It is not as simple minded as you make it sound.

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It is not as simple minded as you make it sound.

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A poster has made this statement multiple times and it made me wonder: why not?
While the details on each utterance may need context, overall, it's made about belief, faith and christianity as a whole.

For discussion:
If it's 'not as simple minded as you make it sound', this must mean it's, in some fashion, complex. Why? Isn't christianity, faith and belief for all people? Even though with lackluster mental fortitude, to say? Why does faith, belief and, seemingly, christianity, have to be complex and not simple?
Or, does 'simple minded' mean something other than simply 'simple'?
Or is it an insult, suggesting the understand of the person shows they're 'simple minded'?
Have a great, potentially godless, day!

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