Lock-Down - Go To Isolated Campfire

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Lock-Down - Go To Isolated Campfire

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Manu Iti: How are you Wiremu. What is the news?

Wiremu: The planet is being locked down. People are being told to stay in their homes and remain there.

Mani Iti ponders on the implications...

Manu Iti: That is very interesting Wiremu. Why is this happening?

Wiremu: A Virus has entered into the main program. People are getting sick and dying. The virus is being called 'new' and as such, no one knows exactly what they are dealing with and some realms were complacent and are now counting the cost as the death rate gets higher.

Manu Iti: They will be pouring into the rest of the Holographic Universes...

Manu Iti pulls up an image on The Screen which shows the increased flow of those individuals transferring from The Physical Universe and into the Tabula Rasa.

Manu Iti: Yes - so I see...the faucet has opened up considerably.

]Wiremu: These are challenging times for everyone on this Prison Planet.

Mani Iti opens The Message Generator.

Manu Iti: It is probably a good time as any to get some insight into this...

Wiremu: Agreed.

Manu Iti: What is the name of the virus?

Wiremu: They are calling it "Covid Nineteen" - C-O-V-I-D

Manu Iti enters the word-string into the Message Generator, as well as the Name2Number list.

Manu Iti: Okay...lets see now...I have these word-strings at the same number value;
  • Transition
    The Love Heart
    Gifts to Give
    Believe You Me
    Covid Nineteen

So lets see what Message is generated...

Suddenly the image changes on The Screen and a video of Wiremu playing a guitar and singing a song rings out within The Chamber of The Gem.

Manu Iti: Whoa! Wasn't expecting that!

Wiremu: Whops....

Mani Iti opens the intercom so that Callum and Bee O'Kay can hear it too...and then also projects the image onto the Cave wall so they can see...


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