Was there space and time before a god created the universe

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Was there space and time before a god created the universe

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Post by Donray »

JLB32168 wrote
“Space/Time was created at the BigBang so I’m not so sure there was a “beforeâ€� as we understand the word in this universe.�

If time did not exit then if God starting counting “1,2,3,4,5� Does he known that when he says 6 that he did say the first five numbers? If so, time must exist. If time does not exist then God would nothing about the past is that correct?

Tell me where God currently resides, Inside the universe or outside where you say time does not exist nor space.

Also if space that is where something exists then tell me where God existed. If there no space for God then there is no God.

So, please explain how space and time did not exist.

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Post by Wootah »

JLB32168 wrote:
Donray wrote:Why didn't answer all the questions?
I give answers to question when I actually know the answers. Some people just spout bovine fecal matter and hope no one asks them to elaborate.

Which of the two seem the most reasonable to you?
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Post by Willum »

Willum wrote: [Replying to Donray]

Although we acknowledge a "Big Bang," there is also the 27% "Dark Matter," that may not even have been part of the Big Bang. So it is very possible that time and space existed prior.

No astrophysicist will state nothing existed before the BB, at least not with certainty.
Trying to re-boot the very interesting topic.

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Post by Donray »

JLB32168 wrote:
Donray wrote: Could you at least tell me why you made a statement about time and space since now admit you are very ignorant of the subject? I would not bring up a subject if I could not discuss it.
I’m not ignorant on the subject. It just falls outside the purview of this thread. The fact that time/space are joined together is hardly something I invented. “Where� God exists or existed prior to that has absolutely nothing to do with a scientific question. You’re conflating the natural - theoretical physics - w/the alleged supernatural and it is comparing apples to oranges.
You need to read what you wrote. You said you cannot discuss because you were Ignorant

You wrote “I don’t discuss things when I have little working information on them.� That is the same as ignorance. Also, at your recommendation I sated a thread on your subject and you failed to respond in that thread also about my question about your god before the universe was created.

Again, it is two simple question that if you understand anything about your god you should be able to answer.

If your god counted to five (before he created the universe) would he remember that he did count to five??? If he does, then time did exist. Also, does your god take up any space or is he nothing? If he takes up space, then space existed.

So, do you know anything about your god or are undereducated in both your god, physics, and basic science?
PS I will also post in the other thread on the subject so you don’t need to continue trying to use the same excuses.

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