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PostPosted: Fri Aug 25, 2017 12:05 pm  What does it mean to be Jewish if there is no YHVH? Reply with quote

What does it mean to be Jewish if there is no YHVH?
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paarsurrey1 wrote:

jgh7 wrote:

If you take all the supernatural out of religion, then you might as well just call it philosophy or culture. Supernatural is what makes religion religion.

It is only natural, something and or nothing, both created by One-True-God. There is none as supernatural, there can never be. Right, please?

If I can guess what you are saying, then you're affirming that everything is natural. God - if there is one - is above all that is natural and so is supernatural. It is natural for birds to fly. If man takes off into the air, unaided, as did Jesus, he is doing something that is not natural - above natural -and so supernatural. If a dead body is made to rise up, then this is a supernatural act.

Religion certainly accepts lots of supernatural things. This is what makes religion problematic for many.

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