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PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 9:33 pm  Musing On The Mother Reply with quote

Musing On The Mother.

{Thinking to myself}

"I wonder why folk have to argue and cannot get along and just see how we all need to work together to make this planet wholesome?"

{Pokes at the fire with staff}

"We humans are like these sparks reaching for the heavenly ones. We need some kind of poke to get us activated."

{A wolf howls in the distance}

"We are all here experiencing this planet in this universe. Yet for reasons not entirely clear, we are distracted by our arguments. Hindered by them, even to the death."

{Places another branch on the fire.}

"Perhaps the fear of our situation would be too much to bear if we learned how to focus upon it, and so we distract ourselves..."
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I finish my second helping of stew and then gather the utensils and place them in a basin of water from the Crystal River.

Settling back I then reach into my pocket and fetch my pipe, feeling it's smoothness in my palm, rubbing my thumb on the the inlaid Pāua shell catching the light of the campfire - a symbol of a tornado my Brother Tawodi had chosen to shape from the shell when he handcrafted the pipe as a gift for me. It had been in my possession for many years now...I wonder where Tawodi is now. I have not seen him since the day he gifted me the pipe.

Cullum is obviously relaxed and content. He sips liquid from a flask and leans back from the fire. I let The Silence flow over our situation...we can talk more once that has had its effect.

A wolf howls...the moon is a splendid slice in the heavens - like an eye peeking in on the scene below it...

I sigh contentedly...

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After many minutes enjoying the silence I turn toward Cullum;

Manu Iti: I sometimes follow a custom which involves my singing a song after eating and before egress into good conversation.
Are you okay with hearing me sing a song Cullum?

The fire crackles and a burning branch falls to the bottom, causing a myriad of embers to burst forth into the air, merging with the darkness above...

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Sitting back, I take in the various sounds around me: some animal skittering far off among the leaves, the knock of utensils as Manu Iti puts them in a container, the soothing crackle of the fire. My mind drifts to a folk song my wife loves to sing and does beautifully at that. Her voice danced through my thoughts, calling joy even further into the open. Funny enough ("or is it really?," I think to myself), Manu Iti then offers to sing a song after his custom.

Callum: I would like that very much.

I turn my attention to Manu Iti in anticipation, thankful that I stumbled upon his camp tonight.

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I am glad that Cullum accepted my offer of customary song. His enthusiasm spurs me on. I enjoy singing but prefer to have an instrument accompany...perhaps as nothing more than a prop to help evade the natural shyness acapella often induces...
I stand and turn to face Callum, his face lit by the fire-light - a wide smile of appreciation clearly visible from him, encouraging me on...

Manu Iti: :The Mother has laid upon my heart to sing this song which she inspired me to write many years ago...see if you can identify Her within the words Cullum.
I named the song "Dreams Of A Fallen Angel"

I take a deep breath and begin...

With an iron fist around the heart of the Earth
With a bitter twist on the minds of men
With a frightening list of every human birth
With a flick of the wrist - It could be over by then...

From the poison words off a bitter tongue
To the voice unheard upon a crowded street
Strong and absurd - "Thy Will Be Done"
What has occurred to the throne at your feet?

From the softly said to the soulful sigh
Of the voice in the head of the sovereign Lord
From the broken bread to the question "why?"
As the answer bleed from the wound of the sword

From the satisfied looks to the expressions of panic
All the time that it took was a blink of an eye
In consulting the book on how to capture a planet
You just find a good hook - and you take up the cry...


And if I held my breath for eternity
If I chose to rest - would it matter to you?
If I took that test - would I cease to be
I can only guess - but what would that prove?

With my feet in the mud - and my thoughts on the Earth
For the sake of a hug - would you break my heart?
For this flesh and this blood and this pain and this birth
Could you show me your love...or would it tear me apart?

By the Angel Knights and the Waiting Ladies
The Dragons sight was thus restored
On that crimson night - no more hidden dangers
As the wrong and the right were both ignored

And on that coming day - which ended that world
How the fearful prayed while the peaceful slept
How the price was paid for that most valuable pearl
Shared by all ...who forgive ... with no regret...


A wolf in the distance howls...perhaps he hears me and is accompanying me...I continue...

At the end - I feel joyous. It is a blessing to be able to sing - and more so to sing songs one has been inspired to write. I feel elated.

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Manu Iti's voice is a pleasant sound to my ears and my imagination takes off at the words. A history of human abdication to take care of the earth and each other, first from ancient stories and then reluctantly upon my own bitterness and even more bitter silences. Then Jesus comes into thought at "Thy Will Be Done." I am enjoying the flow of this song and the accompanying howl seems to fit right in. Then, a mix of our sub-human cruelty and Jesus' great love. The rescuing kingdom He brings. And the melody brings in a more holy stillness as the thoughts continue to turn over each other. I then feel a pull to let go of my analytical mind and enjoy the song for its beauty, lingering still a moment after the singing is done. Eventually, I break the silence.

Callum: That was beautiful.

I pause to collect my words

Callum: It feels so deep in meaning, that I would not be able to grasp it all on a hundred hearings, much less the first one. Initially, though I see human cruelties juxtaposed with the answer being forgiveness. Perhaps that forgiveness is where the Mother resides? Where do you see the Mother?

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The sound of the song mingles into the surrounds

Callum is obviously moved by the song. He explains to me what he understands in the words he heard. He makes an attempt to answer the question about The Mother which I had I asked of him, before I started the song.

Callum: "Perhaps that forgiveness is where the Mother resides"

He is right of course...

Manu Iti: Yes my Friend - the obvious is always worth acknowledging - The Mother is also The Earth, The Heart of The Earth, and The Dragon...
...the song is less about retribution and more about restoration...about understanding deep processes which have taken eons to unfold, and the part we humans play in that unfolding, for we too, are aspects of The Mother

I stare into the mind wanders as if mesmerized...

Manu Iti: Forgiveness is The Key to The Door. What is discovered - even through the door - requires one maintains the non-judgmental algorithm. It is a Work in Progress...Symbolism is really all we have to go by...

I look up from the flames and focus my attention onto Callum and notice that he has a very pleasant smile.
A shade comes over the land. I look up to see the culprit is a small cloud passing in front of the crescent of the moon, and can't help but notice how it reminds me of the shape of a snail...

Manu Iti: Slowly and Surely...

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Manu Iti explains more behind his song. I like his mention of restoration over retribution. Many of my fellow Christians could benefit from that shift in framework. I certainly did, although my builders did not wear Christian clothes. I notice Manu Iti lose himself in the fire briefly before continuing. I can feel greater weight behind Manu Iti's words than the surface displays.

Callum: Yes, that helps a bit. But I'm a bit confused on who the Fallen Angel of the song is that is dreaming. At points you seemed to be speaking of Jesus, but that could be my own background coming in. You also said something about the Dragon, that's the Mother's sight, being restored by, what was it...?

I replay Manu Iti's voice in my head trying to remember the words he sweetly sang, but I feel like I'm missing a phrase or two in my continued response. A gentle breeze brushes past my back.

Callum: ...angels and ladies, perhaps...which may be other humans, but probably extend beyond the human race. We, as 'aspects of the Mother' I think you said, learn to forgive and as a whole we, the Mother, restore our sight, perhaps? Possibly the Mother is the titular fallen angel, then?

Many questions race through my head, but I don't want to overwhelm my gracious host, so I settle back, trying to quiet the questions, so that I can take in Manu Iti's response.

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I listen as Callum asks his questions. I pick out the pertinent...

Callum: Who the Fallen Angel of the song is that is dreaming


Callum: Possibly the Mother is the titular fallen angel, then?

I smile because one leads to the other so naturally...

Manu Iti: Yes - yes.
The Mother Earth Entity is an aspect of the Demiurge, and we - indirectly through The Mother - are also aspects of the Demiurge.
The "Dragon" sleeps and dreams us alive.

The "Fallen Angel" is the Demiurge, as we are experiencing the dreams of the Demiurge. The Universe is "The Dream of The Demiurge". We are the Demiurge experiencing aspects of Itself in The Dream...

The 'fall' was not accidental but purposeful. The Demiurge 'fell asleep' and dreamed itself as "Gods/GOD".
The use of 'falling asleep' as an analog, denotes "forgot who it previously was and where it previously derived" which amounts to "created a way in which to experience having a beginning."

The snail-shaped cloud no longer covers the crescent moon, and no longer appears to look like anything familiar...the fire crackles, asking to be fed. I oblige...

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Manu Iti puts more wood on the fire as he finishes his answers to my thoughts. I'm glad he is willing to stay up longer, although I do not want to overstay my gracious host's welcome.

Callum: Interesting. It seems as though the Demiurge is playing a game. I don't mean anything negative by that statement, friend. Did the Demiurge know the brokenness that would follow? But perhaps the Demiurge does not see it as brokenness at all. I think you sung something about forgetting right and wrong. This brings to mind the Indian concept of līlā. Have you heard of it?

I stretch my arms and sit up a bit straighter as my mind continues transitioning from the art of music to philosophy. They complement each other so very well.

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Callum: Interesting. It seems as though the Demiurge is playing a game. I don't mean anything negative by that statement, friend.

In hearing Cullum's reply, I am quickened by the obvious depth of perception my fireside companion possesses. I myself came to a similar conclusion regarding the I have formulated answers to the questions begged from the cosmology...

Manu Iti: Your question tells me you have a keenness of perception and wisdom within you Cullum. Perhaps you have beliefs which allow for that to occur? I myself come from a Christian background, although I rarely refer to myself a "Christian" nowadays...I regard the underlying message of Christ like a key to the gateway into the greater mysteries...

I pause, as I shift my thoughts to answering Callum's question about the 'game-playing' to best answer...

Manu Iti: From our Human perspective, it certainly appears to be some kind of a game being played, I agree.

We have to acknowledge that long before 'Humans', The Demiurge existed, and is the reason for why this universe exists.

We can make the assumption that it may be that before the creation of the Human form, the concept of 'playing games' did not exist for the Demiurge as it was simply doing what a Demiurge does.

We - in the experience of being Human, DO understand what game-playing is, and that such can be performed benevolently, malevolently and even a mix of the two underlying motivations for game-playing.

We each are 'Characters" playing roles and assuming the Demurge learned this idea from observing human interaction - essentially observing itself act through the variety of human forms - the Demiurge adapted...It adopted the primary role of 'Game-Player' and its overall position/role in the game naturally became "Game-Master".

Human beings are positioned then in such a manner as they have to each decide whether the Demiurge is benevolent, malevolent or a mix of the two...or none of the options...remembering that these 'options' are based upon how Humans generally learn to view our...shall we say...'shared predicament'...
We are experiencing - whether we like it or not - and whether we see it that way or not, we are all participating in "A Game".

Essentially it is our collective reaction to the 'predicament' which has made it that way...NOT the Demiurge forcing it to be that way. The Demiurge goes along with it, allowing us to make most of the game rules up as we all go along...

The greater game rules which insist that the Demiurge 'allows us' is because that is how the manifestation of this universe unfolded naturally so the Demiurge understands that IT created the human form for that particular purpose.

You asked;

"Did the Demiurge know the brokenness that would follow?" and followed your question with;

"perhaps the Demiurge does not see it as brokenness at all."

...and then thought that perhaps the words of my song mentioning 'ignoring ideas of right and wrong' - being similar in concept as the Indian idea of "līlā."

This naturally follows that if a Human Being wishes to 'see things as the Creator GOD sees things' one will have to drop notions of good and evil from that equation.

"How To" is the question, because notions of good and evil define humanity through well organised and controlled social structures.
Are we expected to turn a blind eye?

Of course not! We are expected to understand that if GOD is not judging us, then we should try not judging one another and see what might come about from this practice.
Clearly that is a huge part of Christ's public message.

The Demiurge is not under any condemnation, but our own human based judgement tries to make it that way, or - conversely - tries to turn a blind eye to things humans attribute to "GOD" which are not very nice at all...

So the idea is to adopt Forgiveness and having no regrets which allows for a way to remove oneself from that using the Key that Christ is, which unlocks that gateway...that was what the song was about.

We judge the angel is fallen from good into evil, but from the perspective of the Demiurge, no such fall has occurred. It is this information which the Demiurge has consistently attempted to convey to the Human Collective, and always within the Human Collective, all attempt has been forcibly and even murderously foiled by humans who are in controlling positions over the Human Collective.

That aspect of the game-play is allowed to continue because the Demiurge requires genuine interaction with each Human Being, rather than a forced and largely counterfeit one.
Therefore the choice available to each of us is "settle for the counterfeit" OR " engage with the Real."

The next stage of the game-play involves "The Afterlife" where our choices are stripped of the cover of the counterfeit where ultimately it is set up by the Earth Entity - a place in The Mothers Mind - where each individual judges themselves based upon said choices they made while experiencing being human...therefore the justice required by humans is granted to those who demand it...but it is true justice rather than counterfeit.

Even so..."The Afterlife" area set up for that next phase is primarily for the individual who - for whatever reason - wants Justice. As such, it is not a permanent area, but one which is created for that particular purpose. There are vaster areas able to be experienced by those who have no judgments to make, having accepted the truth of The Game and play it accordingly...

I pause. The air is still and no sounds of nature can be gives me the impression that even nature was listening to my words...I decide to stoke my pipe with some 'erb...

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