Conversion therapy

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Conversion therapy

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Post by nobspeople »

As if one needs to be told how terrible and utterly stupid this practice is, it's also, apparently, a financial issue.
For discussion:
Will this barbaric practice - oft in the name of 'god' - finally be discontinued in the USA now that there is a $ figure on it? ... 48294.html
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Re: Conversion therapy

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Post by Goat »

I knew someone who was forced by her parents at age 16 to go to a 'conversion therapy' camp. It was a very traumatic experience for her, and from what I gather, a number of people who went to the camp with her died either of suicide or drug overdoses by the time a decade was out (about half) I knew her about 15 years after that happened, and 7 out of 16 people passed away at that time.

That makes me very glad that a number of states have started prohibiting conversion therapy for minors.
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Re: Conversion therapy

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Post by Aetixintro »

[Replying to nobspeople in post #1]

There is a beautiful option, though. It is the 3-step treatment for schizophrenia, alleviating the difficulties of homosexuals, making their lives much better. It's a kind of "conversion", but not one that's unpleasant.
Rather is provides proper medicine to all who need it. 3-step treatment: scientific ECT, Olanzepine (e.g. Zyprexa®) and medical sleep assistance, morphine-based. This 3-step treatment is going to change the World for good.
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PS: The 3-step treatment is really the rehabilitation of the nervous system and does not represent any (religious) "conversion therapy" that's banned by law.
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