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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2012 1:36 am  '.•°♥*”˜Aphorism˜”*♥°•.' Reply with quote

The Imam 5th, Imam Baqer(a.s) said: Jesus(a.s) told his disciples: "I did heal the blind and complaint, and I did resurrection... But I couldn't heal the Stupid!! The disciples asked: Who is the Stupid?? Answered: any arrogant person who allways gives himself the truth, not others! and is best person in his opinion...
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very simple self foolishness test

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According to this narration we can make a self test around Foolishness:
we are/i am one of these types:

Idea 1- I am God, or Prophet, or Messenger, or Scientist, Professor, etc..
Study 2- I'm not among above, But I say/act/do/deed anyway due to/according to/depending on those above!
Tongue 3- I'm nothing but a fool.

We aren't anything but one of those Three radio checks
This is a simple self testing and so much useful

As our Shia Imams[pbut] said:
...people are 3 groups:
1- Scientist
2- Student
3- Animals
And we messengers of God are Scientists,
our followers[in act] are Students,
and the others are animals

If I now understood that i was been among the third group, I try to go out from there and be in the froup Second God Willing..

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Abscond versus the fool

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Imam Reza[pbuh], the eighth Imam said:
"..once the disciples saw Prophet Jesus[pbuh] is running out speedy..
asked him why!!!?
answered: You should abscond versus the fool like this!"

The seventh Imam, Moses[pbuh] said:
"..4 things will die/kill the heart[means make you depressed]:
1- Discussing with women
2- Sin upon sin
3- Friendship with richs
4- Discussion with the fool that you say and he say and doesn't finished to well!

Well, according to these narrations we can bring a mental illness test:
A fool when arrives in a problem, thinks/does/deeds/wills/tries everything BUT changing itself[himself]!
and you see fools when be lost versus anything, they will be angry and attack to around themselves and or make themselves relaxed by drag/wine/dance/etc or everything that make them quite and won't think about changing themselves[animals]
Exact such as a cow that it's head is toward down and runs in its own way

And their debating/discussing 's goal is not finding the truth! and just Pertinacity.

As other Hadith of Shia/Islam is:
The first Imam, Ali[pbuh] said:
"..some people the jinns are mixed in their genetics, their signs are:
1- sometimes they make loud voice of animals
2- they love/like/not important to be dirty
3- very horny
4- not important when coursing
5- beyond reason love persecution
6- love denying the truth when hear/see/realize/find that

Well, how the Jinns/Satans cohabitant with the husband!?:
1- drinking wine before impregnation/sex
2- doing not say "In The Name Of God" before that
3- bastaard
Those 3 manners make your child/baby Jinny"

About myself i am haha... and i think 90% of people are..
May God Help us the more for clean our own jinny behaviors from our personality and growing spirituality instead of that

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Desist from syntagmatic with the fool

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The Ninth Imam, Al-Jawad[pbuh] said:
"...Desist/Deny/Don't chatting/discussing/meeting with the fool, because it:

- makes far near, and near the far in your imagine
- when speaks, tells lye and when you say, says you say lye
- maybe wants/decides help you, but makes you angry/remorseful/sad
- anytime you trust it[him], he betrays you; and when it trusts to you then imagines you want betray it
- a fool always makes itself and people of around, sad/angry/etc

why a fool is so much animal!?
because it thinks doesn't need to change
and within it's own imagine it is complete and anywhere the right is with itself

Why i've written my signature the maximum degree!!?
because of myself was so much fool than as i am now..
When/How i understood/realized i was fool!?
Yes, when I read this Hadith of Prophet Jesus[pbuh]
about 8years ago when i wasn't religious and was just scientific boy and always was regarding Japan/TheUS/Germany[pbut] and was detest religious people..
because they were mostly fools and liars and hypocrites
I was been interested in reading religious books and realize what has written within those books that religious people...
first of all I saw a book "History of Prophets"[pbut] from Adam to Jesus[pbuh]
and enjoyed that above 1000page book..
Last page of that, to End/Finish of book was written
the Hadith of the fool from Imam Baghir[pbuh] in quote of Prophet Jesus[pbuh]
Then i cryingly asked myself: if i am the same!! Eh?

Then I as a mount of proud and arrogance with so many followers asked myself: well, how can i realize that i'm not a fool!? Eh?
I should find a Source for my Opinions/Speeches/Ideas/...
i thought and realized that Whom Is The Upper Jand upon hands, It Is God and I have to find What God HaS SaiD!
then went to reading the holy books Qur'an/OT/NT
i felt God HaS Chosen me to guide people and I should commentary the Verses of the Books..
Well, it was could make me anti-christ
Then i understood there is a thing "Hadith" then i realized that our Messengers of God have said everything!
then it made me very happy and i understood that this a mount of duty has picked up from my or we all people of the world!

This made me so happy and it is the same "Bada'" that just doctrine of Shia claims

I tell you an example and you'll get it;
According to a documentary of the channel "manoto" in the world war, Germany had two 2 Satellite Dishes and one was sending a Steady Frequency, and one other, Crossover, and they were toward the goal[any company of Britain] and the German Warplanes were through and between these 2 Frequencies!! And the Pilots were realized when they are outing toward Right or Left!!!
Peace be upon those Scientists and Scholars!! Those Intelligents!!

Then after reading thousands Hadiths, I read an great Aphorism from Buddha[pbuh]:
" who was been blinded from the first/beginning, he can't/isn't able to realize what the Darkness is! Because he hasn't ever experienced the Lightness.."
i laughed at myself and some time i think about my own previous behaviors and insult and condemn myself and say: the fool the blinded..
it's NOW that i can realize what the DARKNESS is
Thank God anyhow Eh?

Suggestion post about the "Connection" theory of Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein(r.a both):

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Suggestion for admins

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Hi admins,
I suggest you add some items under members' avatar:
    Parents' Religions
And along these items put selection box

Also under the 'Parents' Religions' put:
    Changed Beliefs or 'but'
a text box with size of the avatar
A thing like the signature of the member Elijah John that seems he is a Jew but believes in Jesus as a Prophet

And by these items we know how debate with each others


Suppose you debate and discuss with me many posts/pages..
Then after these many debating you understand i don't believe in the belief you expect i have!!
Then you'll say how much Yusef was the fool and made me depressed

A Persian proverb says:
Whether is there any dead within the grave that we are crying for that or not!!?

Or for example we debate with an atheist and think it is a Christian,
Then argue with him through Torah,
Then we understand he doesn't believe in Torah!
Then God!!

But when these items be cleared, then it doesn't need to ask one by one their viewpoints.

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