Receiving religious literature while at work - responses?

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Receiving religious literature while at work - responses?

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A couple weeks ago, while on the register at work, a customer left me a Christian pamphlet after her transaction. During the transaction, we had made only the bare minimum polite talk (Hello, How are you, do you have any vouchers/loyalty card, etc). In my surprise, I turned the pamphlet down and said "Sorry, I'm an atheist". I was surprised because in my thirteen years of working, this was the first and only time it's happened to me, or to anyone else I know.
Now, after the fact, I wish I could have invited her to a chat, to pick her brain. I'd love to understand her thought process. We're an ostensibly non-denominational store, albeit one with a small Christian chapel out back for Christian customers who feel the what was going through her head handing me, a perfect stranger, her pamphlet? According to her, what would the odds have been that I'm not a Christian (I don't discuss religion or politics at work, ever)? What if I had said I was? What if I was not a True Christian (of the wrong denomination)?
I'm asking mainly because I'd heard about this sort of thing happening a lot in the US, and thought it never happened here. Well, I was wrong. Has it happened to anyone else? Did you talk it over with the Christian?

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