"It's only a few who are violent"

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"It's only a few who are violent"

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One often hears the refrain from the Left that "it's only a few who are violent or who riot, most are peaceful protestors".
If that were the case, then why don't the leaders in these troubled, Democrat-run cities restore law and order?

Are they unable? Or unwilling to restore and maintain law and order and stop the arson, looting and rioting?
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Re: "It's only a few who are violent"

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AgnosticBoy wrote: Thu Jul 30, 2020 8:29 am I reject all claims of White supremacists being involved...here's why...

Many rush to blame antifa ...

Still, few of those pointing the finger at extremists presented much detailed evidence to support the accusations, and some officials conceded the lack of solid information.

Interesting that you say that since up to now, Antifa had been blamed so often by forum right wingers. Thanks for conceding that no proof has been offered to prove it has anything to do with the violence we have seen.

Don't agree, however, with the rest of your post.

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