Subject: Around The Camp Fire

I thought it would be interesting to start a group for the purpose of role-playing as genuine individuals interested in discussion of anything to do with the 'why' questions of life.
I have named the group;

I seek to attract individual personalities who are happy to oblige in expressions of non-judgmental and unconditional loving attitudes.

The Situation;

A starry night with crescent moon waxing, a very slight breeze whispers its presence. The hoot of a nearby owl. The smell of smoke from the camp-fire and of food cooking brings a comforting feeling to anyone who enters into the light that the camp fire throws out in all directions.

Extra Rules.eta 031019
(Rules are subject to be added to as the necessity presents itself .)

► Remember to role play. Make an effort to bring the situation alive in ones imagination when making posts.
► Stay True to the Story-line developing.
131219 Addition to this rule: If you do not stay true to the story-line, and because of this, the story-line goes in a way you decide later it shouldn't have gone, there will be no recourse for editing and you will just have to accept the way the story-line developed.
► Never interfere with another Players Character, in order to physically control said Character within the Role-Play story-line.
► Do not post anything in this thread without first joining the Group.
► Enjoy Yourself.

@ eta:260919

If you find your self to be unsure as to what being non-judgmental/unconditionally loving is, please consider refraining from joining any thread discussion in this sub-forum until you have worked it out for your self.


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Some hints on format;

Role-play is done slightly different than the way in which individuals interact on message board forums.

Here are some tips to engage with.


The scene is one of a perpetual starry night. That will not change.

The theme is to sit around the camp fire and engage in deep and meaningful conversation without competing or judging etc. The idea is to learn to get familiar with each others characters and learn how to appreciate other perspectives and even how to interconnect said perspectives from that.

In relation to the gender and form of the character, there are no restrictions but the rules are one must be true to character, so standard human-like characters are probably the best to initially adopt as the puppet form (character) to speak through, since they are easiest to identify with. One can, as they go along and as they choose, change the form, remembering to always describe their character for the other members to know.

Generally it is best to use blue font to represent the other character and green font to represent your own.

Thoughts and other non-spoken narrative which need to be written, can be placed in red font.

Obviously the script will unfold as it does and any corrections needed to be made which the player cannot do, I - as the Moderator - will make those edits if agreed upon in PM.

PM will be used a great deal for the purpose of working with the unfolding script in agreeing together that changes have to be made in order to maintain the flow of the story.

This is the process for the script fonts.

1: Write narrative.

"I look up and see a shooting star"

2: Select narrative

and then go up to the Default drop-down menu

Select the color red

"I look up and see a shooting star"

And this is what the coding will look like

Do the same for the other font colors.

The best way to work with this method is to copy and paste the code as many times as you think you might need...like so;

When previewed it will look like this:

Your Characters Name:

Others Characters Name:

Your Characters Name:

Others Characters Name:

Your Characters Name:

Others Characters Name:

Thank You.


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