Policy on responding to moderator actions

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Policy on responding to moderator actions

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1. If you receive a comment, warning, or probation from a moderator, it is against the rules to respond publicly to them. Please respond to a moderator via PM if you have questions regarding the action.

2. You may formally appeal a decision by requesting only once to an administrator. The administrator will discuss it with the moderators and reassess the decision. If the decision is upheld, the decision is final and further appeals can no longer be requested.

3. When appealing a decision, you will need to document your case and provide evidence that you did not break any rule. The following will not be considered valid reasons to overturn a decision. Using any of these excuses will nullify your request and your appeal will be immediately dismissed.
- You did not know the rules
- You were provoked to break the rules
- Others are also breaking rules
- Any of the moderating team is biased

4. The best response to a moderator action is to simply abide by the rules. The only exception allowed to publicly responding to a moderator action is to publicly apologize for breaking the rules.

5. If you are placed on probation, you may request to be removed from probation if you demonstrate that you can follow the rules for one month. You will need to send a PM to a moderator to request removal at the end of that period. The moderators will then decide if you can be removed from probation.