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PostPosted: Tue Dec 04, 2018 8:45 pm  The Only Solution to Humanity's Crisis : To the United Natio Reply with quote

The Only Solution to Humanity's Crisis : To the United Nations

Economic and Social Council
The United Nations

Dear Mr. Alberto Padova,

Our environment and climate continue to deteriorate and neither can be solved by the Kyoto Protocol or the Paris Agreement. The only way for us to save ourselves is to completely change our traditional modes of production and life.

If we continue to follow our current production and life modes, then these eight crises will remain unresolved:
1. Overpopulation
2. Humanity's greed and lust
3. Environmental Degradation
4. Climatic Deterioration
5. Loss and waste of Resources
6. Less stable Ecological Environments
7. Refugee Problems (they will continue to increase)
8. Conflicts between Nationalities, Religions, Cultures, and Interest Groups
These problems above can only be solved by changing our traditional production and life modes. Everyone yearns for a good life, but how can it be obtained?

It will not be by preaching morality, enforcing laws and regulations, following religious precepts, redistributing money and material assistance, constant meetings and discussions of governments or even the UN, warnings and threats, or even by force. It is only by changing our production and life modes that these crises can be solved.

What kind of production and life modes should be changed?
First of all, we should break up traditional marriages and families because they are the sources of human selfishness, the birthplaces of human crises, and the headstreams of all crime and evil. They are also the curb chains which prevent us all from leading happy, joyous, free, and blessed lives, but rather make people feel anxious, miserable, and fearful.

Our mode of production should change from a pattern of possessing to one of sharing; from one of competing predatorily to one of serving each other enthusiastically.

The rest of the contents involved are too broad to discuss here, but I can offer much more information based on my experience - if the UN is interested.

How do we change nearly everyone’s traditional production and life modes?
To implement that of the New Oasis for Life as created by the Lifechanyuan.

We have been experimenting with and improving upon this mode in mainland China for nine years, and the results have been very encouraging. More than two hundred people have participated in our experiment over the past ten years and one hundred and fifty of them have resided within the New Oasis for Life for extended periods of time. The remarkable signs of this mode are that exclusive marriages and families have disappeared, supporting our elderly and rearing and educating our children have been managed well, the crime rate has dropped to zero, our members’ health has improved greatly, pollution to our local environment has dropped to near zero, and our waste of resources and carbon footprint have been reduced greatly. Our people's happiness indices have risen higher than those in any of the developed countries in the world.

There are many more advantages over the traditional production and life modes which are difficult to describe here in detail but of which we have published many written descriptions, photographic proofs, and video displays, and we want the UN to understand them in detail. We can provide a great deal of information as evidence to study and judge.

If people do not change their traditional production and life modes completely and adopt these of the New Oasis for Life as created by Lifechanyuan, then the prospect of sustained development will remain distant and uncertain.

At this juncture between our continuation as a species and our extinction, we are hopeful that the UN will send people to study and demonstrate it as soon as possible and make it a project to be put into practice as has been done by Lifechanyuan. To bring about the new models of production and life modes sooner rather than later, let people from all over the world visit, study, and experience it. In this way, humanity’s situation can change completely and our futures will be blessed and sustainable.

It is impossible to change humanity’s dangerous predicament at once and even if the brakes were applied immediately, the inertia of traditional thinking would last for decades, by which time it would be too late.

So, the best way to do this would be to build new models of production and life modes which are intuitive, that people can see and experience in person, and that can be copied and replicated everywhere. If the New Oasis for Life mode were to be repeated by millions of people, then the beautiful ideal that mankind has dreamed of for thousands of years would surely be realized.

How do we build a model of this new production and life mode?
We would establish a New Oasis for Life in mainland China, in the United States of America, or in Zimbabwe, Africa with three hundred resident members including people from various religious, cultural, national, and ethnic backgrounds under the auspices of the United Nations and implemented by Lifechanyuan.

We encourage the United Nations to persuade one or more of those three governments to agree to allow us to create a New Oasis for Life on their territory and also to allow the foreign people involved in its creation to enter and leave freely.

The place where the New Oasis for Life would be created would be chosen and financed by Lifechanyuan and purchased or leased according to existing local policies. Of course it would help if the UN could help with the funding because if they were to do so, then it would be quicker and easier to build and the new model could unfold more quickly.

It would be effortless for the UN to help us to create this model of the new production and life modes, but the benefits would be endless and would benefit many future generations, so why not put it into practice?

It is better to teach people to catch fish than to give them some fish.

If the UN turns a blind eye to my proposal and ignores it, then you will have to deal with many types of devastation everywhere for many years to come.

We look forward to positive, encouraging news from your organization.
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The Dialectical Relationship between Reality and Illusion

(Translated by Transn and Edited by Kaer)

Reality is real in name only; illusions are illusory in name only.

Reality is illusory and material; illusions are real and non-material.

The material world is the presentation of the nonmaterial world; the nonmaterial world is the foundation of the material world.

Reality is like a dream, an illusion, a bubble, and a shadow; “As dew and lightning, thus should you meditate upon them.” Every illusion is real and true, is where the real spirit and soul dwell, and where the great universe is.

Consciousness is illusory but reality is the reflection and projection of consciousness; the consciousness determines the state of LIFE’s existence.

Wishes are illusory, yet they lead to reality; ideals are illusory, yet they accomplish life’s reality.

Visualized prospects are illusory, but according to the principle of visualized thinking, it is they that determine the future.

Love is illusory, but it can inject huge spirit and soul energy into people.

Heaven is illusory, but we all want to go there; as long as we dream of heaven, we will be able to overcome the hardships of life’s journeys and lead optimistic and positive lives.

Dreams are illusory, but when we are in dream worlds, the illusions look very real.

We think of our day to day lives as being real because everything in them seems very real and true, but what is the difference between the truth of reality and the truth of dreams? One day, when we finally leave this real world and wake up in another “illusory world”, we will find out that life is only a dream, an illusion!

What are illusions; what is reality? The bygone is like mist and smoke, like a dream or a fantasy; the future truth is illusory and looming. “To walk slowly or quickly, there are many roads to take in life; to take with good means or bad, in the end it is all empty.” “The wilderness where foxes sleep and hares walk was once a dancehall; the bleak and desolate field where flowers and grass grow was once a battlefield.” The bygone realness now becomes illusory and the illusion of the future will evolve into reality. Reality comes from illusions and will return to illusions; illusions originate from truth and will become reality.

Everything is but a game; only the soul is true; reality is a game.

Those who obsess with reality and are trapped in it are confused; those who take delight and fun in it are awakened; it makes no sense to try to hold on to the reality of a dream.

The real life is to play the games; the contents of them are determined by illusory consciousnesses; illusory consciousnesses are determined by souls; souls are real but nature is LIFE and a characteristic of structure; structure determines nature.

Therefore, the nonmaterial structure of LIFE is ultimately, absolutely real, however reality and illusion are dialectical.

Real structures give rise to illusory consciousnesses; illusory consciousnesses in turn produce real structures; therefore, our top priority should be to concentrate our efforts on the illusory consciousness of life; the type of illusory consciousness decides the future reality of LIFE; illusions become realities and realities become unreal.

If you have a beast’s illusory consciousness, then you will eventually live in a beast’s reality; if you have a Celestial being’s illusory consciousness, then you will eventually live in the celestial world.

Once you understand the dialectical relationship between reality and illusions, you should not be lost in reality, consume your time and energy on things there, cling to and worry about them, seize, possess, compete for, or persist after them. You should take reality as a stage in a game and play it to its fullest. As long as you get happiness, joy, freedom, and blessing, then your life is successful, wise, and full.

To own nothing is to have everything. Not to act is to act. Hold fast to illusions and you can have reality. Having reality is after all, an illusion.

Life is a journey. The more things that you possess in reality, the more misery you will have and the more pathetic you will become because your life will all be a tragedy. The more illusory things that you possess, the happier and more affluent you will be because your life will ultimately become a comedy.

October 5, 2017

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The Eight Dialectics of the Universe

April 13, 2010
(Translated by Transn and Edited by Kaer)

Taiji thinking teaches us that everything in the universe comes from the unity of opposites and the symmetry of Yin and Yang. Opposing sides exist in the same unity; one is the condition for the other and disappears when the other does. Within a certain range, one flourishes as the other declines. Extremes meet and things develop in opposite directions when they become extreme; for example:

“Know the male, but conform to the female”
“Sages put themselves last but find themself in front; they regard their bodies as accidental, and are thereby preserved”
“Life is the root of death and death is the root of life”
“Yin and Yang are the roots of each other”
“To yield is to be preserved whole; to be bent is to become straight; to be hollow is to be filled; to be tattered is to be renewed”
The growth and decline, the generating, sustaining, destroying and changing of any two opposites are dialectical.

There are eight dialectics in the universe:

Form is emptiness and emptiness is form
When things exhaust, they revive; when they end, they begin anew
The small can grow big; details matter
Life and death are the roots of each other; Yin flourishes when Yang declines
To have nothing is to have everything; to have everything is to have nothing
Where the mind abides nowhere, nature prevails; where the mind abides somewhere, nature recedes
Stillness and motion coexist; light and dark are interdependent
Positive and negative are symmetrical but proportion restrains

Form is emptiness and emptiness is Form

The three elements of the universe are consciousness, structure, and energy; they are all nonmaterial. The existence of any single element is emptiness.

See it, and you will not see its form
Hear it, and you will not hear its trace
Meet it, and you will not know its face
Follow it, and you will not find its back
Once the three join together though, there is lustrous and dazzling form, changing countlessly and into a myriad of images. Therefore, form comes from emptiness and emptiness is form. When emptiness comes, there is form, because form is emptiness.

If a mind abides in form, it is in emptiness; if a mind abides in emptiness, it is in form. You pursue form, but form is never there; you pursue emptiness, and you get form. Pursuing form results in emptiness; pursuing emptiness results in form.

When things exhaust, they revive; when they end, they begin anew

“Extremes meet; things develop in opposite directions when they become extreme”. When you reach your peak, you go downhill. Extreme happiness leads to sorrow and extreme sorrow leads to happiness. Extreme Yin is Yang and extreme Yang is Yin. The softest becomes the hardest and the hardest becomes the softest. There is a time to rise and a time to fall. When a thing reaches its prime, it will be old and will revive. The end of the infinitely big is the infinitesimally small and the end of infinitesimally small is the infinitely big. When something saturates, a qualitative change happens in it. Things change at critical points and new substances are produced. Extreme beauty leads to ugliness and extreme ugliness leads to beauty. Extreme goodness forms evil and extreme evil forms goodness. That is, “Great Virtue is no virtue and Great Benevolence is heartless.”

Haste makes waste. “One who understands Tao appears dull of comprehension and one who advances in Tao appears to slip backwards”. To pursue happiness, you must avoid extremes. To revive, go for the extreme.

The small can grow big; details Matter

Matter is composed of molecules, composed of atoms. “A tree with a full span’s girth begins from a tiny sprout; a nine-storied terrace begins with a clod of earth”. From small beginnings, one can see how things will develop and grow. “Difficulties are overcome by easy things; great things are accomplished by the details.”

Details matter: “Deal with the big while it is yet small; deal with the difficult while it is yet easy”. Start from the beginning and start from the small but do not lose track of the big picture; molehills make mountains; do not neglect small things or you will never accomplish big things.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”. Any future success depends on the present. Small details and tiny things lead to grand achievements.

Life and death are the roots of each other; Yin flourishes when Yang declines

Life is the root of death and death is the root of life. No life, no death; no death, no life. Life and death alternate and each follows the other.

Yang flourishes when Yin declines and Yin flourishes when Yang declines

Every moment of every day has birth and death

One dies here but is born there

Hard is born as soft dies

Good is born as evil dies

One departs from the mortal world and is born into the celestial world; a human heart dies and the heart of a Celestial Being is born

If you keep the old, you will get nothing new

If you are selfish, you will never reach the Elysium world.

Out of life, death enters. Those who are not afraid of death will live. The created universe carries Yin at its back and Yang in front, and vice versa. Seek life, and you will die; seek death, and you will live.

To have nothing is to have everything; to have everything is to have nothing

Out of nothing, there is something. The less you possess, the more you have; the more you possess, the less you have. When you possess nothing, you can have everything; when you have everything, you can possess nothing. The more you have the more emptiness you feel, the more illusory it is, and the more real it is. Walk into the spiritual pure land, and you will see a wonderful world; pursue wealth, power, and lust, and you will have endless troubles. Being and non-being interconnect in growth. If you want to have something in heaven, give it up in the mortal world. To have nothing is to have everything.

By the existence of things, we profit, and by the non-existence of things, we are served; work on non-existence for existence.

Where the mind abides nowhere, nature prevails; where the mind abides somewhere, nature recedes

Nature is the quality of origin, which is Buddha. The reason that people cannot attain Buddhahood is that their minds abide somewhere. If their minds abided nowhere, they would attain Buddhahood. When one’s mind abides nowhere, nature shows; when their mind abides somewhere, nature recedes. This is dialectical; one advances as the other retreats. Different forms give birth to different souls. When minds abide somewhere, trouble comes. Therefore, “If your mind abides somewhere, it will be in falsehood; it should not abide in form, sound, smell, taste, touch, or dharma; it should abide nowhere”. When the mind abides nowhere, it can abide everywhere, and when the soul can transcend over all forms and show the nature, one can reach the Elysium world.

“He who focuses too much on the specific, cannot see the general”; a mind that abides somewhere, cannot go to the Elysium world; one who acquire enlightenment can perceive nature, one who lack mind can show nature.

Stillness and motion coexist; light and dark are interdependent

Stillness is the source of motion, it cannot be dynamic if it is not static; motion is the root of stillness, it cannot be static if it is not dynamic. Stillness and motion co-exist and come from each other; strong motion comes from great stillness; great stillness comes from strong motion.

All things derive from stillness but are accomplished in motion: without stillness, there is no motion; without motion, there are no accomplishments.

Light comes out of darkness and darkness comes from light; heaven and hell, one light and the other dark; extreme darkness is light and extreme light is darkness.Fortune and adversity go together; out of waste, grows grass; bliss is unfelt until after it leaves. Good fortune lies within bad; bad fortune lurks within good. Non-interference with natural rules and letting all things happen naturally; those who act at the wrong times, spoil things. One should never fear the dark; out of extreme darkness comes light. Knowing the dialectic of the universe, one can enjoy the light cautiously, for from extreme light comes darkness.

Positive and negative are symmetrical, but proportion restrains

Those who differ from the crowd will be slandered.
“An outstanding tree in the forest will be destroyed by wind.”
“Those who enjoy great fame will be envied but those who are most favoured will be slandered.”
36-Dimensional Space is arranged symmetrically; the forces of action and reaction are equal but in opposition; all things reinforce and neutralize each other mutually; there is always one thing to overcome the other. There is heaven and there is hell; all things develop in proportion; chaos and the early devastation were the results of imbalance
Boundless avarice leads to disaster;
Conform to nature and give up inordinate ambitions; understand that everything has two sides, and that perfection is unattainable. Rivers run into the sea, so you can never drink them all.

Tao is the theory of Yin and Yang; maintaining a balance between the two is rational. Knowing the dialectic principle is wise, and complying with the laws of nature can be regarded as virtue.

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How to Liberate Yourself from Life and Death


June 17, 2011

(Translated by Transn and Edited by Kaer)

The subtlety of liberating oneself from life and death in “The Treasury of the True Dharma Eye” is that Buddha Sakyamuni had held a flower in his hand as he smiled in the Lingshan Mountain Assembly. Only his first disciple, Mahakasyapa understood why and gave a faint smile. Buddha said, “I possess the true Dharma eye, the marvellous mind of Nirvana, the true form of the formless, and the subtle dharma gate that does not rest on words or letters, but is a special understanding outside of the scriptures”.

Mahakasyapa later explained his understanding directly to Ananda, who gave it to Shanavasa, and all the way to Bodhidharma, the twenty-eighth Patriarch of Buddhism. When the twenty-seventh Patriarch, Prajnatara gave, it along with a robe and begging bowl, to Bodhidharma, he said: "Sixty years after I attain nirvana, I want you to take these three things from India to China and carry Buddhism forward to benefit all living people”.

Bodhidharma took Zen Buddhism to China and was regarded as the first Chinese Zen Buddhist Patriarch. He eventually passed them to Huike, the second Patriarch, who passed them to Sengcan, the third Patriarch, then to Daoxin, the fourth Patriarch, and to Hongren, the fifth Patriarch.

When Master Hongren told about them, he was met with some trouble because he found that the real successor should be the unknown handyman Huineng in the monastery instead of the highly reputed and admirable professor Master Shenxiu.

It would be very unconvincing to all if everything passed directly to Huineng. In a desperate way, he said “The lives and deaths of mortals are matters of huge importance, but you only pursue the land of promise without seeking to be away from the bitter sea of life and death. If you lose your nature, then how can blessings bring you salvation? Both of you, write me a stanza. He who understands what the Essence of Mind is will be given the robe (the insignia of the Patriarchate) and the Dharma (the ultimate teaching of the Zen school), and I shall make him the Sixth Patriarch”. With a small trick, he finally gave his treasures to Master Huineng.

Master Huineng was the sixth and final Patriarch of Zen. The Treasury of the True Dharma Eye and the robe and begging bowl were lost after him.

I used to joke that I am the seventh Patriarch of Zen, and that I have written “On Zen by the seventh Patriarch of Zen one, two, three, four, and five”, which are the most heavily weighted five articles of all my writings.

Now the question, as instructed in Buddha’s “Treasury of the True Dharma Eye”, this “Subtle Dharma Gate”, “does not rest on words or letters but is a special message outside of the scriptures” becomes how to “transfer from mind to mind”. If I were to tell it with words, then I would be rebelling against the teachings of Buddha. So, if not “expressing with words”, how can we know how to liberate ourselves from the samsara of life and death?

To make the best of both worlds, I can only “slide over the water”. Whether you can be liberated from life and death all depends on your level of practising Tao, your destiny, and your root of wisdom.

There is no life or death in LIFE. The life and death seen by the world is an illusion. It is the evolved deduction of the carrier of LIFE. LIFE has nothing to do with time, so LIFE has no limitations of time and is beyond all ages. The nature of LIFE is nonmaterial structure; the form rendered by LIFE is decided by its nonmaterial structure; its nonmaterial structure decides the form rendered by it. Consciousness originates from structure, and in turn controls structure. Human consciousnesses make people, animal consciousnesses make animals, and if you develop your consciousness to that of a Celestial Beings or a Buddha, then you will become a Celestial Being or a Buddha.

LIFE is a cycle of reincarnations; the death we commonly see is not the death of LIFE itself, but the phenomenon of LIFE transformation. LIFE travels from one dimension into another, from one world into another, through “The Gate of Life and Death”. When a LIFE crosses that gate, from this field, we see it as as “death”, but from the other field, it is “life”.

“All dharmas are marked with emptiness; they neither begin nor end, are neither immaculate nor defiled, and neither complete nor deficient. Therefore, in emptiness there are neither forms, feelings, perceptions, impulses, nor consciousness; neither eyes, ears, noses, tongues, bodies, or minds; neither sights, sounds, smells, tastes, touchables, or any sensations, and so on until we have form. There are no mind-consciousness elements, no ignorance, no extinction of ignorance, and so on, until we have form. There is no decay and death, no extinction of decay and death; no suffering, no origination, no stopping, no path; no cognition, no attainment and no non-attainment. Therefore, it is because of their non-attainmentness, that Bodhisattvas, through having relied on the “Perfection of Wisdom”, dwell without thought-coverings. In the absence of thought-coverings, they have “Not been made to tremble, have overcome what can upset, and in the end, have attained Nirvana”; “to be free from life and death”. When you are liberated from life and death, you can attain Nirvana.

If you understand the truth above, then you can be liberated from the samsara of life and death. The problem is that as mortals, we have fleshy eyes and mortal stocks; as we cannot see higher dimensional space and worlds, we are not fully convinced of the above truths. Then what?

It is easy! Follow the guide and verify, step by step.

What are those things that hinder us from liberating from the samsara of life and death?

The answers are greed, anger, ignorance, arrogance, and suspicion.

Greed is the want to always possess more out of self-interest.
Anger is to detest, blame, and envy.
Ignorance is the belief that you are always right and never wrong.
Arrogance is self-importance, pretentiousness, disdain, defiance, and the lack of a gracious, cherishing heart.
Suspicion is being full of doubts and not facing the facts; it is hypocritical, false, and self-deceiving.

Overcoming greed, anger, ignorance, arrogance, and suspicion will enable you to understand this truth and will liberate you from the samsara of life and death. The reason is very simple and easy to do, but putting it into real practice is difficult.

After being liberated from life and death, one also needs to understand where to go after “death”. If you are heading to the lower world, then you will be miserable.

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Cosmic Holography I


October 31, 2005

(Translated by Transn and Edited by Kaer)

The universe runs in holographic order and consists of the distributed psychic energy of the Greatest Creator - Tao - just as we humans are composed of the flesh and spirit of the same. From the infinitely cosmic to the infinitesimally tiny, each are closely related and connected together. I am in you and you are in me. On the macro scale, energy fills the space and time of the entire universe, while Tao controls the operation, development and changes of all things in within it; therefore, it is an organic whole, and the seemingly unconnected multiple celestial bodies, phenomena, and people are its constituent parts - its cells - so the universe is holographic. On the micro scale, atoms, molecules, and people are consortiums of structure and energy which have mutual interaction with everything else and together belong to the unity of Tao and energy; so the universe is holographic.

l Try to pierce your toe with a needle. You will feel muscles tightening throughout your body and your brain will jump with an immediate emergency response. If a lover or your parents are next to you, they will also react promptly. Why? Because you are holographic.

l Turn your computer on and access the web. Global data will stream onto your screen as you search. Why? Because the internet is holographic.

l Arthritis sufferers can sense rain while the weather is still dry and many animals can detect seismic disturbances before the earth shakes. Why? Because the earth is holographic.

l The waning and waxing of the moon raises and lowers the tides, and sunspots directly affect climatic changes and the rhythms of LIFE on the earth. Why? Because the solar system is holographic.

Cosmic holography also means that the whole contains all of its parts and all of its parts contain the whole. Our bodies are constituted of a hundred and thirty trillion cells and each of them contain all the information of the human body; that is, when they all assemble together, they constitute a complete human individual. Each cell is just an insignificant component, but when we divide them individually, each one can form a human body. Viewing them with Buddha’s eyes, each of them is a complete human body with five senses, seven holes, bones, hair, internal organs, four limbs, flesh, skin, and so forth. If we split a single cell, we will find that this inconceivable cell is made up of an equal number of even more inconceivable ones.

Our complete image can be seen in a mirror, but if we break that mirror in half, then each half will reflect our complete image; that is, we will have two images. Break it in half again, and we will have four identical images, and so on. If we break this mirror into millions, billions, or even trillions of pieces, we will still see our complete image in each and every one of them; the number of potential images is countless.

Even if a seed has not been planted in soil to take root, sprout, blossom, and bear fruit, its whole entity, the shape of its leaves, growth patterns, and so on can be seen with dharma eyes.

We cannot see the shape of a bud if we do not know what type it is and without referring to its blade with naked eyes and we will not know how big it will grow, but we can see its size and shape by looking at it holographically.

If you cut a growing leaf in half, then its whole image will be visible from the remaining half, and you can see its entirety from either half; all things are like this because the universe is holographic.

Now that we know that the universe is holographic, our worldview and outlook on life will take a subversive leap. If we want to understand the Tao of Lao Tzu, the Dharma of Sakyamuni, and the thinking and scientific theory of Jesus, we will understand it thoroughly and at a glance, and our spiritual perception will open. Those with deeper roots can develop a series of special magical powers and arts and will feel at ease in dealing with the affairs of their daily lives.

For example, one big distress in life is the love between men and women. Between lovers and married couples, one always expects the other to be faithful and pure, but if they learn that the other is having a secret relationship with a third party, then they become distressed and sad and no matter how much effort the other exerts to vindicate themself, "I love you just as much, I really do", it will be useless, because their credibility will have been lost. “You cannot be true to me if you also love THAT person” and “Your love is false and the love that you offer me is incomplete” would be the responses.

Their distress is caused by not understanding the holographic nature of the universe. From the holographic universe perspective, if someone loves several people, even hundreds, thousands, millions, or billions of people, their love for each of them can be complete, true, and absolutely complete. It is like seeing oneself in a mirror, there is one self in one mirror, two selves in two mirrors, and a billion selves in a billion mirrors, but each is complete. Buddha can incarnate and rescue trillions because Buddha knows that the universe is holographic and Buddha is holographic.

Conversely, if I am loved by ten thousand women, even if they also love other men but I believe that their love for me is wholehearted and complete, then I will gladly accept their love. Likewise, if I love ten thousand women, then my love for each of them can still be true and complete.

Why should you have to cling onto just one? Life is short. Does it matter if you love more than one? Other truths can be inferred accordingly. In short, oneness of man and nature, universal holography, subtle wisdom, and depth of understanding reincarnate into trillions.

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Cosmic Holography II


November 3, 2005

(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer)

Cosmic holography means that the universe really is alive, that everything in the universe shares the same breath and destiny, and that any local change, directly or indirectly, affects its entirety. A storm on Mars can cause colds on Earth, the death of a whale in the Pacific Ocean can cause grief in Nile river fish, and a butterfly flapping its wings in Alaska can cause a storm in the Cape of Good Hope. This is an extreme and exaggerated expression, but it conforms to theory of cosmic holography. An article by Xuefeng will inspire the awakening of human consciousness as a whole.

This is an extremely exaggerated expression, but it conforms to theory of cosmic holography.

The purpose of understanding things is not only to appreciate them, but also to use them to serve us and to maximize our freedom. Taking the way of the Greatest Creator is not for suffering or enduring hardship, but to maximize our enjoyment of life and LIFE, and to obtain more joy, pleasure, and happiness.

To understand cosmic holography is not only to enrich our own knowledge because gaining knowledge is not our purpose, but to apply it to serve ourselves and others.

How can we make the knowledge of cosmic holography help us to navigate through life?

1. Since the universe is holographic, the Greatest Creator, Gods, and Buddha are all in us because we are the cells of each of them. A cell contains all the information about the universe as a whole, and in the same way, devils also live within us. When our hearts are filled with love for all LIVES in the universe, then we have the character of the Greatest Creator, and when we show mercy to all LIVES, then we have the character of god and Buddha, but when our hearts are filled with hatred, weighing and balancing everything for our own self interests, then we take on the character of devils.

2. Since the universe is holographic and each cell contains the information of the whole, then by understanding and appreciating ourselves, we can know all the mysteries of the universe, sense future changes and trends of the universe, and acquire information about the universe’s past, all from our own present.

3. Since the universe is holographic, it shows that our memories exist not only in our brains, but also in each cell of our whole bodies, and even in the space and time of the entire universe. Our brains are just sensors, and through it, we can extract records from hundreds, thousands, even millions of years. We can not only trace our own history over the past millennia, but maybe even recall the historical process of the evolution of the universe.

4. Whether Tui bei tu, Les Propheties, Divination Before Saddle Horses, Mayan or Martian prophecy, Tibetan remote sensing prophecy, Revelations, or any other prophetic manuscript, they are all evidence of cosmic holography. They prove that people are able to accurately predict the future as well as to recall images after several years, decades, and even centuries.

5. Since the universe is holographic, we humans are able to "see" the entirety of the universe, to see the Milky Way system and the planets that exist outside of it, and to picture the images of the Thousand-year World, the Ten-thousand-year World, and The Elysium World. 36-dimensional space is no longer mysterious and incomprehensible.

6. When a small thorn is placed on one’s toe, their brain will feel it instantly and react accordingly. Similarly, everyone's words and deeds are sensed instantly by the Greatest Creator and also reacted to immediately, which means that "You reap what you sow", “Good will be rewarded with good and evil will be punished with evil”, and that “Causation is the iron law of the universe", so we can believe firmly that we will receive the proper return for our self-refinery and self-cultivation.

7. The dreamworld is the symbol of holography which proves that we live in other spaces at the same time and that we are just a fragment of the holography of this moment. Based on how we feel and express ourselves in reality, we can know where our other self or selves live.

· If one has Buddha nature, then their “negative Self” is in the Elysium World.

· If one is cultivating themself to become a celestial being, then their “negative Self” is in the Celestial Islands Continent or the Ten Thousand Year World.

· If one yearns for a free, joyous, and blessed life without family relationships, then their “negative Self” is in the Thousand Year World.

· If one has deep love for the human world, then their “negative Self” is elsewhere within the mortal world.

· If one enjoys fighting, striving, robbing, and seizing, or “the law of jungles”, then their “negative Self” is in the animal world.

· If one enjoys dark and selfish activities, then their “negative Self” is in hell.

In A Brief History of Time, the great scientist Stephen Hawking realized that there is an "anti-universe" with "anti-humans", and Quantum Mechanics vaguely descusses antiparticles. For particles and antiparticles, however far apart they are, they seem to connect, and they can respond to each other and interact instantly. Therefore, we can infer that every Chanyuan celestial’s “negative ego” or “anti-ego” is in heaven. What we need to do now is improve our consciousness, bring it into closer alignment with heaven, and return to our home. That is to say, to leave our mortal consciousness and let our subconsciousness return to its source.

8. Since the universe is holographic, we are not afraid of death. As long as consciousness exists, we can incarnate trillions of times, and project ourselves into boundless worlds. I am the universe, the universe is me, so we can attain Buddhahood.

With regard to this cosmic holography theory, I put forward the above eight aspects as a starting point; I cast a brick to attract jade. However, we can draw eighty or even eight hundred more examples. From a sample, you may judge the whole, make efforts to draw an analogy based on a theory, let the fire of inspiration twinkle everywhere and always, and grasp the secrets of LIFE as early as possible.

For years upon years, after days and nights with sunrises and sunsets, people have been living so, back and forth. Is this the time to change to a new lifestyle? If not, there will be no end to our troubles and suffering.

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The Secret of Time

January 5, 2006
(Translated by Transn and Edited by Kaer)

Eternity is long; very long! It runs endlessly. Beginning, developing, changing, and concluding is ornamented by the waves of time. The universe flies in eons. Life twists and turns in years. Love and hate rise and fall in summer and winter. Feelings of gratitude and resentment emerge and disappear in spring and autumn. Time, mysterious time! The wonderful experience of bringing forth the new from the old, drowning the vicissitudes of transitional times, transforming hope into despair, and turning solids into gas and smoke. Life rises and falls in time; it goes up and down in time. Time, what exactly is time?

· It is the recorder of material cycles.

· It begins with the creation of matter and ends with its demise.

· It has these eight characteristics:

1. Time is nonmaterial - it is untraceable, formless, stateless, shapeless, heartless, senseless, invisible, untouchable, and can neither be heard nor caught.

2. Time is positive and negative - future time is positive; past time is negative.

3. Time is particular and universal - its particularity applies to the specific; its universality applies to the general.

4. Time is variable - it progresses unevenly; it changes as physical movement changes and disappears as physical movement disappears.

5. Time exists throughout all physical space - it is as big as the universe and as small as particles; where there is matter, there is time.

6. Time is vertical and horizontal - it manifests itself vertically as the past, present, and future, and horizontally as momentary and eternal.

7. Time has different meanings under different forces - it changes as gravity and acceleration change, but has the same meaning under the same forces.

8. Time expands, contracts, and disappears - the quality, shape, and motion of matter cause it to contract or expand with changes in any of those. When matter disappears, time disappears.

There is no time in the nonmaterial world. Non-matter is a reaction to matter but does not share any of its properties. All matter proceeds through generation, development, decline, and death, but non-matter has neither life nor death, so it has no time and is eternal. Tao, LIFE’s spiritual entity, ideas, spirits, thoughts, dharmas, the nature of Tathagata, Celestial beings, angels, and the Elysium world do NOT have time. Therefore, the nonmaterial world is eternal.

Since the motion of matter is absolute, we perceive that all things run in time. In this sense, time changes everything and decides all. It can transform the decadent into magic and the ordinary into extraordinary. Everything changes with the passage of time. Along the eternal river of time, all matter is transitional, illusory, and valueless.

Time’s control must end in order for one to achieve an eternal existence. As humans, it is to fish for the moon in water or to plough the air for our bodies to break away from our shackles, so the human body must follow its nature. To leave time, we must work on our spiritual entities. Life is short and the spiritual entity of LIFE has many different directions in which to spread. Perfect spiritual entities go to heaven and defective ones go to hell. If we can perfect our spiritual entities within our limited lifetimes, then we can transcend time. In addition to transcending time, we must also work on our non-matter by revering and taking the Way of the Greatest Creator. To roam in ideas, thinking, spirits, and other areas is to deal with eternity and to transcend time maximally and from within the confines of a limited time. When fruits ripen, they fall. When water flows, channels form. Once we make this breakthrough, we can enter horizontal space and time and immediately feel fresh and enchanted.

Please refer to Time and Space of the Universe for further study.

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Explore the Script of Life


March 24, 2017

(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer)

Is life dominated by fate?

How does fate come into being?

Is everything in life prearranged?

If it is, then who arranged and directs it and how can we still have free will?

If there is free will, does it conflict with fate?

If there is no free will, then does the causality law of "You reap what you sow" exist, or does it not?

Is it true that every word and every act of everyone is prearranged?

If so, then are we not biological robots?

Is everything accidental or inevitable?

Who carries out punishments, rewards, and so on?

It is an extremely complex and enormous system and it is impossible to reveal the whole system clearly. I can only draw a rough outline, and you the reader must verify it for yourself.

Eighteen plots cannot be controlled by people in their own lives but have to be resigned to destiny. For example, their own parents cannot be chosen, arranged, or controlled by them. In fact, a lot of things in life cannot be either. Not only are the sizes of our eyes uncontrollable, but we cannot even arrange a single hair by ourselves. In the face of such vast complexities, we have to resign ourselves to destiny.

If we cannot change things, then what can we do?

Everything in the universe has its trajectory, all of which are run according to a well-arranged overall trajectory and we are no exception. That is to say, we also have our trajectories. These trajectories determine the directions of people's lives, whether they will be officials or commoners, poor or rich, or male or female, and be subject to fortune or misfortune; everything and everyone have been determined by their trajectory. Facing our trajectory, we are powerless.

Who is writing your life script and arranging your trajectory of LIFE? You are!

Who is directing it? It is procedure.

Everything in this life is established by the thoughts and actions of your previous life; this is fate. It is impossible to change the fate of your life because it has already been written. All of your efforts in this life only work for your next life. It can be said that your past determines your present and your present determines your future. Since everything has already been arranged and planned out and the story and plot of your life has already been set, then how do we reflect on man’s subjective initiative? What good are an individual’s efforts? If even what we say and do have been determined in advance, then why should we make any efforts?

Individual efforts are reflected in one’s mind and how perfect a role they play. Our inner activities are not arranged by our script. Our free will is reflected in our mind and whether our specific role is performed perfectly or not. Such as in a stage play, the script has been arranged by a writer in advance, the director selects performers according to each performer’s appearance, character, acting skill, and so on. The performers must act strictly according to the script and plot and the director’s requirement. If done well, the director will be pleased and the actors will receive more pay and have more chances to perform in future plays. If done poorly, the director will not be pleased and their opportunity for future castings will diminish. The quality of their performance depends on them. This is individual effort.

Our inner activities are not arranged, nor are they destined. They rely completely on the free will and effort of the individual. It is entirely up to them to decide whether they want to have good or evil thoughts.

Our inner activity is our thinking activity. Thinking activity is like a wave that spreads throughout the universe; that is, when the mind moves, its inner activity expands out to the universe and tells the universe what it is doing, and very loudly. Regarding this, we are unable to view or receive it, but gods know it. In other words, everyone’s inner activities can be learned instantly by the universe and recorded in the procedure of Tao. The procedure of Tao automatically arranges the future fate and trajectory of everyone’s LIFE based on their inner activities. Karma, karma, karma!

Then who rewards and punishes and who executes the mechanisms of rewarding and punishing?

Rewarding and punishing are determined by the procedure of Tao, but it is only the judge. The executor is neither the procedure of Tao nor the judge, but a factor of the boundless universe; a god, or man, a dog, an ant, a storm, or an event. It is like a judge who sentences someone to death but never executes anyone personally; that is always left for a series of other people.

The script of this life has been set long ago but the script of the next life is always changing. People’s thoughts and actions in this life identify their future LIFE trajectories. If someone is destined to leave for the Celestial Islands Continent but becomes seized by evil and does not play their current role well, then their trajectory of LIFE to the Celestial Islands Continent will change. Their revised trajectory may devolve toward the Ten-thousand Year World, the Thousand- year world, back to the mortal world, or even to the animal world or to hell depending on the severity of what they do.

As Lifechanyuan’s guide, I sigh with deep emotion during my directing the scripts of Chanyuan Celestials. For instance, I planned to have a certain individual eat a fairy peach which had been determined by her trajectory of LIFE, however she failed to play her role as a Chanyuan celestial well in her course. I asked her to clean a toilet, but she failed to clean it thoroughly, so I knew that she was still unable to eat the fairy peach, but only wild peaches. In this way, both her fate and her trajectory of LIFE were changed.

It is a strict law that absolutely beautiful things can only be enjoyed by absolutely beautiful LIVES. If we do not reach an absolutely beautiful state, then absolutely beautiful results will never appear.

When we enjoy absolutely beautiful things but our personal quality declines, then those absolutely beautiful things automatically disappear. This is not only the law and the script plot, but also the ever-changing living script.

Past scripts are dead, future ones are alive, and living ones are always changing according to everyone’s inner activities and how well or poorly they perform.

The impartiality of Tao is reflected in, “Tao gives to every LIFE according to its desires”. If you desire blessings in this life, Tao will bestow them upon you, but fewer will remain for your next life. If you want to become a wolf, it will make you one in your next script; if you want to become a celestial being, it will make you one. Tao will surely satisfy you and help you to achieve your goal, whatever you want to be, but it must be understood that the fulfillment of Tao is not executed immediately. It is arranged in the script, it takes a process, and it takes time. You cannot expect an airplane to come the moment you ask for it; you need to be patient. It is crucial to remember that as your plane is coming, your needs can not change. Once there is a change, Tao has to follow your needs. If you want coffee, but then decide that you would prefer tea, Tao will immediately prepare tea for you. If the tea has not yet arrived and you decide that you would prefer Coca-Cola, Tao will prepare Coca-Cola for you right away. When you change again, Tao will change again. In short, it will always satisfy you.

Now, here is a core consideration: if you want a luxury car worth a million dollars, Tao will check your bank account; your merits and virtues. If they are insufficient and your bank deposits are not enough, then that million dollar limousine will not be offered to you. Even if you need a needle, you have to check your bank deposits. As long as you have enough merits and virtues, enough bank deposits for what you want, Tao will meet your requirements and demands, or help you to achieve your goal.

When a person runs out of bank deposits or when their merits and virtues are exhausted and they have no remaining blessings, then they will soon collapse, fail, lose everything, go to prison, or end this life. Therefore, we need to give benefits, accumulate merits and virtues, and cherish good fortune during our lifetimes so that our blessings will last for our entire lives; even into our future lives.

The universe is a huge script with countless subscripts within it, and all the small ones serve the huge one; no small script can exceed a larger one. The Milky way galaxy is a huge script, the solar system is a medium-size one, earth is a smaller one, every country is a smaller one still, every organization is a much smaller one, and so on. Strings within quarks within atomic particles within molecules have the smallest scripts. Adding the nonmaterial world, twenty parallel worlds and the 36-dimensional space, it is unimaginable and inexplicable for us to know how complex and how huge the master script is.

The above is just a tiny bit of my superficial view based on man’s bewilderment for your reference. To know more, you will need to work on statistics, analysis, induction, summing up from a large number of examples of human activities, both ancient and modern, at home and abroad. It will take a lot of effort for you to figure it out.

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All Gains Must Be Paid


June 4, 2011

(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer)

One ironclad rule of the universe is that the sum of positive and negative energy must always be equal. One ramification of this is that you must pay for of your gains; they must always balance each other and higher prices must be paid for greater rewards.

For an equal amount of gems, diamonds usually demand higher prices than rubies and emeralds. Diamonds require the most money to buy; obtaining more precious things requires you to pay higher prices.

By carefully observing human society, it seems confusing and complicated on its surface; totally out of order. However through careful observation, it can be concluded that what is gained always equals that which has been paid; the more one pays, the more they gain and the more they gain, the more they must pay. There are no free lunches; nothing in the universe can be achieved without a payment.

What is lost at sunrise will be gained at sunset and what is gained at sunrise will be lost at sunset. As one falls, another rises; rising here and setting there. When one gains money, something must be paid; it might be labor, reputation, peace, or even LIFE. When one pays money, something must be gained; it might be comfort, safety, fame, status, physical beauty, or honor. It makes sense that a loss of money avoids other misfortune.

Material payments do not always give you material rewards; they might be mental or spiritual. As such, mental or spiritual payments might gain you material rewards.

If you pay something, then you will gain something for it, though it can be hard to understand what or when that will be. If you gain, you will pay something, but no final conclusion can be reached as to what or when that will be either, because it might involve health, safety, promotion, weath, reputation, status, affection, or other LIFE factors.

In order to understand the rule that paying and gaining always balance out, that the ironclad law of the sum of positive and negative energy always equal each other, you must not consider only a short time period, but rather a whole life or even the karma of three incarnations to judge and draw a conclusion. Through the prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Allah warned us that if all of one's desires are met in this life, then none will remain for the afterlife.

There is never any profit at the expense of others, whether parents, offspring, spouses, or lovers, and regardless of whether you are given something for free, find it on the road by yourself, your boss rewards your work, or you dig it out from deep under the ground on your own, as long as you have gained something, you must pay.

Why do people suffer pain and hardships or meet with catastrophes?

Because they have gained something!

Why are people happy and joyous and why do they obtain good opportunities and grace?

Because they have paid something!

What revelation can we get from this principle?

Never profit from other people’s expenses at any time, never fish in troubled waters, never profit from others’ misfortunes, and take nothing for free, not even donations and contributions. No one should ever be under the delusion that they will get something from their husband or wife for free. You must meet all your needs, pay more, and gain less.

Once you pay, you are bound to gain; this goes without saying.

Whenever you gain something, always remember that a loss is inevitable. You can escape it in the short run, but not forever. You might escape a blow in the mortal world, but you cannot escape punishment from Tao in heaven.

To reap more valuable rewards, a higher price must be sown; to reach the kingdom of heaven, you must dedicate everything, your entire body and soul.

As the guide of human life and LIFE, I state these words here. You can inspect, test and verify them, but time and results will tell whether or not they are correct.

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Eight Ways through the Mortal World


June 21, 2010

(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer)

Our universe consists of twenty parallel worlds within thirty-six dimensional space. Among these twenty, our mortal world is designated as the XY world and manifests itself as three dimensional space. The twenty parallel worlds all have symmetry, as does all of thirty-six dimensional space. From the perspective of reincarnation and the evolution of LIFE, there are high-level spaces such as the Thousand-year-World, the Ten-thousand-year World, and the Elysium World, and low-level space such as the Inflamed Layer, the Frozen Layer, and the Hell World. The mortal world is the midpoint at which they cross; it is a transfer station for the evolution and reincarnation of LIFE between the higher-level spaces and the lower-level ones.

This means that LIVES from low-level spaces advancing to high-level ones and those from high-level spaces falling to low-level ones must pass through this mortal world as a transfer station. The mortal world is a traffic hub just like the Zhengzhou Railway Station in China, where crowds come and go, back and forth, hustling and bustling each and every day, determinedly and actively. It is easy to see that apart from those who work there, they all scatter quickly to their separate directions and transfer to other cars, buses, trains, and airplanes toward their individual destinations, running along their ways busily.

In the mortal world, chaos arises with constant fighting and struggling; each holds their own ambition, each has their own axe to grind, each administers in their own way, and each realizes their own wishes. As a temporary stage, each team performs its own show to the maximum, and as a temporary inn, passengers from different places stay briefly before parting company and going their separate ways; each pursues their own prospects!

To pursue one’s prospect of reaching their destination, they must proceed in certain ways. Without a good way or by choosing a wrong one, they will never reach their destination. Were they to board the wrong vehicle, their wish would remain just a wish, and their destination would remain out of reach. To be an entrepreneur, one needs to take the way of the market; to do business and make money, they must take the way of circulation; and to be a doctor, they must take the way of medical science and skill. Airplanes must taxi down runways, ships have to float on waterways, trains should run on railway tracks, and cars need to remain on roads and streets.

From the perspective of the evolution and reincarnation of LIFE, humans in the mortal world must take one of the following eight ways and pass on to its associated destination:

1.The way of the Greatest Creator - one models themself after nature with holographic order thinking, open heartedness, flexibility, and tact. They will rise to the Celestial Islands Continent.

2. The way of gods - one worships gods quite distinct from each other, bellicose, and domineering. They will advance to Asura heaven.

3. The way of Buddha - one pursues non-form and refines their concept of no abode for the mind and returns to the nature of Tathagata. They will ascend to the Elysium World.

4. The way of Celestial Beings - one takes skepticism, non-dogma, and freedom as their first priorities and cultivates magical powers as their core. They will climb to the Celestial Beings World.

5. The way of humans - one pursues fame and material wealth, attaches great importance to family love and emotions, and remains fond of organization and power. They will return to the mortal world to continue their samsara and return as another human.

6. The way of animals - one takes food, clothing, shelter, transportation, growing up, ageing, health, and avoiding death as their first priorities of life, with the acquisition of money as their core value. They will descend to the Animal World.

7.The way of Ghosts - one neither abides by rules nor laws, but conjures, lurks, and sneaks around like a ghost, speaks one way, but thinks and acts another, and is fond of hiding and good at lying. They will drop into the Hell World.

8.The way of Satan - one is fond of dwelling upon spirits and deities, fortunes and disasters, being ambitious and arrogant, blasphemes the Greatest Creator, and insults the gods. In order to achieve their goals, they plunge LIVES into abysses of misery, and destroy nature “by hook or by crook”. They will fall into the Inflamed Layer or the Frozen Layer.

Like attracts; birds of a feather flock together. The way that one takes depends upon their kind of consciousness and their LIFE structure. ”Divine punishments are slow but sure” is also the arrangement and program of Tao. All have their duties and accountabilities, which make each and every one of them vivid and exciting.

Whether they know it or not, each person takes their way; most are led along ignorantly and uncaringly, but a small number choose theirs clearly and plainly. You, who have read this article should consider using it as a reference. If you discard what I wrote as groundless nonsense, then simply throw it away - you can even scold and criticize me - but if you feel that it has merit, then consider it as having value because you could benefit from it.

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Possess Nothing yet Have Everything

(Translated by Transn and Edited by Kaer)

Possess nothing yet have everything. This is not a paradox, but a great secret with which to go toward a better LIFE space. Jesus Christ taught us to, “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt and where thieves do not break through nor steal.”

It is only by owning nothing on earth that you can enter the realm of the Greatest Creator. Shakyamuni Buddha taught us to develop a pure and clean mind which does not abide in anything, neither in form, sound, smell, taste, touch, nor dharma. We should have no notion of ego, personality, a being with a life, dharma, or non-dharma. Everything with form is unreal; all phenomena are dreams; illusions. In other words, owning nothing is the way to enter the Elysium world. The immortal Lao Tzu taught us to “take no action”, “regard one’s body as accidental”, “do not contend”, “value the world as itself”, “It gives them birth but does not own them, acts (helps) but does not appropriate them”, “He who acts, spoils; He who grasps, lets slip”, “Accomplish but lay claim to no credit”. All this is to say that we must not take credit for our positive actions. To put all this into one sentence: All the teachings of Gods, Buddha, and Immortal are to try to own nothing. Stupid? No! The teachings of Gods, Buddha, and Immortal are the Tao of LIFE, the Tao of light, and the Tao for us to gain everything.

How can possessing nothing lead to having everything?

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught us, “To any that desires the tilth of Hereafter, we give increase in his tilth; and to any that desires the tilth of this life, we grant somewhat thereof, but he has no share or lot in the Hereafter”. The Prophet’s prediction was right, you have already had your share and you will not have any share or lot in the Hereafter. So just give and you will have more later. The less you possess now, the more you will have later. We have learned from the Taiji thinking that the sum of positive and negative energy is always zero. If you gain in some ways, you will lose in others. This is to maintain the law that positive and negative energy are always in balance. The more blessings you enjoy in this world, the fewer your blessings will be in the afterlife. So, if you want to enjoy a better afterlife, you will need to give more and possess less in this life. Follow the teachings of Buddha, do more formless alms giving because doing so will get you enormous and incredible blessings. We see people with lots of possessions, which is mainly because they have gained a lot merits in their previous lives; many others are poor, mainly because they have done little or garnered few merits in their previous lives. Some people were born with silver spoons, yet many work hard all their lives, but can barely support their families. Evidently, if you want to get blessings in your afterlife, you should earn more merits in this life; if you want to be a Celestial being in heaven in your afterlife, you need to possess as little as possible in this life. How can you possess nothing yet have everything?

Firstly, think about this: whatever we try to possess in this world will come to naught in the end. If we make efforts to possess, we are really running after illusions and bubbles. The more you possess, the more distress, troubles, crises, and disasters you will have. You will never rest peacefully, you will feel unsettled, you will literally rack your brain to keep your possessions, you will lie, contend, hurt others, hurt nature, and will cause others to envy, hate, covet, and rob. Your LIFE quality will get farther and farther away from heaven and nearer and nearer to the Animal World and hell.The more you possess, the farther away from heaven you will be.

If you want to possess everything, you will eventually have nothing. Let us look at the birds flying and perching in the forest, what do they possess? They possess nothing, but they have the sunlight, forests, meadows, streams, bugs, and branches to perch upon. They lack nothing.

The Gospel of Matthew reads, “Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin.

Jesus had nothing in his life, but now he has everything. Buddha had nothing after the enlightenment, but now he has the Elysium world. The Celestial Beings in the Thousand-year World and the Ten-thousand-year World possess nothing, but they lack of nothing. The Super Celestial Beings in the Celestial Islands Continent possess nothing, but they have everything they could ever want.

As long as people in the mortal world give more but possess nothing, they will be short of nothing.

Why do people have so much anxiety and worries and why do they compete and contend all day long? Because they want to possess. As we travel, we see that many attractions have been possessed by people. We need to buy tickets or we will be kept out of the show. The landscape of the earth and the sun and rain are the gifts of nature for all mankind, but now they are possessed by a small group of people and everyone else must bear their exploitation and blackmail. “I built this road and planted this tree. If you want to pass by, then pay my toll and buy the privilege.” How can anyone not worry and suffer anxiety in this gangster-ridden world?

Water is a gift of nature bestowed to all LIFE, but If we want to use water, we must pay for it. We are told that water needs to be purified and that costs money. But we should ask who polluted the water. The people who polluted the water should be responsible for its purification. Why should others bear the cost of purifying it? We are told that the water was in rivers and lakes but now it comes directly to our sinks in our homes and that costs money. Yes, bringing water from rivers and lakes for our convenience does in deed cost, but that cost should be resolved by voluntary labor under government organization and the materials should be provided by the production plant. And it is said that if we do not charge for water, people will waste this resource. Yes, this could be a problem, but why would people want to waste for no reason? This is a mental and spiritual problem. Why not just solve them? This belongs to the country. This belongs to our company. This belongs to my family. This belongs to ME! In these cases, the public resources will be seized. One day, the mountains, rivers, and the earth will be carved up, and even the air we breathe will be sold and taxed. Everyone wants to possess, but the result will be that everyone will suffer and be lacking in everything.

It is only when no one possesses that everyone will have everything. First of all, without traditional families, eighty percent (80%) of social issues would be resolved. Secondly, without countries, ninety percent (90%) of our problems would be resolved. The remaining ten percent (10%) will be problems of spirit and soul construction.

Is this possible? Unlikely of course, because this is the mortal world, not heaven. However, it is imperial for anyone who wants to go to and live in heaven. If you want to possess something, you will never reach heaven. The consciousness of possessing is our biggest obstacle preventing us from going to heaven. All those who want to go to heaven must clearly recognize this point and realize a consciousness of owning nothing and putting this consciousness into practice. The New Oasis for Life built by Lifechanyuan serves this purpose. Those who enter the New Oasis for Life possess nothing, but they can get everything. To people who are not Chanyuan celestials, this ideal sounds like the Arabian Nights. It is just a myth, a dream, a fantasy, and a delusion, but to Chanyuan celestials, it is no longer an unattainable dream, but rather a clear reality. If you want to live a better life on earth and ultimately go to heaven, the only way out is to live according to Lifechanyuan values. In this way, you will possess nothing yet have everything.

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