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THE CURE FOR CANCER IN DETAIL(Some parts from a forum I went on so excuse the ‘weirdness’

Cancer cells have negative mitochondrial activity and thus nutrients and such do not get processed into energy so the part of the body with cancer will build up to become a tumor. This is because of possibly many varying reasons and the mitochondria in the body becomes unreliable so the cancer cell will then continue to destroy someone unless it is treated. So here are reasons the mitochondria are affected. Ok so every cell and form of matter is simply a vibration and that means that they respond to other vibrations.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. - N. Tesla

So energy is the capacity to change matter and frequency is the variation of matter and vibration would be what you have after the energy produces frequency, the product of the energy producing the frequency would be a form of vibration like a chair or stove or w.e. Thoughts produce confidence and such or anxiety and those lead to physical side effects like hot skin when anxious and cold skin when feeling inner joy. Thoughts also cause higher blood pressure as when people receive certain info they change physically as a response to the info. So energy is simply sentience(though not all energy) and matter is simply vibrations that change form because of frequency which is caused by interaction and/or energy. However thoughts are not relative because of the factor of creativity which may be interpreted as ‘quantum randomness’.
Music has frequency and sound waves can affect the vibration of matter because they(waves of sound) are frequencies. So listening to rock music or music with a heavy bass will cause the vibration of a person’s cells to edit and thus cause them to change. In Germany music was allegedly a form of treatment for cancer and that is a way to treat cancer which is fact but also music can cause cancer which is true. Music can be very powerful and mainstream music has heavy bass and more left brain hemisphere stimulus so when someone listens to a lot of that type of music the mitochondria responds. However the mitochondria does not respond well because the low frequency of the bass will create a response in the vibration and thus lower the frequency of the cell. This means that metabolic rate which is simply the rate that energy is produced from nutrients will become slower. The frequency of cell activity becomes slower because the frequency of the music affected the vibration of the cell. Simply put, music with low frequency(heavy metal/ hard rock or music with loud bass) what that does is repress the mitochondria and increase the rate which someone will age. While high frequency music, will do the opposite, it will increase the rate the cell(s) will go through the cell cycle and thus a person will have an increase in metabolism. Please note that ‘high frequency’ and ‘low frequency’ are relative to the person’s body so someone sick listening to music from a harp may be more affected than someone who is well listening to music from a harp.
The cancer fighting organelle, mitochondria needs to be stimulated and then the cell will return to normal. Paves a way to restoring the metabolism to operate as it should where there is a tumor and then the cancer will stop in it's course. What makes cancer cells deadly is the resistance to apoptosis.
Music can have an effect on the hypothalamus which is associated with fight/flight and sense of hunger and sexual desire etc. The sound of the music will affect the person and heavy bass does indeed stimulate the fight/flight area while music with a higher frequency does the opposite, it 'soothes'.

Meditation puts one into a relaxed state and the gray matter in people who meditate has been tested and shown to have a higher volume than for people who did not practice that. ... the-age-re...

Gamma waves are the fastest brain wave and associated with peak concentration. Binaural beats help to produce gamma waves. Meditation on compassion also helps to produce gamma waves.

Gamma waves synchronize cognition and activity, basically the gamma waves stimulate the left and right hemisphere of the brain simultaneously and that will produce a reaction towards mental harmony.

Also perhaps, PERHAPS, the govt. does gain from the cure being hidden. The fundraisers and such produce a lot of dollars.

That correlation does not show causation comment is not really a universal law. The occurrence can be related or it is not related at all.
Ok I will get more serious. When a person has the left hemisphere of the brain more active in thought process naturally they have a higher beta wave then someone who has the right hemisphere of the brain dominant. That is because the left hemisphere of the brain is meant for cognition and alertness and activity but not for calculation. The result is, the beta wave(the beta wave is associated with feeling alert, anxious, stressed etc.) becomes too high and the patient of such a case is paranoid/neurotic. When the beta wave is too high the feelings of stress cause higher fight/flight activity and those cause the hypothalamus to send signals that are false and also the person with the hyperactive fight/flight becomes more aggressive.
Psychopaths and Sociopaths have reportedly had higher beta waves when awake and lower delta waves when asleep. The delta wave is stimulated when one is asleep and that will cause the immune system to work harder on tasks like body repair and relief. Furthermore it should be noted that grey matter volume is lower in patients that have higher fight/flight response because of the stress. did not claim that every psychopath has cancer or every sociopath has cancer, and the latter and former both have amygdala/hypothalamus' that are too hyper. That excessive stress and paranoia can cause disease. But not everyone with stress is diseased.
Also just going to bed and eating a cherry a day does not cure it there has to be excessive effort relative to the severity of the cancer. I would suggest constant high frequency sound, foods with high melatonin, concentration meditation on compassion(posted a link before about how this affects physical and mental health) and so on and so forth. Eventually through persistence and depending on the degree of effort the cancer will start to die but the more severe the harder it will be to turn the cancer cells back to normal cells. Perhaps someone can make technology with a super high sound frequency and isolate someone with cancer in a room with the sound. Then monitor the person's body through a computer and observe the cancer cells. If this is done I am confident the result will be the cancer's spread decline.
By the way I am not the first to find out this info I simply noticed after some research and also verified through sources and even found that other people had also found the cure for cancer.
Stress does not equal cancer but when one is paranoid or stressed their fight/flight response is stimulated by signals that are not deadly and excessively. If one experiences constant anxiety then the door to sickness will open because the immune system will become weaker. I am not exactly sure how cancer enters but I am sure that the mitochondria organelle fights cancer cells and other illnesses.

The immune system can take cancer but cancer wins when the immunize system is not functioning optimally due to anxiety and stress. Once restored the mitochondria organelle can fight the illness and the cancer cells gradually turn back to normal.

This all seems simple maybe to certain people but this is sound biology and science, and simple cause/effect like that can cure at a great potential.

Also concerning vibrations:

Everything in life is vibration - Albert Einstein.

Even a table that looks stagnant has movement though small. Extremely high frequency sound can also break glass which further supports this. ... ation.html ... tress-can-...

So when that happens the beta wave is overriding the waves that should be higher than it. Heightened stress increases chances of disease but not just that people can become sick based on stress and also stress has a negative effect on the mitochondria organelle which fights cancer cells.

Here for the music effects: ... t-immune-s... ... tid=201306...

^Concerning sound and how sound can affect the mitochondria.

Our bodies are vibrations, and kinesis is equivalent to frequency in the following quote:

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibrations. - Nikola Tesla.

As you are aware, states of matter affect each other and those are just vibrations. A chair and a stove and a keyboard are vibrations. The naked eye may not be able to detect minuscule motion, but they do vibrate as a result of gravity. The frequency is simply a constant and sound frequencies change the quality of matter. The frequency is kinesis and if you look at the c in e=mc2 then there you go, the constant represents frequency. Mass would be vibration and energy would be what caused the vibration/frequency. Energy cannot be created or destroyed.
Anyways sound waves cause vibrations. A fast sound wave has high frequency and when that frequency travels to the vibration known as the body the body synchronizes toward the higher frequency then causing the cells to have a changed vibration that has a higher frequency.
I am not so astute on details but anyways, c is a constant and a constant is a frequency, except c is the constant of light or speed of light or light's frequency, but the speed light will travel is relative to the environment.
If you meant in a vacuum then yeah that is constant. I thought that, the 299792458 metres per second you used to express the absolute speed of light(light has no absolute speed). So I typed a constant does change because I thought c = speed of light, and not speed of light in a vacuum. My error but that does not change the cure.
When I expressed 'a frequency' I meant for example 33hz in an environment with 1000 kg/m3 density, which is a frequency. Once that changes that is a different frequency. So 'a frequency' like 33.01 hz in an environment with 1000 kg/m3 does not change, the 33.01 hz in an environment with 1000 kg/m3 density is a constant. Same noise over and over and over. ... espv=2&ie=...

The speed of light is not equal everywhere light travels at different rates in different areas. The formula is a model to grasp an idea. But speed of light in a vacuum as in 299792458 metres per second is constant. Speed of light does not equal constant, but speed of light in a vacuum equals constant. ... onstant-or...

Frequency: the rate at which something occurs or is repeated over a particular period of time or in a given sample.

Constant: occurring continuously over a period of time.

For this example I will use 1.5 seconds. 1.5 seconds on earth repeats over and over. Constant/Frequency's are simply perpetual and that 1.5 seconds is also perpetual.

Perpetual: occurring repeatedly; so frequent as to seem endless and uninterrupted.

So that 1.5 seconds is a frequent occurrence, or frequency, and is also constant. However, 1.5 seconds is not the same everywhere. Time rate is different for different people. That is time dilation.

Time dilation: In the theory of relativity, time dilation is a difference of elapsed time between two events as measured by observers either moving relative to each other or differently situated from gravitational masses. ... TJe-SFViko

Therefore, the speed of light is a constant but a constant is relative to the environment, like for example, time. And frequency/constant both meaning perpetual reveal that, it is not false to call the speed of light a frequency. If you are referring to the speed 299792458 metres per second, that is technically not correct. The speed of light is not fixed in every environment, the speed of light changes in air compared to water and space etc. I did not mean 299792458 metres per second when I meant the speed of light is a frequency. Speed of light does not equal 299792458 metres per second everywhere, the speed of light is relative to the environment. The speed light travels is not at a rate that is absolute, or else light travel in space, earth, air, water would be identical and that is not correct.

Hopefully this explained further. ... quency.htm

I can give you some sources here: ... t-Stories/... ... oth-health...

I also propose this, concerning melatonin in foods and their effects on the body. ... n-benefits...

Even if I do an experiment on cancer patients on my own I could not show that to you. Please take the time to research those.
Again, cancer had already been cured a long time ago, but the govt. perhaps wants to manage rather than cure cancer so that they can make more profit. A similar case is with anxiety pills. Antidepressants alleviate stress but the aftermath would be unhealthy as well. But the pills are sold and people juice money from the customer(s).
The system is made around money and making money, but since the internet came businesses(not all) have been getting less success compared to before. Now people have access to a lot of data and do not have to subscribe to mainstream info all the time. What has been censored is easier to come into.
Now there are ‘many’(though I suppose this depends on your definition of many) acts which can stimulate the mitochondria and there are even simple drugs which do the trick and help cure cancer. Listening to high frequency music is one, for example a harp or trumpet, cancer patients have gotten better from listening to music compared to other ones and that has been reported. Another would be meditating, which is simply tapping into one’s energy. The meditation should be done on compassion because that will stimulate the gamma wave and that wave synchronizes so the other waves become harmonious when that one is higher (the other waves are theta, beta, alpha, delta). What this means is, you can increase your metabolic rate when you meditate, meditation is a practice that will help your body. There are already scientists who’ve found out the physical and mental benefits of meditating. No I don’t instruct you to say ohm all day just meditate on compassion. Tap into your creativity(energy) and then the rest will be ‘’easy’’(I suppose this depends on your perception of easy). Compassion is to imagine what it is like for someone else, to imagine someone’s pain and imagine someone’s joy and share that emotion. Compassion is creative in nature and compassion is creativity. Anyways just because that pain is imagined does not mean that the pain is accurate which is why the gamma wave should be stimulated, since the gamma brainwave is associated with universal consciousness. Human beings are psychologically connected like they have some sort of hive mind but that got disrupted by the society which is biased towards the creative aspect of human nature and that was done by overly stimulating the cognition aspect of a person through left hemisphere stimulating brain activity done by the education system and music and even drugs/pills. Children are taught with bias towards right brain hemisphere and that is bad because the frontal lobe of the brain is not finished maturing until the child reaches the early 20s area approximately.
Melatonin helps increase the metabolic rate and positively affects the mitochondria. Foods with melatonin include cherry, dried cherry, cucumber, black tea, strawberries, Brussels sprouts, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Asparagus, Peanuts, Rice(whole grain), Red rice, Corn. Those foods help stimulate the mitochondria which fights against cancer. I suggest those as a diet as well as fresh water.
Anyways I perhaps should get back to the cancer. So I already went through the fact that meditation on compassion/listening to high frequency music can stimulate the mitochondria and thus suppress/destroy cancer of cells. Now there are other activities which stimulate the mitochondria. Water with less salt can help the process the metabolism excels at, turning nutrients into energy, and the less salt in the water the better. The less salty the food the better. Stay away from salty food/drinks if you have cancer. Water helps. For info on another topic which is important go to: ... pclC9l7d8/...

This doc I found has very important psychological and biological info and I found it useful.

I hope you take the time to put that in a hyperlink. God bless you.

Here are sources ... oth-health... ... n-benefits... ... t-Stories/...

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Very informative post.
Thanks for sharing it and really appreciate you for the effort that you have taken for preparing such a wonderful post.

Cancer has turned to a deadly disease now. If we take the group of 10 members, a minimum of 5 will be cancer patients. Early diagnosed cancer can be cured to some extent. But if it was found in the third or fourth stage, it is very difficult to get cured of it. One of the main problems of these cancer cells is they get multiplied very fast.

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[Replying to post 1 by A17]

This post is two years ago. Like me I am sure some posters here had not discovered it as yet. I stayed on other threads as i am sure others have also.

I have cancer and have had it for over 10ys. No treatments apart from learning from Naturopaths and others over the internet. Eliminating sugar seems to be no1.

I plan to check all the links A17 provided.

Thank you for the trouble taken to put this togather, A17.

If you are still on forums here please make yourself known.

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Re: Cancer

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Thanks for sharing a very informative post. I just want to let you know that I just check out all of the links and I find those are very interesting and informative.

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