What is the "fake news" Hillary is complaining abo

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What is the "fake news" Hillary is complaining abo

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Post by Elijah John »

HRC is calling for legislation that would prohibit "fake news".

Just wondering, what is she referring to?

What are some examples of "fake news"?
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Re: What is the "fake news" Hillary is complaining

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Post by DanieltheDragon »

[Replying to post 36 by 4insight]

Thank you for highlighting my point precisely, Birthers could be watching Obama being born on US soul and would still claim he is from Kenya. Not that it matters since his mother is a US citizen. No amount of evidence will convince them otherwise. Not even a birth certificate.
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Re: What is the "fake news" Hillary is complaining

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Post by KenRU »

bluethread wrote:
KenRU wrote:
bluethread wrote:
Mandating education often leads to a lack of critical thinking and discernment, and is sometimes designed to create bias, ie. the Hitler Youth, the Palestinian Authority and IMO even many of the public schools in these United States.
IMO, it is not productive to tie education (a generic term) to this conversation. One can be taught critical thinking, and that is a form of education. I know in my college and high school (public, btw), I was taught the value of critical thinking.

My experience in the public school system and college (plus my wife is a public school teacher)is that you get what you (you being generic) put into it.
Hence the folly of the mandate. Mandates discourage competition and competition drives innovation and excellence. Done badly, they (mandates) divert resources to wasteful practices. Done well, they waste resources on those who do not value them.
I agree that not everyone takes advantage of the opportunity, and that indeed there is waste (and room for improving the system, imo). However, without the mandate, children would be at the mercy of irresponsible parents who do not value education or take parenting seriously. Requiring all children to go to school gives every child at least a shot at bettering themselves. Without it, they are surely lost.
IMNSHO, most mandates are counter productive. They cheapen the value in the eyes of the reluctant and waste resources that are better spent on those who actually want what is being mandated.
I don't think a mandate for education is a bad thing, quite the opposite, imho. I believe it is a lofty goal, and I fail to see how any parent who can't afford private schools would think otherwise.

-all the best
If it is so widely viewed as a lofty goal, no mandate is necessary.
Who said "widely"? Not me. but nonetheless, the point is still valid. "Widely" is not "all". Mandating education gives all children a shot, even if their parents drop the ball. How is that a bad thing?

Imho, I'll take the waste as a an acceptable loss, if it gives just one kid a shot at bettering himself.

Just like the old adage: it is better that 10 guilty go free then one innocent go to jail. True or not, it is imo, a lofty goal to strive for.
One can not mandate education, one can only mandate access.
Agreed, to a point.
However, when one mandates universal access, those who value education are hindered by those who do not
That is not universal. And, I dare say, not even the experience of the majority. A hindrance can be addressed, the system need not be trashed as a consequence of this being true.
and those who do not, value it even less due to the lack of personal cost.
Respectfully, I disagree that this is can be stated as true. I believe that some of those who do not value this access don't value it as a result of ignorance or cultural impact. Or, in short, they do not know any better.

And that is remedied by education. Removing the access to education does not address this problem - it exacerbates it.
Therefore, as with any commodity, the market is the best means of distributing education to those who value it most.
Not when all of your consumers don't understand how the system works, or doesn't trust the system.

If you are fond of making this analogous to consumerism, then think of it like advertising. Education needs a better ad campaign. : )

-all the best
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Re: What is the "fake news" Hillary is complaining

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Post by Redhawk »

Elijah John wrote: HRC is calling for legislation that would prohibit "fake news".

Just wondering, what is she referring to?

What are some examples of "fake news"?
Fake news has always been a part of the American culture. Unfortunately in the 21st century only a half dozen corporations own ALL the major and most of the minor outlets for news both broadcast and written. The corporate version of things is what America is being forced to swallow.

There are two problems with this. Americans have fewer choices to discern the truth about what's going on and Americans have less ability to interact with events. Consequently a sense of helplessness has seized us.

One solution is to seek the truth in the legitimate international press. Reuters is a good one as is the BBC and TASS (believe it or not).

Social media is popular because it gives users a sense of interaction with others. Its also fake, but at least it gives us an outlet - a platform to scream about things and sometimes to cause real change.

A third solution is to seek the truth about things on the internet - a questionable task at best since internet sources are not vetted by anyone except their users.

Politicans are well aware of fake news that promotes or inhibits their efforts to obtain power. It's part of the game and as President Harry Truman once said, "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."

and that's me, hollering from the choir loft...

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Re: What is the "fake news" Hillary is complaining

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Post by boatsnguitars »

Elijah John wrote: Fri Dec 09, 2016 12:18 pm
DanieltheDragon wrote:
Elijah John wrote: HRC is calling for legislation that would prohibit "fake news".

Just wondering, what is she referring to?

What are some examples of "fake news"?
Such legislation limits free speech, so I am against it.

Fake news can be found on face book and info wars and the enquirer.
That's a good question that I should have included in the OP for debate.

Are you for or against possible legeistation that would prophibit "fake news"?

Daniel, do you have some examples of facebook (etc.) "fake news"?

I heard something about a pizza joint and guns, didn't hear the details.
I love looking at old posts about Trump. How right the Left was about Trump, and how horribly wrong was the Right wrong about Trump.

I don't think we ever need to listen to the Right again. They are all liars or ignorant.

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