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Sherlock Holmes


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Anyone here spend a lot of time in their own workshop, working on projects? could be stuff to do with your house, hobbies and so on.

I'm seeking to get me a drill press but have very little experience with these and don't want to buy a piece of junk, here a drill press:


That's a random selection from Amazon. Does anyone here have one? use one? is it bench mounted or floor? are there brands you regard as serious, quality and are there brands you regard as glorified toys?

I'll be using this for all sorts of drilling and all kinds of materials up to stuff like stainless steel.

I see some for like 200 bucks and ask just what can one get for that small amount? I hate cheap tools and wonder if spending say 800 bucks, will that get me something pretty solid?

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Re: Workshops

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Post by The Barbarian »

I have a small Ryobi DP103L drill press, which seems to work fine. Bench mounted. I don't use it much, but so far it's been more then adequate. I like the laser guide, induction motor, and speed adjustments. It's my first full-size unit. Because I do a lot of small work, I had a Dremel unit before.

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Re: Workshops

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Post by Miles »


If you're looking for something that can drill stainless steel with no trouble my suggestion would be something like a Wen 12inch variable speed drill press. Preferably 5 amps or more. Grizzly and Jet also make pretty good shop machinery, although a bit pricier.


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