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141. Say what you feel like saying, do what you feel like doing, build your own road, and follow your own paths; Do not bother with others or regard other people’s business.

142. Trust is truth; love is LIFE.

143. Forgiving and tolerating others will broaden your path and increase your living space.

144. Chase after the sun, and you will escape the darkness; chase after happiness, and you will escape trouble; chase after paradise, and you will escape this mortal world.

145. Whoever spreads ugliness is ugly.

146. If you escape from yourself but are afraid to face yourself, you will suffer endless pain.

147. Love is a state of being; it is like sunshine and flowers blooming.

148. Love does not have specific objects; it illustrates our most beautiful qualities.

149. Whoever lives for others is trampling on their dignity.

150. Beware of those who say, “I do this for your own good�, as they may have selfish intentions and do it for THEIR own good.

151. Criticizing each other causes misery and suffering, and shows that you are rigid and stubborn.

152. Egalitarianism is unfair; communism without belief in the Greatest Creator does not work.

153. We should have light in our eyes and love in our hearts, thoughts need to be kind, and routine work needs to be done diligently.

154. Quality decides function and the quality of a person decides their value and function in society.

155. Good character can maintain one’s dignity, but power and wealth do not build it.

156. “It is easy to have good relationships with everyone if we do not want anything from them; I would not care about the price of wine if I did not drink it�. The best way to resist something is to “abandon it and ignore it�.

157. We should take things as they are, associate with others by following predestined relations, act in accordance with our nature, and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

158. Only saints are qualified to guide others.

159. Realize that you are blessed and cherish your blessings,and do not waste your good fortune. Once your rewards are expended, you will have a tough time.

160. Great oaks from little acorns grow; put more effort into basic things.

161. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; little things make big things happen.

162. What we have seen is where we are going. What have we seen?

163. Deliver the best quality in all jobs you do, or do not do them.

164. Do not desire supernatural powers or magic arts; do not pretend to be supernatural to impress others; be your true and natural self.

165. Allow yourself to return to the zero state. Do not claim credit for yourself and become arrogant.

166. Focus on good things and ignore bad things; the law of attraction is magical.

167. If you are very healthy, then nothing can make you sick.

168. Keep Individuality yet blend with commonness.

169. Do not stop when faced with adversity; things might turn around at the next corner.

170. Happiness comes from collective group, joy is from creation, freedom is earned, and well-being comes from dedication.

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171. Do not kidnap, bond, or strangle your loved ones in the name of love.

172. It is better for others to owe you than for you to owe others; this is how we become free.

173. “Everything is consumed in commotion, but is brought into existence in tranquility, and tranquility is the home of the spirit�. “Tranquility gives birth to wisdom, while commotion breeds fatuity�. You cannot achieve much or go very far without peace of mind.

174. Close one door and many other doors will open for you automatically.

175. It is better to create the future than to dwell in the past.

176. Your stubborn perspectives can be the roots of all your hearts’ problems; your cunning can obstruct the advancement of your enlightenment; to enlighten yourself from the regret of consequences whenever you face perplexity is to compose your mind and make your actions righteous.

177. Those who are keen on nourishing themselves from the meat of birds and other animals will be harmed by their instinct, and those who gain extra advantage from others will be punished by Tao.

178. Men are handsome for their masculinity, and women are beautiful for their femininity; Men with too much femininity and women with too much masculinity are ugly.

179. There is no love or hate without any reason.

180. Money does not grow on trees and there is no free lunch; everything is priced.

181. A civilized society is one in which resources are shared by all its members; a barbaric one is one in which they are contested and claimed.

182. Everything is good in moderation but poisonous in excess.

183. All conflicts are irrational.

184. Throwing stones at each other is barbaric behavior.

185. A timely compromise is wise and a timely retreat can move you forward.

186. Associate with people but do not form cliques with them; this is an excellent quality of civilized people.

187. A man of great virtue does not claim virtue; a man of the great mercy does not flash mercy; the great image has no image; Tao never does anything, yet all things happen through it.

188. All are responsible for their words, behavior, and choices; none can escape this.

189. Do not treat others as your emotional trash cans by imposing your misery and sufferings upon them.

190. Be an honest person in word and deed.

191. Encourage frugality and a simple life; eschew extravagance and waste.

192. As a man sows, so he shall reap; good will be rewarded with good and evil with evil. There are no gates to fortune and misfortune; you create your own.

193.Whether broth or cooked rice, remember it is not easy to come by, for half a piece of silk or cotton thread, think of the difficulty in production; prepare for rainy days; do not wait for thirst before you dig a well; live frugally and do not give protracted parties; if utensils be plain and clean, pottery is better than gold and jade; if there is moderation and choice in food, vegetables are better than costly delicacies; do not build luxurious house, do not scheme for rich land.

194.Hyperopia (farsightedness) does not exist in oddity, and moral integrity does not travel along solitary journeys.Tao models itself after nature; union is strength.

195.Let everyone display their talents to their fullest and make the best uses of everything; it is the biggest waste to suppress talents and to let things go unused.

196.The more something is shared, the greater its value becomes.

197.Giving up is masterly gain; letting go is an ever-victorious way of having.

198.Vice is more harmful when concealed than revealed, but benevolence known to all is inferior to that known to none. Do not be arrogant and self-righteous, and claim credit for yourself.

199.Good processes naturally result in good results; if every detail were perfect, then every result would be fruitful.

200.Stay away from all evil conduct, but pursue all kind deeds.

What are evil conducts? Here are some examples:

â—� Profanity against the Greatest Creator, god, and deities

â—� Slanderous comments against celestial and Buddha

â—� Mockery of sages and saints

â—� Shame on ancestry

â—� Filial impiety

â—� Murder and robbery

â—� Maltreatment and slaughtering of animals

â—� Bullying the disadvantaged

� Scheming to harm one’s brothers and sisters

� Humiliating one’s superiors and seniors

â—� Hoodwinking young and inexperienced children

â—� Cheating kind people

â—� Defrauding strangers

� Vilifying one’s schoolmates

� Harming one’s colleagues, hideously

â—� Accusing falsely

â—� Stirring strife among clan members

� Maltreating one’s inferiors and claiming their merits as one’s own

� Fawning on one’s superiors for personal gains

â—� Showing no gratitude for favors

â—� Harboring endless resentment

â—� Slighting ordinary people

â—� Disrupting state affairs

â—� Encouraging injustice

â—� Torturing the innocent

â—� Blocking insect caves and overturning nests

â—� Destroying embryos and eggs

� Pilfering people’s harvests

� Masking people’s good and kind deeds

� Uncovering people’s weaknesses

� Damaging people’s countenances and images

â—� Forcing women to engage in prostitution

� Wasting people’s properties

â—� Riding roughshod over people

� Humiliating people to one’s own advantage

â—� Shifting blames onto others to protect oneself

â—� Shifting misfortunes onto others

� Acting arrogantly because of one’s wealth

â—� Deriding poor people

� Frustrating people’s advantages

� Covering one’s own disadvantages

â—� Theft and burglary

â—� Lying and deception

â—� Breaching the dyke and incendiarism

� Damaging people’s residences

� Damaging people’s property

� Ruining people’s accomplishments

� Envying people’s wealth and ranks

� Being jealous of people’s talents

â—� Trickery in business

â—� Selling substandard goods for the cost of good products

â—� Littering

â—� Smudging the environment

â—� Forcing people to do things that they cannot

â—� Encouraging people to commit suicide

� Digging up others’ ancestral tombs

� Destroying people’s homes

â—� Gossiping

� Disrupting people’s peace of mind

â—� Jumping the queue

â—� Showing ferocity

â—� Plagiarism and piracy

â—� Harming people behind their backs

â—� Embezzlement in the name of public welfare

â—� Concocting pretexts

â—� Corruption and bribery

â—� Arranging items randomly

â—� Dissipation and extravagance

â—� Instigating public unrest

â—� Advocating violence

â—� Destroying mountains and forests

â—� Uprooting grass randomly

â—� Polluting rivers

â—� Plunging people into abysses of misery

â—� Jerry-building

â—� Building dangerous structures

â—� Gathering people to gamble

â—� Scheming to cheat people of their money

â—� Publicizing ghosts and demons

â—� Poisoning souls

â—� Engaging in crookery

â—� Publicizing superstitions

â—� Building temples randomly

� Corrupting people’s feelings

â—� Engaging in witchcraft

â—� Conducting fortune telling

â—� Extracting human organs

� Injuring others’ limbs

â—� Cursing people and wishing them evil

� Praying for people’s misfortunes

â—� Greed

â—� Squandering food

â—� Laziness and acting slickly

â—� Comparison

â—� Behaving tumultuously

� Interrupting people’s rest

� Exposing people’s privacy

â—� Trespassing on the private residence

â—� Intimidating and threatening

â—� Kidnapping and hijacking

� Occupying people’s land and belongings

� Defaulting on one’s debts

� Abusing one’s power to seek personal gains

� Bullying people with one’s power

â—� Complaining and jealousy

â—� Trumpeting and flaunting

What are kind deeds? Here are some examples:

â—� Reverence for the Greatest Creator, LIFE, nature, god, and deities

â—� Following the examples of sages and saints

â—� Filial piety

â—� Respecting seniors and loving juniors

â—� Treating people equally

â—� Praising kind deeds

â—� Encouraging others

â—� Having a kind heart

â—� Loving others as oneself

â—� Showing compassion for those with misfortune

� Sharing others’ happiness

â—� Relieving people of their problems

â—� Rescuing people from danger

� Displaying others’ advantages

� Uncovering one’s disadvantages

â—� Relieving people for favors you have afforded them

â—� Repaying favors that are owed

â—� Not complaining about humiliation

â—� Harboring no hatred for hurt

â—� Let others gain wisdom through your illumination

â—� Leading people to sunshine

â—� Imparting knowledge

â—� Passing your skills on

â—� Diligence and thrift

â—� Working intensely, faithfully, and honestly

â—� Maintaining honesty

â—� Remaining simple and sincere

â—� Spreading happiness and joy

â—� Offering people freedom

â—� Helping people to find happiness

â—� Catching thieves and subduing demons when they are spotted

â—� Singing praises of sincerity and virtue

� Hiding other people’s wrongdoings but praising their good deeds

â—� Being practical and realistic

â—� Restricting falsehood

â—� Not pocketing anything found on the roadside

â—� Not bolting the door at night

â—� Finding pleasure in helping people

â—� Providing conveniences to people

â—� Consistency in words and deeds

â—� Acting and thinking in the same way

â—� Not following the path of evil

â—� Being scrupulously honest even in private

� Wishing for people’s safety

� Praying for people’s good fortune

â—� Being neither ostentatious nor extravagant, even when you can

â—� Engaging in no sycophancy when you are poor

â—� Feeling thankful

â—� Feeling appreciative

â—� Showing no arrogance when you have achieved your ambition

â—� Never giving up when faced with setbacks

� Encouraging people’s ambitions

� Promoting people’s confidence

â—� Helping people to fulfill their wishes

â—� Helping people to do their jobs

â—� Being faithful and forgiving to others

â—� Having generosity and tolerance

â—� Possessing courtesy and civility

â—� Abiding by order

â—� Retreating heroically before rushing torrents

â—� Standing aloof from worldly affairs

â—� Showing equity and justice

â—� Having impartiality

â—� Dedicating voluntarily

â—� Having a placid and peaceful mind

â—� Neatness and tidiness

â—� Having a benevolent and kind countenance

â—� Offering explanations for any doubt

â—� Showing hospitality and enthusiasm

â—� Being philanthropic and contributing

â—� Helping those in dangerous and strait situations

â—� Telling the truth

â—� Planting fruit trees

â—� Showing no arrogance or impetuosity

â—� Having a gentle and placid temper

â—� Restraining from ostentation

â—� Not envying rank and wealth

â—� Waking when dawn breaks

â—� Sleeping when dusk falls

â—� Being studious and eager to learn

â—� Shining as brightly as a mirror

â—� Dressing appropriately for the situation

â—� Having astounding beauty

â—� Projecting a pleasant image with every posture

â—� Being sanguine and lively

â—� Being good at relaxing and playing games

â—� Having pleasant voices

â—� Sweet tongues

â—� Considering others first in terms of benefit

â—� Considering oneself first whenever difficulty arises

â—� Open and aboveboard

â—� Doing nothing underhandedly

� Keeping to one’s duty cautiously

� Not coveting others’ property

â—� Loving peace

â—� Extensive love for the broad masses

â—� Closeness to nature

â—� Protecting grass and flowers

â—� Being easy to approach

â—� Having compassion for insects

l Misfortunes and blessings have no gates; you have only yourself to blame for any possible misfortune;

l you will be rewarded with blessings for your good deeds; good will be rewarded with good and evil will be punished with evil; there is a close association between one’s deeds and their consequent reward.

l Divine's punishments, though slow, are always sure. With big meshes, yet letting nothing slip through.�

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800 values(200-230)

201. There is nothing wrong with the world; the faults all lie within us.

202. Only God can distinguish between right and wrong; our merits and demerits are judged by Tao.

203. If you are sincere and genuine, then you will get what you want; if you have an unpeaceful frame of mind, then you will get what you do not want.

204.Let nature take its course, do not hold inordinate ambitions; everything has merits and demerits, do not pursue perfection; when surrounded by a thousand rivers, drink only enough to quench your thirst.

205. Difficulties are overcome by easy things; great things are accomplished by the details.

206. Examine yourself in silence, but never accuse others’ of having faults during chats; it is good to be benevolent but much more important to not be evil.

207. Tiny differences in the beginning lead to great differences in the end.

208. Man will not conquer nature, but will respond to it; man will not resist nature, but will follow it.

209. Everything in nature is inherent; a blade of grass is happy as it is and does not strive to be a peony.

210.To follow the old routine and stick to tradition is useless and painful; it is better to open one’s mind and embrace new methods.

211. A whisper in the mortal world is as loud as a rumble of thunder in heaven; evil done secretly is as recognizable to God as a flash of lightning in his eyes.

212.Teaching to fish is better than giving fish; offering work is better than giving things.

213. Indulge your wildest fantasies! Only unconventional thinking will lead to the bright way and bring peace to the world and happiness to people.

214. Who is freer and happier, a king or a beggar?

The one who knows and understands themself better will be both.

215. The value of persons’ existence is proportional to the number of people they can serve, the more people they can serve, the greater their value will be.

216. If you have a good nature, then you are good even if you seem evil; if you have an evil nature, then you are evil even if you seem good.

217. The acme of good writing is nothing special: it is only being just right; the acme of good character is nothing unusual: it is only being one’s natural self.

218.Follow the creator instead of rules; future generations must follow the rules that were laid down by prophets and not new leaders.

219. Do not try to change or transform others, that is to disparage yourself and burn your fingers; change yourself if you can not tolerate them.

220. Those who love most, spend most; those who hoard much, lose much.

221. Without noble thoughts, we are animals.

222. If your surroundings depress you, then escape; escaping is the best solution to unpleasant surroundings.

223. Ask yourself whether you want to survive or to live; life is worthless if it is only for survival.

224. Beware of the devil sneaking into your mind.

225. Even an excellent person who is inharmonious with the whole will be eliminated; excellent people should always remain vigilant.

226. Do not expect too much from people; they change.

227. “Trust yourself� is the opinion of ignorant fools.

228. Sneaky hearsay is not good news; messages concerned with spirits, deities, fortunes, and disasters are bad ones.

229. Beware! Weeds grow wildly on free land. Remember, never overstep.

230. Habits, knowledge, and history are the three main hindrances to creation.

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800 values(230-260)

231. Rigid thinking is the biggest obstacle to civilization’s progress.

232. Be alert to reality trying to destroy you.

233. In joy, a person can achieve the best state of mind and the most beautiful soul.

234. If you inspire the qualities of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty in your inner world, then a warm and harmonious world will be created.

235. The vastest ocean can accept the most rivers; the most open minds will generate the greatest thoughts.

236. Find and think more about others’ strengths and advantages than about their weaknesses and shortcomings; think more about your own weaknesses and shortcomings while not flaunting your strengths and advantages.

237. Reality is the projection of one’s own consciousness; transform yourself rather than complaining about perceived reality.

238. One’s consciousness will determine their life; one’s life will determine their existence.

239. All human contradictions and conflicts arise from energy contentions; even quarrels between married couples are essentially energy contentions.

240. The more love you release, the more energy you will have; the less you release, the less you will have.

241. Those who grow the fastest have the shortest lifespans; therefore, do not pursue speed in anything and do not take shortcuts.

242. A person’s quality lies in their details; not only in their words, but also in how they implement their deeds.

243. First impressions are the most real; future meetings rarely uncover more.

244. What is real is unreal; what is unreal is actually real.

245. The more administrators a collective has, the more complicated things will become and the more oppressed and exploited the frontline workers will be.

246. The more you possess, the more trouble you will have; something superfluous might cost your life.

247. Some books, some people, and some environments can transform corrupt lives into magical, wonderful ones; some thinking, some consciousness, and some words can enhance the realms of people and make sages quickly acquire the qualities of celestial beings; an event or a meeting can change one’s trajectory of life completely.

248. All cognition and experience acquired without personal consideration and comprehension is knowledge; wisdom is the ability to interpret that knowledge to solve problems.

249. Everything has its limit, and when that limit is exceeded, it will be transformed into something else; therefore, know the limits.

250. With psychic energy, mountains will flourish with trees, water will brim with fish and turtles, the sky will produce good weather, the earth will abound with a wide variety of LIFE forms, and people will show endless charm.

251. Without a good program (system) as the guarantor, good will and dedication will vanish like soap bubbles. This is why having the right life mode is of great importance; moral preaching alone does not work.

252. Avoid those who idle about and have nothing to do; they will weave colorful tales, but come up with no constructive ideas.

253. Beauty dwells in symmetry and proportion; it also dwells in simple and unsophisticated minds.

254. Every knack is deeper than the sea, so admire craftsmanship.

255. The more that people look up to you, the more important it is to keep yourself humble and sober-minded; the higher the position you have, the more important it is to remain modest and cautious. Otherwise, you encourage disaster.

256. Only as the lowest people have dignity, and a nation has dignity.

257. Those who help others, help themselves; those who harm others, harm themselves; those who cheat others, cheat themselves. This principle is only understood by people with great wisdom; if you cannot understand this principle, then you are an ignorant person with a blind soul.

258. The energy level of food is related to the consciousness of the eater; gratitude will maximize it.

259. To be truly noble, you must be humble; the bright road sometimes looks dark and the road leading forward sometimes curves backward.

260. The more you concentrate on something, the more you will understand it and find something invisible to others.

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800 values(260-300)

261.For the same goal, the way to achieve the goal is different, the result will be different.

262. The more you contribute, the more you will be paid; your contributions will always be rewarded justly.

263. Never do anything that is not worth doing.

264. Attach more importance to values than to fellowship; in this way, relationships will not cheat you.

265. Meet when a predestined relationship begins and separate when it ends; do not mourn or regret the beginnings and endings of predestined relationships.

266. Say “yes� when the answer is “yes�, and “no� when the answer is “no�; do not say “yes� when it is “no�, or “no� when it is “yes�.

267. Frank and honest relationships expend the least effort to maintain.

268. Ordinary people live ordinary lives; the ordinary life is plain; everything begins with the ordinary; plain is true.

269. To damage, snatch, steal, occupy, or defraud anyone’s property in any way and for any reason is a crime, plain and simple.

270. Labor and creation are the sources of happiness; true happiness comes from unselfish labor and creation.

271. Everything follows the path of least resistance.

272. A clean person will not be spurned. The cleaner a place is, the less garbage will be added; the dirtier a place is, the more garbage will be added.

273. If you are stubborn in your prejudices and hang on to your miserable existence, then you are like a rotten piece of wood that is incapable of being carved into a great statue; the greatest obstacle to overcome is clinging to one’s own opinions relentlessly. Afflictions and dread come from unbending consciousnesses.

274. Lack of enthusiasm and passion, one will never taste the delicious world.

275. Those who maintain excellence in everything they do will eventually be rewarded generously; those who slack off will never free themselves.

276. Good players innovate more enjoyable games with their consciousnesses, and play them, while those who are not good at playing will be played by illusion.

277. Those who do not play are only machines for eating, tools for working and moving objects, and walking corpses.

278. Everything is an illusion; only sensations are real.

279. Collectives are the best monasteries in which to dwell and self-cultivate.

280. Sincerity needs to exchange for sincerity; never swap sincerity for dung and dirt.

281 If we never look back, we will never “hear� the secular noise.

282. Flirtation is beneficial to physical and mental health, to harmony, and to the sublimation of LIFE quality.

283. Never degrade from the noble way in order to satisfy temporary desires.

284. Excessive punishment is injurious to the harmony and stability of society.

285. Open your heart, and joy will flow in.

286. Unless a LIFE serves the Greatest Creator, nature, and other LIVES, it has no value.

287. A gossiper must lead the role of gossiping; one who follows it is an absolute troublemaker.

288. It is your own fault when you are misunderstood.

289. Those who pry into or compromise other people’s privacy are not good people.

290. Cut down the futility, superfluous words, and useless acts, but inlay the jewels to the crown.

291. Wallowing in the past is tantamount to chronic suicide.

292. The crisis of being eliminated always lurks in passivity.

293. The mortal world is deep and endless, just as layers of cobwebs; only those who are able to jump off of it do not end up as spider goblins.

294. A pitiful man must have something to be hated.

295. It is a man’s shame to be pitied and sympathised by others.

296. Never stop advancing forward until your goal is reached.

297. One must play this game of life with great panache! Life is but a dream and all space-directions are void; to feel and experience life fully will leave one with no regrets.

298. Decadent consciousnesses weaken one’s power and are searches for death.

299. The longest distance between two points is a straight line, the shortest distance is a curved arc; therefore, never fear mistakes and setbacks.

300. Examine yourself often: “Have I gone the wrong way?�

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301. Order is essential for high efficiency; disorder only creates busyness, tiredness, and low performance.

302. Whoever proposes must take charge. Whoever takes charge will bear all consequences.

303. Heartily speak kind words; as good weather is to the growth of crops, so are fine words to the development of friendships.

304. That which cannot be solved by conventional thinking can be solved by unconventional thinking; approach problems from unconventional angles.

305. If you pursuit something, you will have nothing. If you pursue nothing, you will have everything.

306. Gaining is losing; losing is gaining. The more you gain, the more you lose; the less you gain, the less you lose. Without losing, you will gain nothing; without gaining, you will lose nothing.

307. Life and death are rooted in each other. Wherever there is life, there will be death; wherever there is death, there will be life.

308. Death is not the end of LIFE.

309. If existence determines consciousness, then we will have only one earth; if consciousness determines existence, then we will have 36-dimension spaces.

310.The thought of existence determining consciousness is conventional thinking; the thought of consciousness determining existence is unconventional thinking. Beautiful futures belong to those with unconventional thinking.

311. If one plus one is two, there is an increase of quantity; if one plus one remains one, there is an increase of energy.The Sage embraces the One, and becomes the model of the world.

312. A key to understanding the mystery of the universe is that one minus one remains one(1+(-1)=1.

313. Always concentrate on one thing. As long as you do one thing deeply, carefully, and thoroughly, you will get all that you need.

314. Wooden boards will break into halves from constant sawing, hard rocks will wear away from constant dripping water, and pursuers of Tao must persevere in their effort. A channel will come into being wherever water flows, things will settle easily when conditions are ripe, and a person who attains Tao understands the mysteries of nature.

315. Thinking is a kind of magical power. Magical power is the higher level of thinking information wave that shackles the lower level of thinking.

316. Our thinking is more or less confined by some higher thinking.

317. All rules, regulations, concepts, ethics and behavioral rules, authoritative theories and sermons, religious regulations and rituals, scientific theories and methods, and exemplary models and habits are all the magical powers that constrain human thinking.

318. Everything is convenient and timely, but not constant; once any cognitive thought becomes fixed, it cares for this but ignore that, and becomes an obstacle to thinking.

319. Living by Lifechanyuan values and acting according to its program are the magical weapons for long-term existence and continuing perfection.

320. Do not accuse others of guilt, that you will not be accused of guilt by others; for how soever you judge others, so shall you be judged by them, and with the measure that you use, so shall it be measured against you.

321. If a man pays back evil for good, evil will never leave his house.

322. To forgive another’s faults is to glorify yourself.

323. It is honorable to avoid strife; the foolish love to struggle and expose others' defects in order to highlight their cleverness.

324. Avoid the banquets of evil people; once you accept their smiles and offers of food and drink, you will be tied to them in the future.

325. Give yourself up, and you can keep it; hold on to yourself, and you will lose it.

326. Dharma has no set rules, non-dharma is dharma; form has no set shape, non-form is form.

327. Flunkies sacrifice themselves for profits, literati sacrifice themselves for fame, scientists sacrifice themselves for duty,true men sacrifice themselves for achievements;ordinary people sacrifice themselves for family, politicians sacrifice themselves for the state, saints sacrifice themselves for the world, and celestials sacrifice themselves for Tao.

328. The road is even but people often choose shortcuts; quick success and instant benefits always lead to trouble.


329. Of all life’s relationships, the most difficult to maintain are marriage bonds.

330. Within the same time, the closer to the centre, the smaller the spaces are, the easier you would feel; the farther away from the center, the greater the spaces are, the more tired you would feel.

331. How big the heart is decides how big the universe will be; how deep the thinking is decides how wide the spaces of life will be.

332. If structure doesn't change, nature will not change;energy can not change structure.

333. The universe does not discern people's good and evil.As long as you visualize or pray, the universe will use all means to help you realize your dream, with the fastest speed and on the principle of the least resistance.

334. Extravagance and waste are criminal offence.

335. When using toilet seat, man should not stand to pee.

336. It is difficult to find bosom friends. We can't find them in life. But only when we endeavor to our lofty ideal can we find true friends.

337. A person without spirituality can only take, but never return; more than that, they destroy their surrounding environments like viruses.

338. Humanity’s purpose is to serve the Greatest Creator, just like grass and flowers’ purpose is to serve humanity.

339. Human social development has become increasingly complicated, vulgar, snobbish, and actually deviated from Tao; if it continues along this path, it will not only lose its beauty, but everything else along with it.

340. The best place for us to live in is the Garden of Eden.

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341. If you want to lead a perfect life, you must concentrate your efforts on your own intension. Do not try to change others or the world; change yourself first. As you change, so too shall people and the world around you change.

342. We had better deal with our own garbage. No matter whether it is material garbage, spiritual garbage, or soul garbage, the less garbage we make, the more civilized we will be.

343. Lower levels of LIFE serve higher levels LIFE, and all LIVES serve the Greatest Creator.

344. There are 36 eight-diagram tactics in the universe. LIFE has innumerable traps; it is only by escaping from the traps of LIFE that can we enjoy the freedom of LIFE.

345. Continue to die and continue to be newly born, the meaning of LIFE is in it; continue to destroy and continue to create, the meaning of life is in it.

346. The way to reach a more beautiful LIFE space is to pay your debts, end your ties, accumulate merits and virtues in heaven, and perfect your LIFE structure.

347. The most wonderful experience is when your consciousness is in the "zero state", because it is only then that you can feel everything.

348. A LIFE that close to death is stiff; a LIFE full of vitality is soft.

349. Be kind to all living beings and they will be kind to us.

350. Nothing is worth recalling with nostalgia at the cost of LIFE; everything is a flash in the pan, floating smoke, and passing clouds.

351.The most lofty and greatest thing in life is to explore LIFE!

The most significant thing in life is to research LIFE!

The most joyful thing in life is to revere LIFE!

The most peaceful thing in life is to march forward along the trajectory of LIFE!

352. The human body is immune to many diseases; most of them invade us quietly and then imperceptibly disappear. You can ignore them totally, but once you take them seriously, they will entangle with you to the end.

353. The selfless people belong to the Heaven; the selfish people belong to the human world; the most selfish people belong to the hell.

354. From LIFE’s perspective, illusion and reality are the same.

355. When everything is a dilemma and indecisive, it is better to follow the drive of heart rather than brain analysis.

356. Do not conclude that something does not exist just because you cannot see it. The higher the frequency is at which something resonates, the less visible it is.

357. LIFE is a nonmaterial structure with spirituality.

358.We are made of material flesh and spiritual entity. The flesh is the carrier of LIFE; it will die, but the LIFE it carries will continue.

359. The quality of a LIFE lies in its structure; the more perfect it is, the higher the quality, the better the space, and the greater that LIFE’s freedom will be.

360. The best end-result of LIFE is to live in the back garden of the Greatest Creator - the Celestial Islands Continent.

361. The purpose of LIFE’s evolution and transmigration is to maintain the dynamic balance between the ethics of the universe and the entire LIFE of the universe.

362.The law of universal gravitation of LIFE :there is mutual gravity among

LIVES that are brought together by karma in the universe. The magnitude of this gravity is a direct ratio to the debt that each owes the other but an inverse ratio to the amount of favor that each has done for the other.

363. If one leaves this life with an unrealized wish, then they will be reincarnated into the human world another time.

364. An outline of standards and revelations of the transmigration of LIFE:

(1)People with the utmost benevolence will become Buddhas

(2)People with the greatest love will become Super Celestial Beings

(3)People with the greatest happiness will become Deity Celestial Beings

(4)People with the greatest health will become Land Celestial Beings

(5)People with the greatest kindness will become Human Celestial Beings

(6)People with the greatest faith will ascend to nobility

(7)People with the greatest filial piety will return with great dignity

(8)People who have built up their virtues will be wealthy

(9)People with impartial minds will return to human world

(10)People with muddle-headed, confused minds will fall to the animal world

(11)People with indifference will degrade to the plant world

(12)People with wicked intentions will sink into the ghost world

(13)People who have lorded over and bullied others will be sent to the frozen layers

(14)Cruel and intentionally evil people will fall into the inferno level

365. Hell is a general term for the inflamed layer, the frozen layer, and the inferno. A LIFE in hell will generally not enter the human world directly. Insects and many plants belong to another circulation system of LIFE and will generally not reincarnate as humans.

366. Higher levels of LIFE have fewer conflicts with their surroundings; lower levels of LIFE have more conflicts with their surroundings.

367. The core element of a higher levels of LIFE’s consciousnesses is love; high levels of LIVES contain much love in their consciousnesses; low levels of LIVES contain little love in their consciousnesses.

368. Gods and Super Celestial Beings are LIVES personally created by the Greatest Creator. Other LIVES are designed by the Greatest Creator but created by Super Celestial Beings under a God’s leadership.

369. “The law of the jungle� and “The survival of the fittest� from theory of evolution are portrays of the animal world, but real people do not agree with it.

370. Organ transplantation is not a good thing; its disadvantages outweigh its advantages.

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371. Genetic engineering is extremely dangerous because it is likely to create monsters and demons.

372. Biological robots will emerge eventually; they will bring blessings to some people but misfortunes to others.

373. LIVES travel through transmigration and transformation; humans might ascend to celestial beings, but also degrade animals as well.

374. LIFE has eight secrets; to understand them, you must build your merits and virtues to exchange.

375.What does not exist in consciousness does not exist in LIFE. Therefore,make the best use of time to expand your space of LIFE. Do not be nostalgic too much for the Human World; it is only a flash in the pan. Try your best to be familiar with the place you yearn for and be a sensible person.

376. The nature of LIFE is soul. The nature of soul is consciousness, so consciousness is LIFE.

377. The more simple the more attention should be paid to things; the closer people are to us, the more they will form the joys and sorrows of our lives.

378. How can a LIFE achieve eternal bliss?

The answer is simple:Only self-consistent

379.Freedom symbolizes heaven, control means hell.

380. We must make full use of our bodies; If we do not, we are rebelling against the Greatest Creator; it would be evil to pray for what our bodies do not have.

381. Plant roots wherever you live; treat that place as your home, protect its environment, and create beauty there.

382. Freedom is supreme and priceless; it is the feature of LIVES in heaven. The degree of freedom shows the level of a LIFE. The greater the degree of freedom is, the closer to heaven that LIFE is; the smaller the degree of freedom is, the closer to hell it is.

383.Individuals cause their own lack of freedom and groups cause their own lack of freedom. If non-freedom is caused by a group and one wants to be away from that group, then the only thing to do is to escape; find a free place to go. If you can not find a free place on Earth, then flee to heaven.

384. Do not sympathize for or commiserate with the weak; they are parasites.

When you are tangled with the weak, they will absorb your energy and your life will eventually succumb to a tragic end.

Who are the weak? The sick, disabled, ill, and poor are not, but those who constantly syphon your energy are.

385. When many people's consciousnesses resonate in common, they live in the same world. Heaven and hell are the real worlds created by the people whose consciousnesses resonate in common, like everything on Earth is created by the “people�together who have been to the Earth .

386. All changes in the universe have reasons. All changes of nature are the results of quantitative changes. There will be no qualitative change without the accumulation of quantitative changes. Quantitative change reaches the limit will inevitably occur qualitative leap.

387. As long as we treat everyone and everything objectively and fairly, then we will not waste time on hating or avenging, but only concentrate on having our own futures and sublimating ourselves.

388. What kinds of faith will lead to what kinds of spiritual states and thus mental activities.What kinds of mental activities will lead to what kinds of words and actions.What kinds of words and actions will lead to what kinds of results and ways of life.Faith is the navigator of life; different faiths will achieve different lives.what kind of faiths will lead to what kind of lives.

389. Arrogance comes from ignorance, this is the touchstone of testing whether a person is rich from inside out.

390. Character is what one inherits from their past life.Character is not inherited from one’s parents.Character will determine a person’s overall development direction.Character is nature, the original feature, which is the potential energy of consciousness that one hardly can handle or control by oneself. It is discribed as "leopard cannot change his spots".

Your character decides what kind of life you will achieve.

391. The more marvelous a method is, the easier it is to practice; tricks and shortcuts are ultimately not simple and easy ways to do things.

392. If you do not die with a human heart, then you will not ascend to the nature of a celestial; if you do not abandon the human world, then you cannot ascend to a fairyland.

393. If you do not close a door, then another nine will not open to you; if you do not abandon a lover, then you will not embrace a truer one; if you do not drop a piece of baggage, then you will not walk very far; if you do not remove the blinders of conventional thinking, then you will not see the light at the end of the tunnel.

394. Die, yesterday's me; embrace today's me! Die today's me, embrace tomorrow's me!

395. Do what you want without breaking the rules and be able to do anything of your own free will that is not perverse.

396. Are there any unfair phenomena in human society ? No, not at all! Everything is a fair adjudication of the mechanism of cause and effect; everything is the fairest arrangement with the rewards and punishments of Tao.

397. Everyone has their own LIFE trajectory; everything is destined. A phenomenon is seemingly wrong, but it is our own thoughts, behavior, and perception that are wrong.

398. When we die, we must die clearly and without regrets,and never come to this world in vain. while we are alive on earth, we must distinguish the priorities of life :what is important and what is unimportant. Otherwise it is too late and we will die with regrets.

399.Do not be nostalgic for all the past. Open up the future rather than look back the past.The universe is boundless; time and space are endless.There is no end to the future of LIFE; LIFE is always on the way.The scenery ahead is unknown and unprecedented for us.No matter how wonderful the environment in which we are at present, we still need to open up virgin land,to explore the new way, to enter the new realms.Because joy is in creating, not enjoying material comfort; happiness is in devoting, not getting; freedom is in continually abandoning, not being conservative and maintaining the achievement.

400. Once people stop marching forward, they will inevitably backslide into dispiritedness and depravity;once they are unwilling to abandon all their possessions,they will inevitably slip towards selfishness and greed;once they cling to ancient ways and bygone values, people will never have the chance to see the incomparable phenomena and scenery.

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401. The universe is an illusion and its size relates to consciousness; the stronger the consciousness, the bigger the universe; the universe would not exist without consciousness.

402. The universe is the product of the consciousness of the Greatest Creator. The universe did not originate from the Big Bang. Rather, the universe came into being because Wuji gave birth to Taiji and chaos evolved into holographic order.

403. There are eight forces in the universe:

(1) Magnetism

(2) Gravity

(3) The strong force

(4) The weak force

(5) The tectonic force

(6) The repulsive force

(7) The conscious force

(8) The spiritual force

The universe is made up of three elements:

l Consciousness

l Structure

l Energy

404. There are twenty (20) parallel worlds in the universe.

â—� People live in the XY world

â—� Spirits live in the -X-Y world

â—� Monsters and demons live in the -X-Y-Z world

â—� The Thousand-year World is in the XY-Z world

â—� The Ten-thousand-year World is in the X-Y-Z world

â—� Gods, Buddha, and the Celestial Islands Continent are in the XYZ world

405. The universe exists for LIFE, and LIFE exists for the universe; when LIFE dies out, the universe will perish; when the universe is dead, LIFE will be extinct.

406. The Solar system is designed to serve humans.

407. The moon did not come into being naturally; it was created especially for LIFE on earth. Apart from its other functions, the moon serves as a warehouse to store UFOs.

408. The UFOs that we occasionally spot in the sky are not from the outer space but from the center of the moon, which is a gigantic warehouse which stores many “tools� that celestial fairies once used. And UFOs are one of these tools. The moon has a gate which can be opened at any time. Beneath the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, there is a huge “palace�, which the celestial fairies use as temporary lodging on earth. When such needs arise, celestial fairies can exercise remote control of the UFOs within the moon at any time and use them to visit earth.

409. The earth:

â—� The atmosphere is the skin of the earth

â—� The ozonosphere is the protector of LIFE on earth

â—� Water is the blood of the earth

â—� Photosynthesis is the headspring of food for LIFE

â—� Symmetry in nature is a mysterious force

â—� The perfect scale is the golden mean

â—� The brain is the epitome of the universe

â—� Genes are the sealed book of LIFE

â—� Conditioned reflexes are the protective mechanism of LIFE

â—� The pleasure of sex is not only for the continuation of the ancestral line

â—� The beauty of nature is the masterpiece of the Greatest Creator

410. The universe has negative cosmic velocity; namely, the speed of nonmaterial, which is faster than that of light.

411. The Universe:

â—� Everything in the universe moves in Tao

â—� The souls of all LIFE forms are connected with the soul of the Greatest Creator

â—� Everything and every phenomenon has to abide by their own principles and laws, whether it is the operation of celestial bodies or the actions of ants and bees

â—� Everything is controlled by Tao

â—� The universe is holographic, and an idea can be spread across the universe in an instant

412. The total energy of the universe is always zero; it maintains its relative stable order with zero-total energy.

413. Holographic order means that the universe can be so expansive that there is no exterior and so small that there is no interior. Everything is in holographic telepathy with the universe; nothing is independent of anything else, and no phenomenon is independent of any other phenomena.

414. The unity of opposites is only a phenomenon of the universe; not the essence of it. The essence of the universe is holographic order. There are no opposites such as justice and injustice, good and evil, or beauty and ugliness in holographic order.

415. The universe can be divided into microcosms and macrocosms. A universe without a border is called a macrocosm, and a universe with a border is called a microcosm. The macrocosm consists of a vast number of microcosms. The universe in which man exists is a microcosm which is called the Earth universe.

416. All objects within the scope of time, including celestial bodies, have an origin, a time of birth, and a course of development. The universe is no exception. Wuji reigned supreme before the birth of the universe.

The state of Wuji is:

(1) The absence of exterior and interior

(2) The absence of large and small

(3) The absence of borders

(4) The absence of entity and non-entity

(5) The absence of time, space, substance, and spirit

All is a state of clearness and brightness as well as chaos; all is a state of existence as well as nonexistence.

417. Chaos is a disorderly state, while holographic order is an orderly state; chaos was the state before the formation of the universe, while holographic order is the state after the formation of the universe; chaos means mess, lack of order and a borderless and expansive state; holographic order means wholeness and inseparable integrity. In the state of chaos, there is no heaven, no earth, no borders, no limits, no center, no yin or yang, and no middle way. In the state of holographic order, there is Taiji, the ONE in the unity of opposites, the two poles, and the middle way.

418. Causality is the law that maintains a zero sum of positive and negative energies in the universe: it is also known as the law of cause and effect.

419. The existence of nature is what causes the clear-layered, well-structured, multiform, and constantly changing wonder of LIFE to unfold as it does. If everything were devoid of its nature, the universe would return to its original state of chaos.

420. The material world is the positive universe; the nonmaterial world is the negative universe. Non-material things are of the negative universe if they are non-physical, intangible, invisible, untouchable, inaudible, and cannot be sensed, measured, or perceived, yet influence the material world. The dream world is a type of negative universe; the nonmaterial world.

421. The positions of materials and non-materials and the spheres of their activities are called space. Space can be positive or negative. The non-material exists in negative space; material exists in positive space. Positive space is determined by the existence and distribution of material; negative space is determined by the existence and distribution of nonmaterial.

422. Space can change an object’s shape and its rules of operation. Space includes natural space and the space of thought. In different spaces, LIFE and objects have different rules of operation and different states of existence. The changes of space cause changes of LIFE in the aspects of physiological mechanisms, modes of thinking, and states of survival. One must change their spaces of activity if they want to change themselves.

423. Nature will offer us corresponding feedback to whatever information we put into it. There are no coincidences in the universe. The occurrences of all phenomena have their corresponding necessary factors. There are no natural phenomena that do not have causes. All necessary factors will inevitably lead to certain results. This is the program and the objective law that are not subject to the will of man.

424. Space can be compressed, expanded, and dissolved.

425. The passageways connecting the 36-dimensional space are called space tunnels.

426. Spaces are vitally important to people. A good space can bring people’s capabilities into full play and make them feel relaxed and happy, while a bad space will oppress human nature and limit their talents, reducing them to mentally and physically fatigued prisoners. Therefore, we should strive to create or enter good spaces and avoid creating or entering bad ones.

427. Time is the recorder of the state of material movement; time is born of movement; without movement, there would be no time.

428. Time has eight great characteristics:

(1) Time is nonmaterial

(2) Time can be negative or positive

(3) Time is particular and universal

(4) Time is a variable.

(5) Time pervades all material space

(6) Time is both longitudinal and latitudinal

(7) Time has different manifestations in different spaces

(8) Time can be compressed, expanded, and dissolved

429. Time tunnels are dense time networks which are composed of positive and negative time and are widely distributed throughout the universe.

430. Time changes everything and everything exists within a specific time. To make an object exist eternally, you must make its time of existence eternal.

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431. There is latitudinal time and space in the universe, but time does not exist in latitudinal time and space. In latitudinal time and space, one cannot feel its passage. But insofar as earth time is concerned, several seconds of the latitudinal time and space can be several decades, centuries, or millennia.

432. Our physical bodies are in positive space, but our spiritual entities are in negative space.

433. To break through the bondage of time and space, one needs to have a touch of whimsicality, unconventional thinking, and retroaction.

434. Tao is the commonality of the universe and the core of Tao is the Greatest Creator. Revering the Greatest Creator and following Tao means the perfect and harmonious synchronization of one’s individuality with the universe’s commonality. Only those people who have perfectly and harmoniously unified their individuality with the commonality of the universe have sober minds, and only they will have bright prospects. If you abandon this general principle and direction, then you cannot secure a bright prospect no matter how much you engage in self-cultivation.

435. Nonmaterial is the reaction to material but it does not possess the characteristics of material. All materials pass through the processes of birth, growth, decay, and death, but nonmaterial does not. Everything in the nonmaterial world can miraculously transform in an instant. From the perspective of the ever-existing universe, everything is transient, illusory, and valueless. To obtain eternal existence, one must break away from the control of time, and to do this, one must work hard to master the spiritual entity of LIFE; when all conditions are ripe, success will follow. Once you break through, you will be able to enter latitudinal time and space as you like, feel relaxed and happy, and be overwhelmed by unparalleled beauty.

436. It is impossible to understand the nonmaterial world by means of science, intellect, facts, and logical reasoning. The only way to know it is to make one’s consciousnesses enter the nonmaterial world and go there to personally observe it, as when entering a dreamland. We can only understand the nonmaterial world by personally interacting with it. There are two types of nonmaterial worlds; one is the type that is perceived from a time tunnel, and the other is the type that is perceived from a space tunnel. The one that is perceived from a time tunnel is longitudinal and the one that is perceived from a space tunnel is latitudinal. This is to say that to learn about your past or future, you must enter a time tunnel; to know about other nonmaterial worlds existing at this moment, you must enter a space tunnel.

437. If we do not see anything in the material world, it means that our naked eyes have failed; they are covered, closed, or have become blind; if we cannot see anything in the nonmaterial world, it proves that our spiritual eyes have failed, they are covered, closed, or have become blind.

438. The sum of positive and negative energy in the universe is always zero. The total score of wins and losses is always zero. Behind the glory of winners are hidden the bitterness and misery of losers. Therefore, for the sake of other people’s happiness, we should only take what is necessary for us instead of having an insatiable greed for all benefits.

439. Eight dialectics of the universe:

(1) Emptiness is form and the very form is emptiness

(2) When things are exhausted, they revive. When they end, they begin again

(3) The small can grow big and detail matters

(4) Life and death are the root of one another. Yin flourishes and Yang will decline

(5) To have nothing is to have everything and to have everything is to have nothing

(6) The mind abides nowhere, the nature shows. The mind abides somewhere, the nature fades

(7) Motion and stillness co-exist. Light and dark are interdependent

(8) The positive and negative are symmetrical, and the proportion constrains

440. Tao is the consciousness of the Greatest Creator, the blood of the universe, nature, the synthesis of all rules and laws, and is the general programme that governs the operation of everything.

441. Tao has these eight (8) characteristics:

(1) Holographic order

(2) Eternal reliability

(3) Instantaneous detection and response

(4) Lack of interior or exterior and transcendence over time and space

(5) Spirituality

(6) Fairness

(7) Non-sluggishness; immediacy

(8) Elusiveness, yet substantiality

442. The realization of everything represented by Tao is expressed in form. Without form, Tao would be difficult to materialize. Form is the embodiment of Tao, but is by no means Tao itself. In the same way, the cells in our bodies are our embodiment, but they are not us.

443. Tao exists in everything; everything exists in Tao; Tao is ONE. The bulky universe has only one consciousness, that of the Greatest Creator, which is represented by the way of Tao.

444. The attributes of Tao have no contradictions. If one has conflicts with others, then that person has not followed their Tao; if there are conflicts within groups, then those groups have not follow their Tao.

445. The operation of Tao begins with minor details, continues in dribs and drabs, and consummates in both profound and subtle, but there is no trick to it.

446. Zen is the best approach through which one can receive the enlightenment of Tao. Any other approaches can be described by words; only Zen can be perceived with soul. Understanding the truth of Zen does not require formal education, because heaven, earth, and all phenomena are all “books�. We can read the books of heaven, earth, and all phenomena, the “book without words�, at all times whether we are awake or asleep.

447. One thing is eternal: from the remote past to the distant future, it has been committing itself silently; its semblance can change at any time, but its essence always remains the same, in the past, the present, and in the future; as long as we are willing to rely on it, we always can, and this is how we can settle for LIFE. It is Tao; the embodiment of the consciousness and the soul of the Greatest Creator; by entrusting our lives to the care of Tao, we are entrusting them to the care of the consciousness and soul of the Greatest Creator. In one word, we must do exactly that.

448. Without use, entities are of no avail. This is a big mystery. This profound thought means that the realizations of all entities are exhibited by their “use�. To obtain an entity, one must spend time and effort on their “use�. Without “use�, no entity will be obtained. It is only by exhibiting our “use�, that we can achieve Tao, because the value of thing lies in its “use�. Without use, one cannot obtain an entity.

449. The values of things lie in their use. The functions and values of Tao are embodied completely in use. The greater and the more the use, the greater the value. All objects in the universe exhibit their value through their uses. As far as we are concerned, the more uses one has or the greater use one has, the greater value they will have and the greater realization they will have. Therefore, they will be more likely to endure. We cultivate ourselves to expand our uses. The more useful we are, the greater achievements we will obtain in cultivation.

450. The characteristic of Tao is holographic order. Chaos is the phenomenon of holographic order; holographic order is the essence of chaos. Actually, 99.9999% of people see the chaos, but one in a million perceive the holographic order. Jesus, Sakyamuni, and Lao Tzu were great because they understood the holographic order rather than just the chaos. The perception of chaos is narrow-sensed, unilateral, local, and linear, while the perception of holographic order is broad-sensed, comprehensive, integrated, and nonlinear.

451. To learn from Tao, one must learn from everything in nature, from the mirror, and from children; to achieve Tao, one must forget themself and faithfully reflect the truth and facts. Those who have achieved Tao are like mirrors which reflect everything truthfully, including the endlessly changing outside world; they do not distort facts or scenes. One who has no self but faithfully reflects the truth and the facts is one who has achieved Tao.

452. The pursuit of various arts is a small matter, but the pursuit of Tao is an important matter. It is easy to acquire and learn art but extremely difficult to achieve Tao. Do not fall into and get stuck in the traps of arts because arts are endless. The search for arts cannot be completed in a century of millenia, so let us rush directly to the headstream - Tao.

453. It is difficult to reach heaven, but more difficult to understand oneself; difficult to pursue Tao, but more difficult to confront oneself truthfully.

454. Neither chickens nor dogs will follow you into paradise as a result of your acquisition of Tao; neither friends nor relatives can become celestial beings by shadowing your success in achieving that goal. Everyone must achieve Tao through their own efforts.

455. Our cultivation should be concentrated on the perception, pursuit, acquisition, and practice of Tao, and we must never be infatuated with exploits, magic, arts, or ceremonies. We should pay attention to meanings, rather than appearances and forms. The core of cultivation is to perfect the nonmaterial structure of LIFE rather than to obtain wisdom, extrasensory perception, and psychokinetic powers. We should concentrate our thoughts and efforts on our transformation of consciousness, instead of on sitting cross-legged and practicing our skills.

456. The perception, pursuit, verification, acquisition, and maintenance of Tao is the road to the sublimation of LIFE.

â—� The perception of Tao means to understand, by observing the endless variety of phenomena in the boundless universe, the laws and rules that govern the operation of the universe, the origin of all things and phenomena, the principles of the operation of LIFE, and the secrets and profound mysteries of the universe, of time and space, and of LIFE and being.

� The pursuit of Tao is to establish one’s own outlook on the world, LIFE, being, and values, on the basis of the perception of Tao.

� The verification of Tao is to constantly validate through one’s practices whether the outlooks on the world, life, being, and values are correct and conform to the laws and procedures of the evolution of Tao.

â—� The acquisition of Tao means that one understands the secrets and profound mysteries of the universe, time and space, and LIFE and being, and has established unshakable correct views on the world, LIFE, being, and values.

� The maintenance of Tao means that one will self-improve, self-refine, and behave according to the views on the world, LIFE, being, and values that one has established, and will stick to their faith and belief no matter how the world may change, what great events have happened in the vicinity, whether they are in favorable circumstances or in adversity, and no matter how great a temptation with which they are faced. They will remain resilient and strong even after going through endless batterings of hurricanes from every direction, and remain seated on the fishing boat, unaffected by the surging stormy waves. Jesus’ teaching that, “one who has the greatest endurance will be saved�, is the cornerstone meaning of maintaining Tao.

457. Tao’s effect on the practical world is huge and grand; the track of the world’s movements follow it absolutely. Tao is immeasurable and inexpressible; it arouses all phenomena of the world, although it is absolutely immeasurable; it gestates and creates the universe, although it is absolutely inexpressible; it is far-reaching and dark, but the smallest micro hypostasis that creates the world has come from it. The smallest micro hypostasis is true and can be proven authentic. Tracing from ancient times through today, we see that Tao has always existed, and can explore the genesis of the universe through Tao. How can I know the status of the genesis of all things? I study it through the principles of Tao.

458. “10-9=Tao� Tao has intricate layers of meanings. However, when reduced to a nutshell, it is simply the law and the order; the one. For us, the meaning of “10-9=Tao� is to cast away the numerous and complicated matters in life and concentrate all our efforts onto one thing: to thoroughly, intensively, and completely attend to one matter is to obtain everything from it that we need. That is to say, as long as we stick to ONE, we will be connected to Tao. Undivided attention, whole-hearted devotion, total commitment, and perseverance are the embodiment of “10-9=Tao�. As long as we are capable of this, there is nothing that we cannot achieve; constant water drops wear away hard stones, sawing will cut wood into halves, the pedicles will come off naturally when the melons are ripe, and a channel will be formed when the water arrives.

459. Who can change the program of the evolution of Tao? We can neither change it, nor should we attempt to do so. What we need to do is escape from the traps of LIFE. Those who cannot save themselves cannot save others. Can the poverty-stricken offer financial help to others? Can the imprisoned help other prisoners to escape from their cells? Those who have fallen into a trap should first find a way to escape by their thoughts and consciousnesses. As long as you are awake spiritually and sober mentally, you can escape from the traps of LIFE, step by step.

460. Ultimate Tao cannot be reached by active pursuit. Great Tao has no feelings. Tao would not help you if you were poor and pathetic; it would not punish you if you were rich and powerful. The only measure of rewards or punishment is to see whether or not you are following Tao. If you are, then you will be rewarded; if not, you will be punished.

461. What if you are not in an ideal environment?

â—� You may actually refine yourself by immersing yourself in the world of laities

â—� You may keep yourself aloof from worldly affairs by involving yourself with them

â—� You can accomplish your wishes by your devotion

â—� You may make yourself outstanding from the ordinary by following the steps of the ordinary.

462. Anyone who is always happy, joyous, and free is a celestial.

463. To become a celestial, one must finish all worldly ties and foster new ones with celestial beings. It is hard to be a celestial being while still engaging in worldly ties.

464. Let our minds abide nowhere, but follow what is predestined and be unrestrained. “You must just enjoy your life no matter where you are or what you are doing.�

465. You must do three things in the process of transforming from human to celestial:

(1) Pay back your debts and finish you worldly ties

(2) Accumulate your merits and virtues

(3) Purify your nonmaterial structure

466. Fame, power, wealth, and rank are traps. Glory and favor, as well as humbleness and humiliation are obstacles. Only with the least amount of selfish desire and indifference to favor and humiliation, can one embark on the road to celestial immortality. The lack of selfish desire is the starting point toward becoming a celestial being. If selfishness is not banished, one will be bound to live as a laity, and if their desires are not extinguished, then they may be engulfed by the fires of desire. To become a celestial being, one must decrease their selfishness, weaken their desires, and keep a sober mind in the face of fame, power, and carnal pleasure; never be enslaved by material but use it as you will.

467. To become a celestial, one must be detached from worldly affairs and withdrawn from worldly pursuits. There is only one word to describe the secular world: restless; there is only one word to depict the human world: noisy; there is only one word to portray fairylands: serene. Transcendence over worldly affairs means a great leap from restlessness and noise to a return to serenity.

468. Every type of LIFE structure lives in its corresponding space. Animals scurry about on the ground, birds soar in the sky, bees buzz among the flowers, flies dash to and fro between garbage piles, laities hustle and bustle in private ownership and having families, sages wander freely in public ownership, celestials loiter in non-ownership, and fairies follow their own inclinations in their own world.

469. One of the requirements for attaining a celestial being status is to be able to perceive the future fairyland in our consciousnesses. We must first imagine ourselves as celestial beings in our consciousness; “Different modes of thinking correspond to different modalities of LIFE forms�. If we always envision life in the Thousand-year World, then the structures of our LIVES will develop toward that end in the long run, and we will go to the Thousand-year World when the conditions become right. Others may think that you are dead, but you will actually have departed the human world to enjoy a celestial being’s life in the Thousand-year World.

470. Buddhism has theories of “five monastic precepts and ten kindnesses�, and of “precepts, calmness, and wisdom�, Christianity has theories of original sin and penance, and human ethics has theories of rules governing human relationships. The theories of celestial immortality preach the exposition of nature, freedom, and pleasure, following predestined relationships, freedom from restraint, and peripateticism.

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