Subject: Diet
Need to get down to my birth weight fast.
Won't diet or eat right, so....no drugs though, my pace maker be arcin of the plasma screen.
It needs to involve pizza too.
Any suggestions?

Subject: Re: Diet
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Take a slightly smaller portion of whatever you want to eat and as soon as the last bite is in the mouth, push away from the table and leave. Just walk away. The stomach will quit giving false empty signals pretty soon.

Between meals only water, no juice, pop or alcohol. Oh, and up your exercise level too.

Hang in there...

So, I'm trying to lose weight, too.

According to the credible literature, however, there is no fast way to do this in a sustainable fashion. Many of the 'fad' diets are just money spinning exercises for cynical corporations, and do your long term health no good at all.

Basically, one needs to eat better, eat less, and exercise more. There are no short cuts.

1) Eat better. Avoid ready meals and junk food. They contain far more fat, salt and sugar than the body requires. Cook for yourself from raw ingredients. And you might even discover a new hobby. Your pizza will be far more tasty if you have cooked it yourself, and know what is in it, and why. Try to substitute vegetables, pulses and fruit for meat, when you can. Experiment with spices and herbs, by way of a calorie free bonus to eating for taste, rather than convenience.

2) Eat less. Cut out snacking. 3 meals a day are good enough for anyone, or check out Huel. Reduce your portion sizes.

3) Exercise more. If you amble an hour a day for six months, you can (other things equal) expect to lose 10 pounds over that time. More strenuous exercise gets more weight loss more quickly; brisk walking, cycling, swimming, running, etc. A fitbit is good for keeping track of exercise.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes, 2RM.

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2ndRateMind wrote:
Basically, one needs to eat better, eat less, and exercise more. There are no short cuts.

Yup, though you can't outrun your spoon!

Subject: Re: Diet
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What worked for me was simply cutting down my sugar intake. I still eat basically the exact same things, I just limit items that are high in sugar.


I used to drink a full cup of orange juice for breakfast. Now I have a 1/4 glass and a separate glass of water. I still get the taste and a ton less sugar.

I used to eat a full bowl of cereal. Now I eat 1/4 to 1/2 a bowl which is still satisfying.

I used to and still do eat a lot of prepared meals. However, now I inspect the ingredients before buying a lot more closely. Here in Canada, everything lists sugar content in grams. I stopped buying the meals with high sugar content. I still get the convenience and a ton less sugar.

After about 6 months, with no other changes to my diet or exercise, I lost about 10 pounds (4.5kgs). It was a slow, gradual change and very sustainable.

I imagine if I were to increase exercise and eat less prepared food, I would do even better. The point is, I have proven to myself that sugar intake is a primary cause of weight gain.

Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you!

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