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PostPosted: Tue Mar 05, 2019 2:23 pm  :|| Branches of Christians ||: Reply with quote

As i introduced The Two branches of Islam in a very short post here:
ref:The Dragon & 2 beasts = Sufyani & Abubakr and Umar

I ask you Christians to introduce yourselves[branches and the differences]
From your own tong is better than what have written in the internet.. as I did.

Thanks. Study
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True method of debating

Like this post
[Replying to post 10 by RightReason]

How you say about weakness of importance of the Revelation of Yuhanna take a while it shows and has been Encoded the important events of end times!!
And in the previous post you argument by that (the red flag) and i addressed you the correct commentary/interpretation of that there..

Again i suggest you this method of finding Truth by this example:

The priest Allahyari(May God Help/Save/Assist him more and more)
He is serious enemy of this government of iran
He talk about and against that with cursing/insulting..
The first, i watched his program and told myself that wait for hear what he is telling..
    THE FIRST STEP, Hearing/Watching

Then i enjoyed so much and told how much nice he arguments!! Waooww
And i was been trusted in his argumentation/reasoning
    THE SECOND STEP, Comparison/Analyzing

Then i researched to find what he was quoting
    THE THIRD STEP, Checking Books of Religion and History

Then i realized and understood he is one of the most great priests of Shi'ism!

I expect you argument/debate/discuss with me like my method
And each one of the quotings if was more important for you, Tell me i will bring the original of that in both language Arabic/English and its address of chapter/volume/number
Please reply in those same subforums
And if i've thought wrong, warn/mention me

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