is probably a good time as any to get some insight into this...

Wiremu: Agreed.

Manu Iti: What is the name of the virus?

Wiremu: They are calling it "Covid Nineteen" - C-O-V-I-D

Manu Iti enters the word-string into the Message Generator, as well as the Name2Number list.

Manu Iti: Okay...lets see now...I have these word-strings at the same number value;
  • Transition
    The Love Heart
    Gifts to Give
    Believe You Me
    Covid Nineteen

So lets see what Message is generated...

Manu Iti shuffles the list and begins...

Generated Message: A Clean Channel Delineating Important Uncharted Realms All Information Is Channelled Invisible Wings In The Correct Position Open Without and Within Advantage Sensory Data Quality Innocent Even The Three Crystal Keys Be-Live Fear intimidation distraction exploitation Funny Spring Witch Woman of The Cat Realm Musing On The Mother Act II Self Doubt "I Don't Understand What That Means" Maneuver Virtual Crying Over Spilt Milk The Theory of Everything The Sun Degrees Time To Go Pertinent Productive Prometheus Sleep Paralysis Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway Inalienable The Christchurch EQ Truth Seekers The Sub Hierarchy What Does The "I" Represent Opening Doors Easy To Find Cleaning Up The Mess Eternal Passion! Destination ET and the notion of GODs Eye Yours Water Bias You are not wrong Through Group/Family Recipe Significance That Is The Equal Ground To Which Rational Communion Is Birthed Conundrum Support Fizzle Out "Haha Joke We Win" Green Light Panentheism The Entity I Am - The Entity You Are The Secret Extend Beyond The Borders of Institution Of This Place Roller Coaster Ride Something Like That The Four Human Power Houses Nurture You Dualic Energies Weak Compliment Solid Device of Science Few ET and the notion of GODs The Divine Spiritual Family The Big Bang Lyricus designs, transposes, and installs galactic Tributary Zones to a planetary system Sovereignty Direction You Are Nobodies Victim – Ever. Light Body Opening Doors Point of Contact Through Others Tired of the Nonsense Spiral Deactivate The Suppression Matrix King Frog Do You Know This? Hiraeth Know This Superstition Tickety Boo The Answer To The Question Is Within The Question Itself Internet The Human Interface Make It Up AS You Go Along Nuclear Laughter 'everybody wants to rule the world' One Day Question. A Sturdy Place Show Your Soul Lost In The Thought Of It All The Evolution of Morals Neruda Interview Five Mahu Nahi A Purpose The House of Culture How are we to react in relation to our choices?

Manu Iti: The overall message appears to be that this is by design and for the purpose of somehow pulling humanity out of it's underlying crisis.

Wiremu: I agree with your analysis Manu Iti. Already after a short time, there is noticeable change in the planets system where humans have been quarantined.

Manu Iti: I will see what else I can get from The Message Wiremu. At present we are coming to another folk in the road here in this Cave System...

Wiremu: Yes! I must away too my Friend. Plenty of my own mysteries to maze through hereabouts!

Manu Iti: Kia Kaha.

Wiremu's face disappears from The Screen and an image of Callum and Bee O'Kay replaces it.

Manu Iti: Well that is interesting news!

Callum: It looks like we have reached the end of this section Manu Iti...

Callum shines the light of his torch but it cannot pierce the blackness hiding what is ahead.
He then shines the torchlight around the immediate area, looking for another Cave Disk.

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