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Rules and purpose for this Subforum

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Right, let's get to it.

There is a Random Rambling section on the site, but having looked at that, I felt it wasn't exactly what I wanted. While RR can be used for basically anything, it's not for laying out a well written well thought piece of work.

1) You must be a member of the usergroup "Essay Author" to post here. To join a usergroup, just scroll up the page, and click on "Usergroups".

2) No debates are to occur here. This site already has plenty of places for debates. If you want to debate someone's essay, go to the relevant section and create a thread there (so if there is an essay on Christianity, go to Christianity and Apologetics or wherever you think it to be relevant) and indicate at the start of that thread, with a link, exactly what you are debating.

3) For now I'll work with a word minimum and see what it produces. 1,000 words, many word processing programs like LibreOffice or Microsoft Office have tools to count words.

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