Why the republicans are destined to fail

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Why the republicans are destined to fail

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Today the Republican party offers nothing constructive. No new ideas, no positive comments, just attack, attack, attack, while offering no constructive ideas.

The Republican’s will lose the midterms and the General Election because they are following a one liner going nowhere.

I here and now ask any Republican here to wake up, if you have any common sense, this is the time to user it. Wake up, be an American and not a Republicon,

If the Republicans win this time around our experiment in a democratic republic will be doomed.

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Re: Why the republicans are destined to fail

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Diagoras wrote: Wed Nov 16, 2022 1:02 amJudging by some of the reactions of former supporters, it's no longer a certainty that he'll win the Republican nomination. And if he loses, but refuses to concede (perhaps starting up his own 'Trump Party'), then the resulting chaos on that side may very well hand victory to the Democrats.
He's now about as old as Biden was when Biden got in. I understand a lot of people like his policies but please, please, I am so sick of other countries making fun of America because the president is so old most of his screws are loose.

Can we have a race between a 40-year-old and a 50-year-old, instead of between two people who, if the world was sane, would be doped up in a nursing home thinking they were running for president?

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