How To Bruise A Ghost

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How To Bruise A Ghost

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The evening is warm and the night sky full of stars. A crescent moon peeks above the Twelve Judges Mountain Range as Father and Son sit opposite one another, being warmed by the same fire.
William places another log on the fire and watches as a flurry of sparks ascend from the disturbance caused – he takes a sip of tea and listens as Father resumes speaking.

Manu Iti: All stories start with "Once Upon a Time"

William: Even the story of The Beginning?

Manu Iti: You know this to be true William, for every story could not have been told, if The Story of The Beginning hadn't happened.

William: Am I old enough to be told that story?

Manu Iti chuckles.

Manu Iti: Of course you are, My Son.

William: Thank You, My Father!

Manu Iti: I will begin first with the Earth, not because She was the very first thing in The Beginning, but because - in order to understand The Beginning we have to first understand our part in the story - our place in the scheme of All That Is.

William: And that begins with Earth Mother...

Manu Iti: Indeed.
The Mother was born of a vaster thing - our Grand-Mother - and we shall get to Grand-Mother in due course.
The Mother was placed within The Earth by Grand-Mother and became the mind of the planet. When this happened, Mother was a Child Herself - a new thing placed within the form of the planet, while at the same time, a part of The Ancient Mind of Grand-Mother...

William: How is that even possible, Father?

Manu Iti: It is possible through the power of forgetting.

The Ancient Mind of Grand-Mother spawned a thought in the form of a spark of light and placed it inside the middle of a dark and lifeless form, and in doing so, gave the form - Life.
In that action, the Earth became a living planet. She also became a new conscious entity...a being with a beginning, because the action of placing Her into a planet, erased all knowledge of ever having a prior existence as The Grand Mother.

William: Did The Grand Mother know this would happen?

Manu Iti: Yes. The Grand Mother new that this would continue for a time. The Grand Mother knew that Her Daughter would be orphaned by that lack of knowledge and this would result in a new Being which could operate successfully without having to have that knowledge - and that one day, The Daughter would come to know of The Grand Mother and reconnect...

William: Is that a good thing to do with a Child?

Manu Iti: Yes. It is how a Child becomes a Sovereign Entity. It is not done this way with Human Children - but there are elements of the process which do - naturally - occur to each of us.

William: Like - how we cannot recall anything but darkness, before we became aware of our existence?

Manu Iti: Yes.

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