Musing on Peace and Truth

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Musing on Peace and Truth

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[Replying to tam in post #42]

William: Some battles are friendly, but they are still battles.

Tam: Then there should not be an issue with wishing someone peace, even if on opposite sides of a debate, even in disagreement, right?

William: Of course not, but on a BattleThread it is peculiar.

I have not made it secret that someone wandering around the BattleThreads with a flower in her hair and waving a peace flag isn't an odd thing.

But since you continue to wish peace on me, I will accept it as only I can, which is why I have escorted you to my happy place, where it is peaceful and calm.

The way I see it, I rescued you from one of the boys smacking you around, and asked him to back off and hear you out.
That is because I think you are trying to say that you are representative of what makes a Christian a Christian, and you want to be heard, and in order to be heard, the noise of battle must desist.

So here we are, by the fireside away from the BattleThreads and you have my ear.

Convince me why I should accept you are the real-deal. I have never in all my 59 years on this planet, ever meet someone calling themselves a Christian, who have proved to be trustworthy and truthful. I will place that to the side and listen to what you have to say.

You can, of course, leave this place right now but that wont help your case or convince me that you actually do wish me peace, or that you have anything to say which will interest me in my quest for more Truth.


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