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PewResearchCenter, up to %2 Atheists believe in god?

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According to the PewResearchCenter, a widely upheld statistics site that I can highly recommend for information. Up to %2 of Atheists are absolutely certain that a 'god' exists and up to %3 are 'fairly certain'. Despite the definition of Atheism being the 'lack of a belief in god' they continue to define themselves as Atheist.

Interestingly, %2 of Athiests continue to look to religion for their morality. Really this could be seen as an incredibly small number considering the indoctrination process and how morality is treated as part of religion. More interestingly, %22 of people use philosophy, %11 Science and %61 good ol' modern day western common sense.

It's an interesting article with a lot of great statistics that can help with the arguments showing where atheism stands and how most atheists respond to the real world as it stands. And also gives insight into what people of various religions think and believe unanimously.

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