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PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 7:03 pm  Global change Reply with quote

Not making judgments yet, but the character of the gross domestic product and and global temperature change have the same character and change at the same time.

If you take out the Solar fluctuations they are spot on.

Carbon dioxide, if it were the cause, wouldn't cause fluctuations.

So, there are bunches of lies on both sides of the arguments, as demonstrated by there being arguments for so long.

Instead of CO2 causing heating, I think heat, from burning fuels causes heating, flying in the face of common ill-wisdom.
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Re: Global change

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Willum wrote:

[Replying to post 20 by Excubis]

Me, get the idea?
No, don't you realize are two sides to what is no longer Global Warming, but Climate Change issue?
If you are saying there is consensus in the community...

It has been in flux for a long time, and if you need references for the basic pro's and con's, then you your perspective is kind of meaningless, isn't it? We're not even talking about them!

Well anyway, you prefer to ignore the OP premise, so why not go elsewhere?

No just because the Media has coined it Climate Change means nothing, the term means nothing. Consensus in science over fact is meaningless, the actual physical interaction are well know and fully reproducible in the lab. CO2 always warms a system when exposed to light, period, that is a fact because it is a consistent physical property of CO2 ALWAYS.

My perspective is not a perspective it is reality, based on hard science not conjecture at all. I do not care about this American consensus issue the media throws around. What did I ignore that solar flares cause warming, it does not at all ever, sorry fact..... So what did I not address? Please post source not opinion. So many here are ignoramuses, imature, idiots who spout improper science then when confronted with FACT the act as if they are not heard. Get real. You have not countered anything I have posted all you have done is whine and post opinion.

It is fucking global warming caused by the rise of CO2, why because that is what CO2 always does period, your opinion or anyone else's is well worthless when compared to experimental factual data. I posted question, you did not answer. How about the drop of energy of an electron when exposed to full electro mag spectrum like that is released from solar flares? Hmmmmmmmmmmm that is a fucking fact, I am so sick of all the fuckin posers here and this ignorant idea that peoples opinion trump experiment. Cranks and posers, but of fuckin morons. Later and good bye idiots, I generally don't get this way but everything I posted is fact not opinion at all. So pitiful to be so scare of reality. Later fuckers. Oh here is what I am doing yet the facts I presented are meaningless LMFAO: Fluorescence from graphene oxide, or graphene nanoribbons, for use in biomedicine a repeat study. S'Long crank I have a RL in actual science to live. BYE BYE troglodyte.

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Re: Global change

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[Replying to post 29 by Guy Threepwood]

So in consideration of activity being the cause vice heat vice CO2.
There is no way to determine it per se.

CO2 rise, if you trust readings from increasingly active volcanoes, which personally I don't, knowing the sensitivity and error of CO2 meters... I mean what idiot puts CO2 sensors on a volcano when there are so many places that wouldn't raise skepticism?

I digress.

CO2 rise vs:
There is no good way to determine if heat causes warm due to activity or if CO2 causes warming due to activity. I looked at China's entry into the fuel stage for example, and was delighted with the results - until I realized it proved both points equally.

Which means we are wholly left with the apparent responsiveness of the fuel and solar curve to the temperature curve, and the less responsiveness of CO2's curve.

Do you mind if I change the venue a little?

Instead of the tired old CO2 argument, can you think of any reason the premise of the OP, that fuels and Sun are causal agents?

By way of counter-point, this is a religious forum, and instead of CO2, you could say God is causing global warming.
But if it is not true there must be some positive evidence pointing out why it isn't heat and Sun.

Summarizing the pro's
The curve have the same character, a strong indicator.
Heat is released in the Northern Hemisphere and travels with weather cells to the poles on a continuous basis.
Water vapor is 20-30 times more prevalent, has increased 600 ppm more on average and is a40x more powerful green house gas.

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[Replying to post 31 by Excubis]

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Here is the rise and fall of sea ice in the Northern Hemisphere.

Fascinating to watch, and correlated with fuel consumption )not CO2, which rises steadily) perfectly.

Viewed another way, every day the world releases 4,500 nuclear weapons worth of heat into the Northern Hemisphere every day.
It must be dong something!

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