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PostPosted: Sun Mar 19, 2017 2:46 pm  The most important day in the bible: NISAN 14 Reply with quote

People say Jehovah's Witnesses don't observe any holidays (holy days) but that is simply not true. Jehovah's Witnesses view Nisan 14 (which corresponds this year of 2017) as a religious holy occassion.

Which holidays do you observe and how?

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The Tanager wrote:
[some] are chosen and anointed by God to be a part of God's kingdom as God's spirit sons. Is that where the 144,000 number comes into play? If so, is that number still to be reached? They have/will become a new creation. What about those who are outside of that kingdom? What happens to you and those like you?

I will, try and explain.

In the beginning God made angels to live in heaven but humans to live forever happily on earth.

The first humans though didn't obey God, so they they couldn't live forever and neither could their children because they inherited imperfection so they all would grow old and die too.

God still loved humans so he decided to put things right.

He decided he would have a government, but a special government that could repair everything including wipe out the effects of that inherited sin.

Of course God could have chosen angels to be in this government but he decided to pick humans to come up and live in heaven with Jesus to do this special clean up job.

We call this government Gods kingdom.

There will be 144,000 " government ministers" in this special kingdom. They will not rule from Washington, they will rule from heaven.

The "President" will not be Donald Trump but Jesus himself.

The citizens will not just live in America, no they will live in every land on earth. It will truly be one world government.

Everyone will be very happy, just like God wanted at the beginning.

It is the story of "paradise lost to paradise regained"!

I hope to be a subject of this kingdom government along with many millions of others.


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Thank you for helping me to see your thoughts clearer on why Nisan 14 is so important to you. I'm not sure I have any follow up questions right now, but perhaps we will be able to discuss things further in the future.

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[Replying to post 32 by The Tanager]

Yes, it is important ... I guess it's like our "national" holiday. Like Americans celebrate the 4th of July, all over the world Jehovahs Witnesses get together and remember how our "nation" was born, not by revolution or war but in the sacrifice of one man. Our king! There are no fireworks or showy displays but that's not to say the 8 milion or so (20 million counting visitors) that meet are any less focused on what makes us a united people.



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