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Why Christians attack sexuality

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Why Christianity Attacks Sexuality

The Christian Church has done everything in its power to suppress and control sexuality. Sexual energy is the creative life force that liberates the kundalini, and is a direct threat to their agenda for enslaving humanity.

There is nothing spiritual about Christianity. Christianity is a tool to remove all spiritual knowledge and spirituality. This has been effectively accomplished by attacking the second chakra, which is the sexual chakra, thus keeping the kundalini serpent bound in the base. In order for the kundalini energy to ascend, and ascend safely, all of the chakras must be free and open. Psychological hang-ups manifest themselves in the chakras, which are the key components of the soul, and create blocks that prevent the ascension and circulation of spiritual energy, both in the 7 main chakras and in the 144,000 nadis.

Christianity, Islam, and other related programs to destroy spirituality vehemently attack sexuality in any way they can, whether it is heterosexuality, homosexuality, etc. They work to instill sexual inhibitions, guilt, shame, and turn something beautiful and spiritually empowering into something ugly. Few if any Christians or Muslims are even aware of what spirituality really is. All of these nefarious programs have replaced spiritual concepts with imposter Jewish characters, Jewish places, and other fictitious Jewish archetypes, such as Jesus, the Nazarene. Jesus has been used as a diversion and distraction, keeping followers from accessing true spirituality and working on their souls. Truth be known, we save our own souls. "Jesus" is a fictitious Jewish character that is nothing more than an imposter to a CONCEPT.

Kundalini liberates the soul and also opens up the psyche. The Christian Church has also done everything in its power to keep us from communicating with beings such as Satan and his Demons, and deliberately cut us all off from any knowledge and power. This keeps us all in the dark, and has cut us off from our True Creator God.

"WE SHALL DESTROY GOD" - Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

The sexual suppression creates an imbalance in the base and second chakras which bleeds over into the emotional level (chakra) this extends to the next chakra and from here, we have a further imbalance, creating fear and guilt, and other emotional and psychological disorders. Because of the cut-off, there is no outlet and humanity degenerates spiritually from generation to generation. Each generation has been indoctrinated and conditioned to view sexuality in the Judeo/Christian/Muslim way. Those of us who are completely free from this influence are few. Sexuality= Life, liberation, and spiritual advancement. The Church knows this and has denied the general population this knowledge for centuries.

Now, when I mention "the Church" I am referring to those on top, not the average pedophile priest or minister. The Catholic priesthood is a prime example of the level of indoctrination, ignorance, and stupidity all the way down the line with blind obedience. The child raping and molestations are chief illustrations of what occurs when one consciously suppresses the powerful sex drive, which is the life force, itself.

Because of the suppression of this knowledge, humanity is operating at 1/5th-1/10th of the total potential. The energy centers remain closed and dormant, cutting the world off from other dimensions, blocking spiritual, mental, emotional and physical potential, in order to keep power in the hands of a "chosen" few.

All of this is the use of black magick at the top levels that has been handed down through the centuries. The new age movement teaches helplessness, and strongly discourages any forms of black magick to ensure this power only remains in the hands of a few. Justice and righteousness are strongly discouraged and attacked. People are being indoctrinated to be victims and slaves. Fear is used incessantly, no different from Jewish communism, which is where Christianity eventually leads.

The New Agers who dabble in magick are also imbalanced. The Ancient Egyptians knew that to be adept, one must be versed in both the white and black aspects of magick. Black magick is suppressed and controlled by the few in power at the top who make liberal use of it. The average person is not only ignorant to this fact, but helpless against it.

The denigration and exclusion of women in RHP religions is also for a specific purpose. As Thoth stated, everything comes in two's for balance and harmony. Two is the creative force. The female energy within us all is the subconscious and the psyche. The female aspect connects us to the higher dimensions of the mind in balance to the male logical side of the brain. The two ideally, should work together in harmony. The kundalini energy is of the female part of the soul. By attacking and denigrating women, this further suppresses this energy subliminally.

Destroying this female energy is fundamental to the enemy agenda. Once this feminine energy is completely subdued, the intuition and higher consciousness are switched off and become dominated by the lower consciousness. The chakras below the heart, which is the switch off point and connector of the seven chakras, remain disconnected and a serious imbalance results. The Church and its controlling cohorts are well aware of the imbalance that occurs when this female energy is cut off. The chakras all work together.

What then occurs is a total loss of a much needed sense, also known as "the sixth sense." Humanity is spiritually blind and through this, have become total victims. This is the goal of the Christian Church, to prepare Gentiles to be ignorant and unquestioning slaves who are unable to fight back at the hands of Jewish masters [the communist state]. For example, when an adept Jew throws a curse, the Gentile victim who has been indoctrinated with the lies of Christianity is helpless and succumbs to it. He/She can't even see it coming, and doesn't even know. This way, the Jews become "God."

Quote from the Jewish Talmud:
Simeon Haddarsen, fol. 56-D: "When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves."

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Re: Why Christians attack sexuality

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May_Queen44 wrote:

Why Christianity Attacks Sexuality

The 613 laws of Moses were written to protect, secure, make safe, make strong and keep healthy the whole people of Israel.

There is not one law that does not support the above, and even the 96 sacrifical laws were there to help cohesion of the whole people.

Back then, in order to get bigger (stronger) and to protect from desease which might sweep through the people, the law was that a couple should stay together, have children, and not stray (sexually) in any way which could spread any illness. SSM would have kept within the law bjut for the fact that the tribe needed to get larger, quickly.

The sex laws were no more important than the shellfish law which (if broken) could wipe out a large group in an afternoon.

But today we don't need to more children for the World..... we have too many.
Today we have better medicine and better protective aids.

Jesus did not rant and rage about the old laws, only the ignored 'poor-laws'

But Christians are stuck fast in some nonsensical dogmas which they are only breaking free from very slowly. But they are breaking free. The Scottish Episcopal Church voted to support SSM last month, and many others are changing their ideas.

The very worst Christian bigots are the Right-Wing, Fundamentalist, Extreme Churches that still want to see homosexuality recriminalised, some even wanting public executions of gays. One horrendous 'Christian' recently wrote that he would like to see gays executed painfully and slowly........ such is their helpless condition of bigotry. Yet many of these followers support slavery, oppression of the poor, white supremacy etc and it's hard to actually see any Christianity in their lifestyles. Jesus never supported any of this rubbish..... it Paul who endorsed all this muck, and he lived into his 50's (at least) never having married, so something was different about him and I think he was covering his own feelings over in some secret guilt. Look what he wrote about slavery!
Colossians 3:22 Colossians 4:1 1 Peter 2:18 Ephesians 6:5 Titus 2:9 1
Timothy 6:1-2

Amazingly this is all good.
The Far right, Extremist, Fundamentalist, Hate-filled 'Christian' web-sites deter more agnostics from Christianity than the most ardent anti-religion devotees ever could, imo.

The Christian Church has done everything in its power to suppress and control sexuality.

Yep..... stuck in dark-ages dogma

Christianity, Islam, and other related programs to destroy spirituality vehemently attack sexuality in any way they can, whether it is heterosexuality, homosexuality, etc. They work to instill sexual inhibitions, guilt, shame, and turn something beautiful and spiritually empowering into something ugly.

But we (mostly) all do have somre residual 'hang-ups'. For instance, I know Gays and Lesbians who have suffered oppression and therefore should bne most empathic, but 'no', some of them, if asked iof they would support the marriage of two natural sisters, or two natural brothers...... would not agree with such a union or marriage.

Let us all be careful of our own degrees of bigotry...?

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