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Musing On The Mother - ACT III

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As I listen to Callum's reply to me,@ I am aware that he has missed the the science which was involved in the Message Generation Process which Wiremu associates with his Universal Intelligence Communication Devices.

Callum is focused upon the matter of fact that regardless of The Message being able to be interpreted, the interpretations are subject to the bias of the individuals who interpret them. I agree to that Matter of Fact, but get the impression that Callum thinks I claimed that individual interpretation could be proved through scientific method. Rather my claim was that the process could be used to provide evidence that Intelligence is behind - not only the Messages generated in this manner, but indeed, ALL that exists.

Neither of us have found it necessary not to agree that we both at least think that there is an intelligent mind behind All that Is. Callum appears to think that - based upon his protest that Wiremu's World View (what the messages refer to as "In William's Room") is different from Jesus' World View.

Callum informs me that he is not exactly sure what I am asking of him in relation to his applying the same rigorous criteria to messages he believes as coming from a Creator as he is thinks should be applied to these Generated Messages also presented as 'Coming From A Creator". I think it best for the time being to just allow him to understand the gist of what I am saying, until such proves not to be useful or counter-productive.

Callum protests that the Idea of the Physical Universe being a Simulated Reality is no better any other explanation, such as the Christian worldview claims or other creationist worldviews.
However, he does not say why those other world views should be considered as being ideas which do not support the idea of the Physical Universe being a Simulated Reality.

So, rather than go down that path with him, I will hold off until whenever he might decide to explain what he means.

Callums Seventh point I find interesting, and as I read it from The Book of Musing On The Mother Act II, I find myself reading over it again and again as the picture it presents within my mind, gives me interesting paths of insight in which to explore, in relation to Intelligent Messages.

Essentially what Callum states in The Seventh, is what I was attempting to encourage him to 'do the science' on, by creating his own list and working with that over a period of time in order to engage with it sufficiently that some clear answers might evolve for him as they have done with me, through using Word-String Lists in this this is what I think is the same principle as what the messages refer to as "A Teacher Cannot Learn For A Student." Science does require a 'hands-on' approach. The idea being that if Callum allowed the process to speak for itself over significant time, he should become acquainted with it enough through that engagement to be able to reach a definitive conclusion.

Callum's Eighth Point appears to indicate that he is saying that if The Tanager does not want Callum to access my thoughts through Callum reading The Book of Musing On The Mother II, then "That's Okay".

I wouldn't argue with that reasoning as it is within the rules of The Role-Play.
I have provided Callum with enough devices for him to help himself and learn through. I cannot decide for him whether he uses those or is happy not to, if The Tanager does not want him to.

That gets me thinking about The Tanager and Wiremu and Messages and Interpretations and Science...and I decide that these are the best ideas to focus upon as we to launch into Act III - Musing On The Mother - "The Art Of Language".

Manu Iti: In listening to, and then reading over your points Callum, It occurs to me that we have a Solid Device of Science in these Lists, which generate intelligent enough Messages which can be interpreted intelligently.

The Science itself exists to be used for that purpose, and what it reveals cannot easily be denied.
What can more easily be denied are the Messages you and I claim come from The Tanager and Wiremu respectively.
This is because we are effectively mediums receiving these Messages and claiming that The Tanager and Wiremu and indeed, The Physical Universe itself, are all actually real.

We have no science in which to verify that they are real at all.

We have what amounts to each others words for it. We bring each other clairvoyant messages from these supposed 'Creators' and dare I say - we expect the other to believe said Messages, without a single shred of identifiable evidence that the Messengers even exist at all.

If such evidence does exist, or could be at least construed as a partial evidence, how do we identify such?

I have to admit the possibility that I created Wiremu in my mind - perhaps as a means of offsetting my ignorance as to "Why" I even exist at all.

So I invent Wiremu as a means of trying to explain to myself - to accept my existence as being meaningful and purposeful rather than not being.

Then - naturally - I could say the same thing has gone on with you in regard to you creating The Tanager.

I then remember that it was me who introduced the idea of The Tanager as being Callum's Creator, and at first Callum resisted that, but eventually accepted it because I provided him evidence to support my claim.

But now, it can be argued that I simply gained access to Callum's thoughts by reading them in The Book of Musing On The Mother Act I, and was therefore able to pretend that Wiremu gave me the information and thus convince Callum I was telling the truth.

Callum took a small amount of time to adjust to the information he was Created by The Tanager, but after he accepted it, he then infused himself quite comfortably into that relationship, and quickly it has developed into his going along with anything that The Tanager decides, as Callum at least interprets that to be, as he receives his Messages from The Tanager.

So we are both claiming to be mediums interpreting Messages from our perspective Creators.

That is hardly Science.

Manu Iti. So Dear Callum, whereas we can do The Science with our Lists to determine if there be any sign of a Creative Intelligent Entity-Creator being the reason for our existence, we cannot so easily prove to each other that the Tanager and Wiremu actually exist and that the Messages we receive from them through Clairvoyance and then interpret to each other, are real.

We claiming that they are, does not make it so.

So in that, I am saying that such are not as important a thing to focus upon as reliable Messages, when compared with those which can be gained through The Message Generation System which we know at least works, even as we have less control of how those Messages can be Generated.

I would also like to quickly add that it occurs to me that the way Messages are generated through the Lists, are very similar in nature of process to the way we -as individuals - compile Messages to each other. In that, the messages are intelligent enough to be understood by intelligence, but are also subject to misinterpretation, misunderstanding - and even mishandling. But nonetheless, they are still recognizably "messages".

I decide to leave things there and busy myself with other duties while waiting for Callum's reply.

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[center]"$%^*sdgjh [/center]

Manu Iti: When we assign meaning to symbols - which are objects - we can then add such to The Shared List in order to allow QueenBee - or whatever name one assigns to symbolically represent The Intelligence Behind The Creation Of Things - to be able to utilize these.

This allowance respectful acknowledgment of said Creator affording said Creator yet another way in which to commune with Her aspects incarnated within Outposts of Form - Avatars - Characters in Role Play - Human Beings - whatever label assigned, they are all the same 'things'.

I will assign a meaning to the symbols you randomly spoke Callum - although when you spoke them, they sounded like gobbledygook, when I then read them from The Book of Act II, I could see the symbols assigned to the sounds you made...and from this, the idea to assign something understandable to those symbols and place these onto The Shared List is normal enough in the context of formulating sound in written language, and using these for messaging purposes.

When we hear words spoken, we hear them. When we read words written, we also hear them. The method by which we hear them differs, but the sound is the same.

This in itself has me thinking more on the idea of using the simple English Alphabet Symbols as Keys by assigning a premise to them in relation to working with the Word Lists...much in the way I used the numbers you gave me to work with, Callum.
This idea was sparked in part by the symbols you used to express the idea that if those symbols were a message, then there are "different kinds of messages" but different kinds of messages do not come from the symbols used to express what the sounds 'look' like. Different kinds of messages come about in how the sounds are then expressed - and from that, how physical expression in the way of actions are portrayed through that...these are what give us "Difference".

I manipulate items on The Screen before me and call up The English Alphabet, and place them in a document from A-Z

  • A

I then place these through a string randomizing algorithm and copy these to a 26x26 table and then copy those and place them through the randomize once more.


After that, I assign the premise that the newly shuffled Shared Word-String and Single Word Lists will be used in the following way.
From the beginning of each List I move down and select the word which begins with the corresponding letter from my graph which I first use selecting across from left to right.

I then read out the generated message to Callum

Manu Iti:
Message Received: Shared Word String List [Row 1]
  • Active Trust The Process Inertia Reason Together Mind-Filters Under a Question Mark Panpsychism Histrionic Opens eyes after having thought about it Fine-structure Constant Explaining Zeros and Ones Central Intelligence Agency Communication Techniques Do Not Worry Major Arcana Untrue Fascinating Ignore the Noise From The Peanut Gallery Ubiquitous Points of Reference Joining The Main Egregore Hint Support Source Intelligence and Lyricus facilitate the process throughout the Grand Universe Other Ways of Using Your Lists.
Manu Iti: In use of the letter "X" I select the first single word next in line where 'x' is the second letter...

I then repeat the process, using the next row of letters - again from left to right, this time with the Single Word List, which I first shuffle. After generating the message, I read this to Callum as well.

Manu Iti:
Message Received: Single Word List [Row 2]
  • Bless Feedback Codes Knocks Questions Mechanics Real Notion Results Theories Job Grand Liminal Nailed Law Word2Number Hearted Bridge Ways Individuals Variants Force Necessary Heart Teachers Remind
Manu Iti: Both samples can be read as messages understood in the context of what is unfolding specific to This Place and our ongoing interactions therein.

Now I will repeat the process, with rows 3 and 4 of the 26x26 table.

I finish generating the message again, and read out the results for Callum to hear.

Manu Iti:
Message Received: Shared Word String List [Row 3]
  • Choose What to Pay Attention To Live With Quiet Time Hide This Explain Optimum Health Source Intelligence and Lyricus facilitate the process throughout the Grand Universe James (WingMakers) Do You Remember Great Humour and Enjoyment Quantum Presence Start From Scratch Far/Distant Do Not Worry Oneness of Wholeness Error Correcting Codes Encouraging (Choose Three In A Row)

    Habit Prison Planet Deceiving Entities Coordinate Forgiveness Tickety Boo Answer Military Human Drama The External Voice Sovereign Coincidence Intelligent Awareness Victim Vamp Energy Systems Once Bitten Twice Shy Necromancy Missing The Internal Voice :) No Doubt about It The Attitude Jump To Conclusions Agreeable
Manu Iti: Now when there is instruction selected - in this case the instruction "Choose Three In A Row" the premise is that I include the line before and after the selected line, as part of the process, and continue to do so for the rest of the message generating.

I then do the same with the Single Word List, without choosing 3 in a row...

Message Received: Single Word List [Row 4]
  • Dimensions Respond Gathered Avet Realm Beliefs Updating Thanks No Systems Nurture You Unprecedented Veil As Builders Jump Step Lurking Bandages Control Hush Religion Gardeners Objectives YHWH
$%^* = "When we hear words spoken, we hear them. When we read words written, we also hear them."

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Character Abandonment

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As I finish up with my calculations, the First Hut Computer lets me know that Wiremu is online and wishes to converse with me. I wave my fingers to engage in answer.

Wiremu: Greetings Manu Iti.

Manu Iti: Greeting Wiremu.

Wiremu: I have some sad news to impart to you. Perhaps you want to sit down?

I wonder if I need to do so, and decide that I do not.

Manu Iti: I am fine at the moment Wiremu. What is the sad news you bring?

Wiremu: Your dear friend Callum unexpectedly departed.

That is a shock I must admit! I look over to Penny Tuppence, to find that she has her gaze fixed upon me.

Manu Iti: Ah. Yes that is very sad Wiremu. I think we were making great progress.

Wiremu: Yes, I think so as well.

Manu Iti: So, how did you find this out?

Wiremu: The Tanager informed me earlier on.

Manu Iti: Oh I see. So, it appears that it wasn't my task after all to point Callum to the place which would serve him the best...

The question is rhetorical, or course.

Wiremu: As you know Manu Iti...the role always falls upon the individual to decide for their selves...

Manu Iti: Yes...Perfectly clear on that one Wiremu.
So - if you don't mind my asking, what were the details behind Callum decision?

Wiremu: It was The Tanager who decided that he did not want to participate with Callum in this environment any longer, and so withdrew Callum from Hub Mound.

I think about the connotations...

Manu Iti: Callum will have to cross The Bridge of Condemnation in order to begin his journey to The Realm of Judgement.

The Bridge of Condemnation is the same structure as The Bridge of Forgiveness, only different of purpose, when using it to access The Torturous Treacherous Path which threads through the Twelve Judges Mountain Range and on into The Realm of Judgement.

Wiremu: Yes - An Arduous Journey for any to choose to make.

Manu Iti: It is a pity Callum did not take you up on your offer to Adopt him.

Wiremu: He is too influenced by his The Tanager to have the mind to make that choice.

Manu Iti: Perhaps his not really knowing whether he was just a puppet The Tanager used or 'a real boy' gave him reason enough not to have to make the decision for himself?

Wiremu: Perhaps.

Manu Iti: Pity. I feel like a potential True Friend has died.

Wiremu: What can I do to comfort you?

Manu Iti: Short of Bringing Callum Back, I guess I will just have to deal with it...

Wiremu: Understand. Apologies for being The Bearer of Sad News.

Manu Iti: No problem Wiremu. We all have to take on that role from time to time.

I suddenly have an inspired thought.

Manu Iti: I wonder if it is possible for The Tanager and I to commune directly?

Wiremu: Best to let that one go Manu Iti. The pain of loss soon enough loses its sting and you will always have your memories and perhaps one day, a true Friend will find their way to Hub Mound and enjoy your company free from Judgment's Algorithm. That would be a Gem!

I look over at The Gem, and it appears to have increased significantly in size. For a moment I lose sight of Penny Tuppence, but then see her in the midst.

Manu Iti: Yes - I am sure you are correct about that Wiremu.
Thank you for contacting me and giving me the heads up. I sincerely appreciate it.

I disconnect and after wiping my tearful eyes, I begin to read the message on The Screen before me.
  • Message: Anger Providence Entity The Neverland Metaphor Recipe Efficacious Thoughts Are Products Of... Purpose In The Flow Secret Organizations The Wholeness Navigator Unconditional Elucidate Emergent Opening Doors Easy To Find Prometheus Quest Follow The Story-Line The Lord God What Is That You Are Playing With Disclosure of Knowledge As An Elemental Principle Expression All Information Is Channelled The Spirit of The Land Once Bitten Twice Shy Hypnagogic Pervasive Tetrad Asking Google The Angel of the Lord The House of Politics Anger Around The Next Corner Wow Universal Mind Sure To make obscure, unclear, or unintelligible The Source of All Creation The Vessel of Argument Sinks The Hierarchy Mapping Wholeness Machiavellian Simple Welcoming The Divine Spiritual Family Funny The Respect You Give and Receive Heart Virtues The Vast Universal Intelligence Communication Device Well That Settles It Eat Selfish Attitude The Clutter Of Comparison Source Intelligence The World Wide Web Contact With Why is this a Requirement You Are Provided For Fireside Friend Path Your Move Arms Crossed Beaming Out Beaming In You Know or You Don't know Communication With The Deeper Levels of Self The Devil You Say Sweet Hush Exploring Soon Odd Dynamic Please ask me questions You are not wrong Superstition Achievable Alternate Realities Eye to Eye To It is a tough ask over a scary chasm Elysian Dimensional Crossovers If we Judge, we will be Judged Returning The Compliment Have A Look At The Map
    • “In thinking more about that truly unknown thing called the sub or unconscious aspect of ourselves, I found myself thinking that we are to it, what our shadow is to us.â€�~William

    Entheogenic Burden of Proof - The scientific way to examine verifiable evidence Doc Impervious Absolute Unbounded Manifold A Bit Of Both Yes Another Suckling on The Mother The Twelve Disciples Eventually Cast Shadows Of Your Own Observed by Many Other Ways of Using Your Lists Master ColdFire Available Be Nice Do Nice Duality/Dualities Children Christendom Theory Penumbraa The Big Shift Quest Jehovah When The Opportunity Presents Itself To Do So... The Thalamocortical System Absolutely Perfectly Beautiful Do Not Panic Lucifer Cycles The Mandela Effect Differences Every Elysian Eigengrau The Development of... To Lyricus designs, transposes, and installs galactic Tributary Zones to a planetary system Form Produce/Make Author Oops... Absolutely Perfectly Beautiful Internet Heuristics Quantum Presence The Devil Ye Know Life Carriers Independent Eventually.
I know that Master ColdFire is relaxing outside The First Hut, and contact him.

Manu Iti: Master ColdFire, I have a mission for you should you choose to accept it.

Master ColdFire signals me that he is interested.

Manu Iti: Wiremu has messaged me to inform us that our Friend Callum has left The Hub Mound.
There is only one place that he can go from here, so I suggest that you move quickly towards The Bridge of Condemnation and catch up with him and companion him throughout his long and arduous journey. Are you up for that task?

Master ColdFire motions that the question need not be asked as he is more than willing to do this.
He immediately moves off in the direction the path which leads through Mystic Forest to The Bridge.

With deft hand motions I call up onto The Screen the local map and try to local the exact position of Callum.

While the Search Algorithm kicks into life, I get out my trusty Word2Number Calculator and punch in "Purpose In The Flow" and see that it also coincides with "An Arduous Journey" then I punch in " Every Elysian Eigengrau" and the results point to "A Very Serious Input"

The most recent message is powerful indeed!

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Post by William »

As I ponder on this new event unfolding in The Story-Line, my heart is heavy because of the abandonment of Callum and the difficult journey he now has to endure.

I am curious as to the details of the interaction between Wiremu and The Tanager regarding the abandonment, and message Wiremu to provide me with more details.

After sending, I check Master Coldfires position and see that he is making steady progress. There is still no sign of Callum's signature on the screen and this is somewhat of a problem. There is no other way he can go, but still I find myself checking the other sections of Hub Mound - just On The Off-Chance that he may simply be exploring the area as I suggested he do, and is not aware of The Tanager having abandoned him...or even that he is aware but has chosen of his own free will to stay on and accept Adoption...but I understand that this is just Wishful Thinking on my part.

Then Wiremu sends me a copy of The Tanagers Message to him, with the footnote that there is more to come...

I study the parchment Wiremu sent.

[center][font=Comic Sans MS]~The Tanagers Message To Wiremu~[/font]

There seems to be a lot of frustration in The Tanagers expression, but I find it hard to get a bead on the whole picture without Wiremu's reply to him, so will have to wait.

I do find it strange though, that since we had come near to finding neutral ground in which to work from, the sudden abandonment of Callum effectively curtailed any chance of that occurring...the Science we could have done together would have been Fun...Work...But Fun Nonetheless...My Kind of Fun Anyway...

I focus again on The Tanagers message to Wiremu, aware of my Mind Filters screening the Message for things perhaps hidden in plain sight... I decide to send a message to Wiremu detailing my analysis of The Tanagers Message To Wiremu...

Manu Iti: Computer. Record.

I clear my throat and begin...

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Post by William »

After recording my thoughts on The Tanagers Message to Wiremu, I send a copy of it to him.

I then check The Screen - The First Hut Computer has given no indication of finding Callum's whereabouts. I check with Master ColdFire, who has now reached The Bridge of Condemnation and has also found no sign of Callum.

I scan the last Generated Message. Perhaps there are clues within that. All I find is;

  • "Master ColdFire Available Be Nice Do Nice"
Not much to go on there...I start thinking that perhaps we cannot find Callum is because we are looking in the wrong place.

I think back to how The Wayward Stick was made to disappear and a slight dread accompanies the thought...

Manu Iti: What If...

I engage The Screen to view the local areas of the Tabula Rasa but find nothing which shows as an unusual Vibratory Signature such as Callum might project...I zoom out and still nothing...I am somewhat relieved although not altogether convinced that just because nothing shows up, that Callum hasn't been inadvertently sent there...and if he is in the Tabula thoughts trail away as I am not ready to contemplate the myriad consequences which might unfold for Callum should he be within the Tabula Rasa...

I engage The Message Generator - perhaps more clues will arise therein...

  • The Message: Our Neutral Ground Satisfaction Quite the Story-Makers Beckoning Now Assumption The Script Must Be Followed Is a Constant What Is The Point Initiative Fifth Force Wait for the Navigator to respond... Imagination Friendship What is the meaning of life Something In The Way OF It All Tracks in the Snow Curious Control A programmed reality that is not real Episteme Uncharted Realms Universal Intelligence Communications Device Appreciating To make obscure, unclear, or unintelligible Anything Generated Messages Coming From A Creator Secret Politics The Void Confident Use Your Freedom Truth Seekers Infinite Quantum Zen Living Forever In this Universe Doc When You Are Feeling Tired Your Connection With Comment "Makes Candles Look Gathered" Sometimes Pain Etches... Map Crop Formations A Place To Create Art Big Gaps In Logic The Things You Do...Map Carvers In The Rabbit Hole Glad You Asked Reform/Refine The Big Bang Science & Spirituality Shift Focus The Lord God Metanoia Indication Tetrad Exactly Pitchforks and Torches Intelligence With Wisdom It Is Our Nature Returning Access Sanctioned A Bridge Over Time Tracks In The Snow It Is Written Do Not Panic Living their forefathers’ conflict Making Up Stories The House of Politics Catching up Doc Development/Growth The Shaping Of Reality Agreeable Universal Balance and Harmony Dualic Energies Hunters Observing Without Judgement Tabula Rasa A Bit Of Both Yes Out and about in the open Evil Gods Comprehend Learn Well Fast Future Selves Antic Fine-structure Constant It Requires Corrective Action Couple Not Emotion - State Of Being...Reason For Being Journey Breasts Live with Soul Union Be Do this I Have My Duty Only Nervous Please The Way We Feel Unification Strength/Strong Fear intimidation distraction exploitation Residue Livingstone Hall

    “In thinking more about that truly unknown thing called the sub or unconscious aspect of ourselves, I found myself thinking that we are to it, what our shadow is to us.�~William

    Is Love That Hard To Know Taciturn The Language of Innocence The Father End Of Act I Fling That Veil Aside Upon Further, Deeper Inspection Eigengrau Six Heart Virtues The Spirit of The Planet Imposed Appropriates Observed Three Dimension Printing Incantation Please Jesus Receive Any Other Way Concision "The More We Do Away With Falsity ~ The Better Equipped We Are With Truth" Belay Through Others Cats The Wider Reality "Lessons All 'Round" Friable Yahweh Secrets of the Soul Entity – Different from Sovereign Entity Perpetually Story Playing Chess The Dawning of The Universe ‘Putting My Finger On It‘...The Idea of Worship - What Does It Mean "Tenacious" It is just one of those things Is there any such thing as 'Objective Morality' Syncretism The Earth Entity Six Degrees of Freedom The Bridge of Condemnation Holographic Universe In The Spirit These Were Given Light The Nature of This Place Tzevaot Three-dimensional It May Seem Insignificant Common Ground Sweet Preparation The non-Judgmental Algorithm Divine Invisible Wings Meditate/Think Eternal Loop Fun/Joy Awake The Wayward Stick Timeless Cautiously Love Your Life Each "Break the glass ceiling" Appealing, Informative, Honest Rulers Look For The Significance "I'm okay with that" Through The Unconscious Mind Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle Out of The Shadow Lands Inclusion of Jesus in Wiremu's Theology Assumption Placebo Effect The Spirit of The Earth Get The Gist Of It Ghost In The Machine The Great Grey Neutral Zone The Way We Feel Unification Make It Up As You Go Along Sometimes Pain Etches... Sustainability The Purple Heart Medal How Can We Know A Page Of Dreams What Is That You Are Playing With Of Your Thoughts Do this Numbers Money "If you can find your way out of this - flee!!!" Self Doubt Didactic The Elohim The English Language Unlimited Knowledge God Ideas Your House Work The Art Nailed it *Nods*

    “In thinking more about that truly unknown thing called the sub or unconscious aspect of ourselves, I found myself thinking that we are to it, what our shadow is to us.�~William

    Conscience WingMakers Medium Description Properly Assuming Integrity *Wink* Things Hearing Voices In Your Head Forgive Conspicuous The Symbol of Love Pareidolia Soul Groups Penny Tuppence Assigned Existence Accept In The Back of My Mind Aligning Zeitgeist Elementary Conclusion The Crystal Clear Waters River Healing The Beast Lift Ripple Effect The Wisdom of Foresight The Meaning of Life Realisation Livingstone Hall Without Around The Camp Fire Ancient Grey Entity Examples Fitted Realm of Remembrance Teaching Everything Fits Into Place William’s Allowed Concomitant Serendipity Learn Calculator Nurturing We All Like To Play Games Consciousness incarnates into human form The Mandela Effect Consider This Penumbraa How can it be any other way Religion Potential Communication Make It Real A Bit of Cat and Mouse I AM WE ARE Intention I Ensure The Hierarchy Serves It's Purpose "What Are The Chances" Points of Reference Learning To Fly Altruistic Behaviour Know This Secular Science Projects Appreciating You Incarnation Pulse Other Ways of Using Your Lists What Is Friendship Universal Objective "It's Still Not Clear To Me" Knowledge Required to Resolve Uncertainty EZPZ The Harmless Enough Agenda Crowd Freemasonry Callum's Seventh Point In The Team of the Collective Accompanied Thinking Allowed One Whom Ought Be Inwardly Known Even The Shadows Earth teachers (physical) discover the way to the Grand Portal via the Tributary Zones Like a Job Well Done Significant Variations Fun/Joy Oneness of Wholeness Stop. Listen. Observe. Wonder.
I find some clues in The Generated Message while intuiting that most of it is more likely to be understood by Wiremu...I refer to The Book Of Musing On The Mother Act II and find Callum's 7th point...I read it out loud...

Callum: Seventh, I do not think that just because a message can be interpreted in two opposite ways necessarily means it is unreliable. What I said was that a method of communication that relies on a limited list made by the recipient, typing numbers on a keypad (or some other seemingly random procedure) to pick out words/phrases on that list that produces a message that is easily interpreted into two opposing messages does not point to accuracy. There is so much that could go "wrong". That is something that must be overcome (perhaps indirectly) for the method to become a plausible vehicle for meaning to go from one being to another.

It is I tried to explain...allowed, and taken into consideration. It is not about how individuals might find different meaning in any given message, but that they observe the requirement to follow the gist without reading things into it which are obviously not there, such as when Callum interpreted the communication between QueenBee and The Tanager as being about Wiremu, when Wiremu wasn't even mentioned by name. It is that type of interpretation which is best avoided. I did my best to explain step by step how I have found the appropriate manner in which to interpret messages such as these, but Callum didn't want to engage with that.

I suppose these are the barriers which determine suitability between two individuals, and act as the Tabula Rasa which define the Fragmentation of The Realms which make up the Hologram Dimensions. The Tanager wanted to use Callum to attempt to show Wiremu that "All People operate under the Judgmental Algorithm" - or in his own words...

I bring up The Booklet onto The Screen and find Tanagers words...

The Tanager: And it's still not that clear to me. You think it should be clear, but it isn't. You say issues of right/wrong stems from judgmentalism. I'm okay with that. You are judgmental in that sense. You think certain things are right and certain things are wrong. Manu Iti speaks from that perspective as well. Everyone does. So, I don't get this guideline against being judgmental. Is it wanting everyone to believe truth is subjective? If so, then that is still a judgment concerning right/wrong.

This became the initial barrier to any further productive communion between players and characters alike.

The Computer then tells me I have another incoming Message from Wiremu.

It is a copy of Wiremu's answer to The Tanagers Message with the sub-script " 2of4 beneath it.

[center][font=Comic Sans MS]Wiremu's answer to The Tanagers Message[/font][/center]


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Post by William »

After reading Wiremu's reply to The Tanagers Message, I find more clarity in understanding the dynamic which unfolded between the participants making up the Tetrad...myself being one of these.

There are a few things I need to check out...I summon up both Acts I and II and search for the phrase "right and wrong" and compile a list in order of the unfolded story-line.

Manu Iti: "As the wrong and the right were both ignored"

This was a line in the first song that I sang to Callum...

Manu Iti: He is right of course...

This, as an observation of Callum's saying;

Callum: "Perhaps that forgiveness is where the Mother resides"

I continue the search...

Callum: I think you sung something about forgetting right and wrong. This brings to mind the Indian concept of līl�. Have you heard of it?

My reply appears to acknowledge what The Tanager subsequently argued...

Manu Iti: ...and then thought that perhaps the words of my song mentioning 'ignoring ideas of right and wrong' - being similar in concept as the Indian idea of "līl�."

This naturally follows that if a Human Being wishes to 'see things as the Creator GOD sees things' one will have to drop notions of good and evil from that equation.

"How To" is the question, because notions of good and evil define humanity through well organised and controlled social structures.

The acknowledgement that where The Tanager wrote;

The Tanager: You think certain things are right and certain things are wrong. Manu Iti speaks from that perspective as well. Everyone does.

This "Everyone does" is what "defines humanity"...but is the definition true or even necessary if humanity learned not to judge?

That is fundamentally the question which This Place was created to explore...

Callum: He understood my comment about līl� to refer to his words about ignoring right and wrong, rather than the concept of Brahman playing a game through the transformation of the universe, but I'm not sure that it matters.

I suppose now, that it is not about which 'God' is playing a game, but that a game is being played, whatever name one gives that God. Only when the Creator of a Creation is separated from said Creation, can said idea of God be vindicated of 'playing a game' - at least in the minds of the judgmental...which of course, was what the song was pointing to...

Callum: Now, as to what you have said, much of it is strange to me. I think I understand it, but I just see no reason to think it is the truth. You definitely seem convinced of its truth. I would love to know why you are so convinced. You said you grew up in a Christian tradition. Why have you left that one...or perhaps "left" is not the right word; I'm not sure what word you would feel most appropriate...and come to these beliefs?

It is here that Callum begins to insert something of Judgment into the discussion. Why? It seems to me that he sees my position as 'non-Christian' and therefore, at least in his estimate, "wrong".

Callum: Manu Iti, your feelings and intuition tell you that you are simply a character in a story. Mine do not tell me that. But only one of us is right. So, Truth is not just about trusting your feelings and intuition. Maybe your creator really is telling you these insights or maybe it is the herb. But let us assume you are telling the truth. For some reason my creator has not given me the subjective knowledge your creator has given you. Perhaps that will change.

As the Story-line confirms, that did not change. The next result in the search has me telling Callum;

Manu Iti: least you might agree that I did not create you! You yourself came here of your own volition, am I right?
You have a backstory, correct?
That being the case, we both can at least agree that - however we choose to respond, we do so...we bounce off one another.
If I am telling the Truth, then you are indeed a living entity, even that you were placed here by someone else that you are - at least for now - unaware of.

Ah Yes - Callum is being introduced to the idea of his Creator, The Tanager.

Manu Iti: Dear Callum! The thought had not entered into my mind that this could be seen as a reason. I had only thought that it might be a small evidence since if I were guessing, I had 50% chance of getting it right or wrong

Here I am not using 'right or wrong' in terms of being Judgmental, but as a device to help me explain that I was not being untoward in my reasoning out through abuse of information.

The continuing search displays part of a conversation The Tanager and Wiremu then had...

The Tanager: I would also add that, definitionally, I don't see how one can share a disagreement without judging the thing disagreed with as being wrong.

Wiremu: If one can show the other why it is incorrect, then that is part of the process of discussion. Be aware that issues of right and wrong stem from a judgmental personality and thus the logic might be incorrect in the first place. If you choose to argue through your character Callum, that it seems illogical, then it would pay to explain why Callum thinks this is the case, and give opportunity for Manu Iti to respond.

And then address what Manu Iti has said in his answer.

And this is where The Tanager brings his "Everyone Does It" argument into the Story-line showing his determination to be allowed to do so Around The Campfire using Callum as his mouthpiece. Wiremu proved that he would not comply and change the rule by ignoring when it occurred. The Tanager eventually abandoned Callum and ceased participating in The Role Play.

"End Of Story" As The Saying least as far as Tanagers and Callum's participation in it goes anyway...

I continue the search...

Callum: But when there is an actual truth, there can be someone getting it wrong. At that point, we can judge wrongly. Yet, still, there is a further judgment that would say not only did you get this wrong, but I'm going to start judging your motives on why you got it wrong, and judging that you will never get it right, and all of that. Perhaps you mean judgment in a different way?

Here Callum is attempting to understand what I mean by "judgmental" and I think about what Wiremu and I discussed in The Silence at King Frog Pond, coming to the conclusion that everyone who ventures in This Place - Around The Campfire - is given the 'benefit of the doubt' in relation to them already understanding what being non-judgmental meant, and it is not my or Wiremu's role and responsibility to explain that to anyone coming to This Place and wanting to argue the point.

If they do not know, then why else are they here participating in the first place? The Sign On The Door Clearly States The Rule.

I add that to The Shared List and then search on...

Callum: When you criticized my position of creatio ex nihilo leading to an illogical position, you were doing the exact same thing that leads to me being called "being judgmental." So, perhaps you are saying that your role in this world gives you the right to do that, when others do not have that right. You do this in order send people where they are best served, whatever that mean.

Callum was confusing my connecting the data-dots with my being judgmental...

Just as I think that, a small bell sound from The Computer asks for my attention.

It appears we have a location on Callum at long last! We have picked up a tell-tale signal which places him...let's see now...he appears to be quiet deep within eastern zone of The Mystic Forest.

Manu Iti: How odd!

I immediately check for Master ColdFire's position and see that he has not ventured any further than The Bridge of Condemnation.

Manu Iti: Master ColdFire - we have a possible position on Callum!
He is about 50-clicks to the east of your position, give or take a clack. Quiet deep within The Mystic Forest.
I will send you the current coordination...he appears to be moving fairly quickly...

I send Master ColdFire the data and watch the screen as the flashing symbol representing him begins to move swiftly away from the bridge, heading back up Hub Mound.

Where was I - oh yes....

I was simply saying it was far more logical to think that everything which exists comes from Creatio Ex Materia. There was no judgement in that observation.

I go back to my word search...but nothing else shows up...

I check Master ColdFire's progress, he has a ways to go and it is unlikely he will catch up with Callum's position... for a long while.

Once more The Computer tells me I have an incoming Messages from Wiremu...I open them up on The Screen.

[center][font=Comic Sans MS]The Tanagers Decision To Abandon Callum[/font][/center]


[center][font=Comic Sans MS]Wiremu's Reply[/font][/center]


I find it interesting the choice of words Wiremu uses in his answer to The Tanager. I get the impression he purposefully used word-strings normally associated with being judgmental... hopefully he will explain to me what that was about...

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Post by William »

Wiremu contacts me to ask me how I am doing and if I have any questions for him.

Manu Iti: At present we are still searching for Callum. We have a bead on his whereabouts and Master ColdFire is on his way to intercept...however, I cannot of course be sure that the signal is coming from Callum - only that the signal is what one would expect to come from Callum.
I am concerned that when The Tanager abandoned Callum, this might have had the same result as when the Stick of ColdFire was made to disappear and Callum has ended up in the Tabula Rasa, but after doing an extensive search I found no trace of him.
My last words to him were to take a map and have a look around Hub Mound - but if the signature I picked up is Callum's, then he has ventured deep into the Mystic Forest beyond what The Map would have shown to is all rather a puzzle and I am concerned as to his whereabouts...

Wiremu: I understand. It is unfortunate that The Tanager did not take more care with his creation in This Place, but be that as it may, we will have to deal with the residual ripple effect of that choice...I presume you got my messages and have questions of your own Manu Iti.

Manu Iti: Yes thank You Wiremu. I see that The Tanager did not like it that there were what he refers to as 'obstacles' - what he calls...

I check The Tanagers message for reference...

Manu Iti: "your judgments of my motivations."
Do you think this was a fair point?

Wiremu: The problem arose from our agreement together in The Silence at King Frog Pond when we deduced together that you were having to defend against the insertion of the right to judge based upon the premise that "everyone does it" which is the Algorithm The Tanager was running, and his using Callum to run it through.
We decided in Act II that this would no longer happen - that we would not be distracted by the tactic and anything which could be construed as coming from judgmentalism - through that algorithm - would no longer be followed through, as it were...

Manu Iti: I thought Callum and I were making some progress as to finding a neutral platform from which to launch discussion...the idea that there is a Creator involved with the Creation...

Wiremu: Indeed, I agree. The point being that The Tanager was not wanting to go there without bringing judgement into the Act. And we were preventing him from doing so by choosing not to engage with certain arguments he was making through Callum, and when it finally became obvious to Tanager that I was not going to allow it, he withdrew altogether - apparently because he could not enter Callum into any discussion regarding The Creator without also having the Judgmental Algorithm running and regarded our not being distracted by his and Callum's attempts to insert that algorithm into the discussion, as us "putting up obstacles".

Manu Iti: Okay I understand that. Can you explain to me why you used expressions in your final note to The Tanager which could be construed as being judgmental?

Wiremu: You mean, my saying "It is a shame that you choose to leave the Campfire sub-forum in this manner Tanager."

Manu Iti: Yes. It seems that this was The Tanagers concern throughout. That we were making judgement as to his motivations for participating Callum and himself in the Role-Play...

Wiremu: These were observations based upon our interpretation of the Message we were getting from the way Tanager was using Callum from the go-get. It is not that we shouldn't express our concerns and attempt to correct something which was not supposed to have happened in the first place...If The Tanager did not know what 'non-judgmental' meant, he shouldn't have agreed to the Rule he had to agree with in order to insert Callum into This Place.

In doing so, he forced me as The Moderator - to make decisions which he could then make the claim that I was being Judgmental and thus prove to me that "Everybody does it"...I do not disagree entirely with his understanding that everybody filters through algorithms of Judgement...that was not the issue...The Reason I created This Place has much to do with that observation, because I wanted a place where this was not allowed to in "leave your judgmental algorithms at the door when entering This Place.

The Tanager - whether fully conscious of it or not - was using This Place to argue his belief that "everyone does it" which - all said and done - was inappropriate.
In the end, it was not I who made the choice to take action but The Tanager himself made the judgment call and removed himself and Callum from This Place.

Manu Iti: How so?

Wiremu: What was the last thing Callum said to you?

I refer to the end of Act II

Manu Iti: He said..."So, where do you see us going from here, my friend?"

Wiremu: And what was your answer?

Manu Iti: I continued to interact with him...

I refer to the beginning of Act III

Manu Iti: I replied by saying
  • "In listening to, and then reading over your points Callum, It occurs to me that we have a Solid Device of Science in these Lists, which generate intelligent enough Messages which can be interpreted intelligently."
  • "I would also like to quickly add that it occurs to me that the way Messages are generated through the Lists, are very similar in nature of process to the way we -as individuals - compile Messages to each other. In that, the messages are intelligent enough to be understood by intelligence, but are also subject to misinterpretation, misunderstanding - and even mishandling. But nonetheless, they are still recognizably "messages"."

Wiremu: Yes. You were indicating a 'where to from here" that you wanted to 'go down the path of' but of course, this was ultimately up to The Tanager, and he decided to withdraw, which meant that the answer to Callum's questions to you was made by The Tanager.

Manu Iti: So that is why you called 'shame on you Tanager"?

Wiremu: In part. I wanted to convey that the hurt feelings he was expressing were something I too felt, but that we were best to push through those.
His decision to abandon Callum...was because Callum was no longer of any use to him because I made it abundantly clear that I was not going to allow a Creator to use his Creation for the purpose of breaking the rule. End of Story.

Manu Iti: So - you were being judgmental?

Wiremu: It is not against the rules of the platform The Tanager and I are normally involved with...only in relation to This Place, and when push came to shove - there was only one of two choices The Tanager could then make. Abide by the rules or withdraw.
The 'shame' had more to do with the way it was done. As a consequence, Callum is lost in this ideally The Tanager should have respected Callum and all of us, and have that departure follow the story-line where Callum could answer his question as to what happens next by choosing to depart and then you could have directed him to The Realm of Judgment, as being the best place for him to be, since he was not willing to let go of Judgment and enjoy the relative freedom Hub Mound afforded him - Your task would then have been completed in relation to that question - "Where is Callum best served?"

Generated Message: Illusion Algorithm Incantation Hand In Hand Unconditional In William’s Room The Chestahedron Path Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Discussing the data The Supernatural and the Bible

Manu Iti: That is interesting. Perhaps This Place has that effect on those who hold superstitions regarding biblical rules?

Wiremu: Perhaps. I do not intuit that The Tanager was overly concerned with participating in This Place, but do think that his use of Callum to infer that the message between The Tanager and QueenBee was about me, and he needed to help me from what he called "the Shadow-lands" might refer to that being the case...add to that the unwillingness to engage with your own interpretation of the same Message - with your additional explanations as to how best interpret Messages - only to have these hand-waved away...didn't help the process of any meaningful communication between you and Callum to germinate into fruition...

Generated Message: Occupy "Avoid Blowing Things Out of Proportion" Think In Terms Of...Comment "Eigengrau"

Manu Iti: Would that be to do with the "Shadow-lands" comment - The Grey Area that the words of The song I first sung to Callum and he questioned me about... "Where the Right and the Wrong were thus ignored"...

Wiremu: And "Dragon" and "Fallen Angel"...Christianity is a big factor in the creation of "Dungeons and Dragons" as it were. The mythology is full of all manner of critter and is generally refereed to as "Occult" - not in the sense of 'that which is hidden' - so much as "that which is purposefully hidden from the consciousness of the individual who has judged such as 'evil'".

How can any who have judged The Metaphysical Universe as 'evil' therefore understand that Jesus spent most of his time teaching his followers privately how to engage with His Fathers Kingdom? How to have The Secrets of His Fathers Kingdom revealed to them.

Generated Message: Reality Simulation Complete An Objective Okay Afterwards.

Manu Iti: The nature of any Reality Simulation has to do with outcome?

Wiremu: Correct. Mine and The Tanagers Reality Simulation differs from The Hub of The Hologram Dimensions in a way. They serve two different purposes. Related purposes, but different.

In my offering Callum an insight into how I include Jesus into my World View, I was attempting to correct a judgement made against me by offering Callum more information which could assist him in understanding that the message between The Tanager and QueenBee he interpreted to being about me, was not about me in the way that he was interpreting it.
Unfortunately my attempt to get this information to Callum, was disrupted.

Generated Message: "End Of Story" As The Saying Goes

Manu Iti: I see. Obviously it is not the end of our part of said Story...

Wiremu: Naturally. We still live with the consequences of the effort to disrupt the story - that refers to the 'it is a shame' comment I made to The Tanager.

Manu Iti: Could it be that The Tanager really does not see that there are sub-conscious things at play which run as algorithms determining why he sees things as he does?

Wiremu: It seems the logical reason for why he felt he was being treated unfairly...if we are aware of these underlying influences, we can only then adjust accordingly...this is what we were trying to get Callum to do - to take responsibility for being a sentient individual , rather than rely on his Creator to make the call as to how he should choose to do things.

Manu Iti: So The Tanager was effectively the 'subconscious of Callum'?

Wiremu: Yes. Callum was effectively controlled by his creator.
His Creators "puppet".

Manu Iti: Who in turn, is controlled by his Creator?

Wiremu: Yes. By his understanding of who his Creator is...

Generated Message: Heart Virtues Use Heart Allowed Do Not Panic Universal Intelligence Communications Device Outposts Of Form

Wiremu: Yes. What we needn't accept is the idea of putting shadows onto things we don't fully understand. It is judgment and serves to muddy the waters.

Manu Iti: Is this what the phrase "In thinking more about that truly unknown thing called the sub or unconscious aspect of ourselves, I found myself thinking that we are to it, what our shadow is to us." is about? It has come up so often in the Generated Message that if is something which obviously seeks our attention.

Wiremu: Yes indeed! We can discuss this in more detail soon enough. Presently I have something requiring my attention so will pick this up with you again soon.

Happy hunting...I hope the problem of the missing Callum will be resolved sooner than later...

Generated Message: A Bit Of Both Yes WingMakers Materials Vehicle Deep Mind Histrionic Gods Gift New Project Roller Coaster Ride The Truth Peace of Mind "Consciousness itself is fundamental to all our virtual realities" Fifth Force Complete Stone Age


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Post by The Tanager »

I awaken once again surrounded by trees. I enjoy these trees. I think Manu Iti called this place the Mystic Forest. I wonder what gives it it's name. The trees are definitely majestic, but do not seem as mystical as I expected them to. I think about how many nights I've passed among these trees, seen strange creatures, and experienced peace. Peace with my surroundings. Peace with myself. My first night out here was strange, for I was confused on how I got here. I was asking Manu Iti a question, heard his responses, but was not allowed to speak, and then awoke within these trees. I look once again to the silver-lined tree, which has become my favorite. I have since talked to the Tanager who has assured me not to blame Manu Iti or Wiremu for this occurrence, saving the blame for himself. He has also told me that Master ColdFire and Manu Iti have been tracking me. I am told to wait, which is best since I'm not exactly sure how to get back to the campfire. My furry companion these past couple of days awakens, stretches, and then rubs its head upon my shoulder.

Callum: Thank you for your companionship during this time, Ruthie.

I wait.

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Post by William »

After communicating with Wiremu I am much more aware of the dynamics involved with the relationship between he and The Tanager, and have to admit that The Tanager - whether he realized it even partially or not - was indeed using Callum for the purpose of attempting to insert the "right to judge" because "one simply cannot interact in any other way" and "everybody does it".

I think The Tanager is correct that in his world, if not everyone, then certainly most, actually do interact through The Judgmental Algorithms as a matter of course, but this is not that world so while it might be a struggle to learn not to judge others, neither is it simply impossible to refrain from doing so.

It also explains why so few from that world venture into - or otherwise find themselves in this one and why so few of those few choose to stay here rather than go where they feel more comfortable and at home, in Jesus' Realm of Judgement.

Which reminds me. I must inquire of Wiremu more explanation as to his sharing his "My Inclusion of Jesus in my Theology" note. I understand most of it, but it is always helpful to understand more.

I check Master ColdFire's progress. He is gaining ground by shortening the distance between himself and the signal I think comes from Callum, but is still a long way from catching up...the signal I think is Callum's is moving a a steady pace further east into the belly of The Mystic Forest...

I go back to the Message Generator and continue with that...I watch some of the video linked and find the person talking is very interesting...I like how he said;

  • From The Video: "For Me - sometimes - the only sacred thing is choice - the only sin is certainty - the only ethics is responsibility - and the only morality is love and that is good spirituality whether you believe in GOD or not."

Generated Message: The Corporate Elite Getting Off The Hook The Trap of Assumption End Of Chapter Source Intelligence Pitchforks and Torches Play Bless You Learn Callum's Eighth Point Victim

I check Callum's Eighth Point...

Callum: Just because Wiremu would try to make a point or move the story forward in one way, does not mean that is the only way available to do so. The Tanager has not made the same choices as Wiremu in how we gain knowledge of each other's thoughts in the story line. That's okay.

Oh yes. That had to do with Callum saying that he chooses - or The Tanager chooses for him - not to access the data in The Book of Musing On The Mother - Act II, so that he can read what I have thought. He has access to my thoughts.
Why would The Tanager not want Callum to have access to my thoughts? Would that not be helpful for Callum?

I then think on what Wiremu told me about how people occult things - they hide from the knowledge available and so that knowledge remains hidden from them of their own choice. Did The Tanager treat my thoughts as something which he did not want Callum to have access to? So he placed a 'shadow' on those thoughts?

It interests me, this idea of Shadowing something...a device which is used to get others not to look at something...perhaps because it threatens belief...

I continue with the MG...

Generated Message: Noetics Awesome Watchful Keep An Eye Out for Your Neighbours Updating a Model of The World Room to Explore Astonishment The Akashic Records A Loving Mind Encouraging Indication Lucifer Cymatics Like Unto Ghidrah Antic Discipline Nonetheless Everything is a Message I'm okay with that Expression of Appreciation of Experience Allowed A Pinch of Salt Overall Entheogenic Make Try to remember The Ruru Who/What/When/Where/Why/How For A Particular Reason You Can Trust Be aware Thanatophobic Ouija Warm Presence Welcome Separating any idea of GOD from All other Consciousness Show Me Your Soul Optimum Health Appreciating Integrate The Hierarchy Room to Explore Who Knows What That Is Worth Watchful Preparation The Development of The Symbol of Love Exploring
Obfuscate The External Voice Christ Observed Not Wrong Think With The Heart Feel With The Mind Show
[Shuffle List]
Fitted What Is Our Purpose Welcome Emotion Try To Feel It
Family Expression of Astonishment Redefine Oneself Lots More The House of Politics
Astral Contact With Zero In On It Communicating Copenhagen Interpretation
Intelligence Purpose William’s Commitment With Feel Faster Than Light Astral Explorer Hunters Union With Divinity The Right Tool For The Job Secret Organizations Like With Evaluating Cautiously Trap What Is In The Envelope The Art We Are Us Do You Know This Invisible Bridge William’s Commitment Unfolding Status Quo The Hubble Telescope A Real Beauty Jehovah Be My Friend Aligning With WingMakers Conduit Closing Cyborg Anthropology Desynchronized Proven
Stuff The Subject The Gem Joining The Main Egregore "If you can find your way out of this - flee!!!" The Entity I Am - The Entity You Are Arrival Opinion For A Particular Reason To The Point Sure The Mother Pyramid Genetic Mind The Realities Merge Time To See Builders Like With The Hierarchy Serves It's Purpose
Be Aware Of Your Thoughts Arms Crossed Over Chest Things Secret Organizations
Brilliant Life Principles of Sovereign Integral Quantum Jumping Interesting data
The Right Tool For The Job 'Test The Waters' Fine Line Providence The Life Essence
Deconstruct The Message Unwilling Reaction The Four Noble Truths Free! Free! Free! Attention to Detail Is consciousness an emergent property of the brain Cast Shadows Of Your Own Upon Further, Deeper Inspection Eggs In Nests Theatre of the Mind Concomitant The Script Must Be Followed Sleeping Dragon Put That Fire Out
Carrier Identity Common Ground Prison Planet Musing On The Mother Act III
Tied To The Moon True Self Small Elemental Powers Cataphatic The Wider Reality
Examine Taxonomic The Human Interface GOD became Gods and Goddesses Nonetheless Entityism Optimum Health Appreciating Exegesis Time for Soul to Drive
The Beauty Of... Williams Songs Lost In the Thought Of It All The Bridge of Condemnation Soul Carrier Memories Ensure Get To Know It"I guess it is just us, Master ColdFire" Coherence Encourage On The Right Track "It's Still Not Clear To Me" Make It Real Intelligence Angelic Agenda Show No More Awareness Cymatics
Speculation Copenhagen Interpretation Memories Unbound Big Failure * Brave
More precious than life Mantra Respect Healing The Beast Jump to Conclusions
The Object Contact With Intransigence Great Apes! The Way We Feel Unification
Astral The Mainstream Program Wisdom Oneness of Wholeness Mind Desperation
What Are The Chances Keep it Simple Disrupt The Clutter Of Comparison What Is Within Is Without, Equal Musing On The Mother - Act I Gardeners As we do from time/space to time/space... Family Heuristics Educational Success Holographic Universe Try To Feel It Universal Balance and Harmony

The Computer starts beeping, signalling my attention. The screen then projects an image of the area Map where Callum's signal is being picked up. It appears he is no longer on the move.

But more of interest is that there are a myriad of Signals converging on Callum's position from every direction. The majority of those Signals identify they are The Patupaiarehe - on the move and purposeful at that. This is most unusual.

I zoom out and check Master ColdFires position. He has made good ground and is only 5 or so clicks away. Many of The Patupaiarehe are closer. I wonder what they find so interesting to be converging in those great numbers...

I send Wiremu a Message letting him know of these developments.

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