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PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2012 9:19 pm  Is Allah in the Quran the same God of the Bible? Reply with quote

Allah means God in Arabic or the god as some contend. Muslims say yes he is the same god and some Christians say yes he is as well, but many Christians say "no He is not." The God in the Bible has a son, but Allah says he doesn't. Muslims say Christians associate partners unto God, but Christians say that is not true and that they are monotheistic or that God is one.

Muslims do not believe when Christians say they are not polytheistic. Christians say Muhammad isn't a confirmed Biblical prophet, but Muslims say he is. Muslims say the Bible has been corrupted, but Christians say the Quran is corrupted.

The Bible says Ishmael is no prophet. Muslims say he is. Jesus said he is "The Way, the Truth, and the Life." Muslims say he was that for his time and for the Jews he came only. Christians say that Jesus is the truth for all time and all people and that Jesus never said I show the truth or the way.

The Quran says that Jesus is not the word of God made flesh, but the Bible says he is. Muslims don't have eternal security, but Christians say we can know now from the Bible if we will be saved and know now if we have eternal life because God assures us. Christians believe that Jesus is Deity, but Muslim so no he is just a prophet or messenger.

Any of these topics on this thread are welcome and open for discussion and or debate!
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Falling Light 101 wrote:

Roman Catholics follow these REVELATIONS and Prophecies of Mohammad.

Then they are not following Roman Catholicism. The two religions are mutually irreconcilable. Ecumenism may attempt to build bridges, but that's folk trying to be nice. This generosity was shown, in 2016, by the 85-year-old French priest Jacques Hamel who was murdered by some Islamists. Islam does not accept the Trinity. Muhammad's prophecies, such as they are, relate to Islamic expansion at Christianity's expense.

Falling Light 101 wrote:

Mohammad is a Spiritual Father of This Roman Catholic Faith.

Mohammad is a Prophet and a Revelator unto the Roman Catholic Church.

Islam sprang up in the 7th century in opposition to Catholicism. While Jesus is regarded as a prophet in Islam, Muhammad is seen as a false prophet for if his message is true, Catholicism is false. Islam is so supportive of Catholicism that in some theocracies the Bible is banned.

Abraham is revered in Islam; Jews, who invented Abraham, are generally detested.

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